Justice League Fancast

Justice League Fancast

My fancast for the Justice League film slated for 2015.

Henry Cavill - Clark Kent/Superman

No big surprise here. The Man Of Steel is said to start a new DC Cinematic Universe.

Stephen Amell - Oliver Queen/Green Arrow

No big surprise here, either. Amell is currently playing Green Arrow in CW's Arrow. I really enjoyed this version of Green Arrow, It would be cool to see him interact with the Justice League.

Armie Hammer - Bruce Wayne/Batman

In my opinion, Armie has all the acting chops for Bruce Wayne. He's got the voice, he's tall, and he can pull off a playboy side of him and a very emotional side of Bruce. To me, he's Batman's real-life counterpart.

Milla Jovovich - Wonder Woman

This was hard to cast but after I saw Resident Evil again, I realised that she should be Wonder Woman. She kicked so much ass as Alice, she'd do the same for Wonder Woman.

Jensen Ackles - Hal Jordan/Green Lantern

I didn't like Ryan Reynold's performance as Green Lantern, it was difficult to take him seriously (I prefer him more as Deadpool). I think they should either reboot or recast Reynolds (preferably recast). I think Jensen Ackles would be great for the job. I always thought of Hal Jordan being serious with a little bit of humor in the mix. I can see Jensen Ackles pulling that off.


Isaiah Mustafa - John Stewart/Green Lantern

I really enjoyed John Stewart as Green Lantern, I wouldn't mind seeing him instead of Hal Jordan. I chose Mustafa because he could pull off John Stewart's charisma. Mustafa has expressed interest of playing another superhero, Luke Cage but I think he'd be better as Green Lantern.

Chris Pine - Wally West/The Flash

I'm extremely disappointed that we aren't getting a Flash movie anytime soon. Pine would play a great Flash. His cockiness embodies Wally West so perfectly, that I couldn't pick anyone else.

Benedict Cumberbatch - Martian Manhunter

Now, Manhunter's favorite human form is that of an African American, and I wouldn't change that. Cumberbatch's weeeeeird facial structure and his voice would just suit Manhunter very well, all I'm saying.

Joe Manganiello - Lobo, the Bounty Hunter

Joe is basically a hairy beast. He's awesome. He can even get the voice. That's why he's gotta be Lobo.
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