Justice League: How Could it Work Out To Be Great

Justice League: How Could it Work Out To Be Great

My name is Jakiyah Shimito and I would like to talk about Justice League movie..

Hello my name is Jakiyah Shimito,

I have always had an interest in comic books growing up. I think heroes like them are the inspiration we need in this world today filled with violent outrage. Who does not seek a hero at times of disparity we wonder. Moving on to what I wanted to talk about, Justice League.

The Justice League has to be my second favourite hero team next to the still growing Avengers. The concept of having all of your favourites together was so simple and yet so cool. I remember watching the Justice League cartoon, I think this was definitely the show that gave it a major rise on popularity and fame. It was so well crafted and designed that I am still stunned watching it today. Then came announcements of a Justice League film, then the eventually announcements of constant delays and me wondering is it ever going to happen. Then in 2012, Justice League confirmed to rival Avengers and Star Wars in 2015 on the big screen. My hands were shaking terribly, how could this happen. It was news again of music in my ears. Next thing to wonder, how would this possibly work if they are not using the Marvel solo films formula.

As many have said, The Dark Knight Nolan films would be left out the question seeing it was his own works. On the other hand Nolan is serving as a producer for Man of Steel which might eventually tie into the Justice League. Small coincidence is not to believe. Then we have the last piece of the puzzle to figure out which was Ryan Reynolds Green Lantern. Green Lantern seeing fit was eventually supposed to tie into Justice League also with the major cameos in the film. The rumoured villian of Justice League sets the story back into space with Darkseid. Is alternate realities and futures possibly the only way out to solve such a mess of confusion?

Alternate realities haven't been heavily explored in comic book films today, to note the upcoming film X-Men Days of Future Past seems to be trying the formula. Now I know the idea may upset many people but most of DC Comics for as I have read is based through the concept of time and science. Is there anyway of fixing errors other than messing with time? Possibly setting years back of when an event took place. In context Green Lantern could be taking place during the events of Man of Steel and then we have The Dark Knight Trilogy taking place before Green Lantern with The Dark Knight Rises taking place during the start of Green Lantern. That way to move the more space theme films forward and to make room for other rumoured members to appear including Martian Manhunter. Although there are a few characters that would not work at all, Aquaman and WonderWoman.

For the first Justice Leugue film it should not be a rushed concept but something simple which has already been divulged. The context of technology and space including alien racies have been explored in previous films so keep it that way. Aquaman doesn't fit in it at all seeing as why would Atlantis still exist. It would just unearth many more questions which could be answered in another film including WonderWoman's own background which would unearth even more questions. It's either that to me or go for a completely Watchmen style film where you just follow the original comic step by step assuming all the average viewers know everything in place and what's going on.

That brings to the next question on why not wait and build with solo films if you are going to have many unanswered questions possibly for one movie alone. Now I know many people think you can throw all the characters in place for one film if it worked for other major adaptions but to understand the DC universe is way more complicated than Marvel. Do not throw many major plots and characters then the story would work out just fine. Darkseid as the villian is not too far fetched but hopefully they do not over compliment the character seeing as how Thanos will be the villian for Avengers 2. I am just hoping out the Justice League will be good and in terms DC should know what they are doing.

I am Jakiyah Shimito and thank you for reading!
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