Justice League movie by mbingcrosby

Justice League movie by mbingcrosby

It's a long read, but I believe somewhat original.

After watching the Man of Steel trailer more times than is healthy, I've come up with my idea for the upcoming DC cinematic universe. This is not a script, but a direction I'd like to see DC go. There will be some fancasts and synopsis's along the way.

First up: the Justice League film.

I named the film "Justice" as I feel "justice league" is a bit campy fo rthe type of serious film I would like to see. Obviously, throughout the film we would hear thing like "league of gods" "justice league" etc to connect to the actual name of the group, but it is not necessarily what they would call themselves.

As you can see, the cast is only 5. I feel as though DC starting with a group movie means they have less room for introducing many new characters. For this reason I left out Cyborg and Aquaman, who I would eventually introduce to the film universe. I'd love to see Bale come back as the Bat, and with the right director, script, budget (and most importantly payday) I think it is a possibility, albeit very small. I loved Fillion's GL in JL: Doom, and would love to see more. Carano and Cooper have both shown their acting chops, though Carano has not done as much.

The film would have a distinctive Watchmen quality to it, with the JL members trying to find their place, as well as acceptance in the world.


Batman has already proven his worth, but many still believe that the Jokers and Banes of the world only exist because the Batman exists. He spends much of the movie behind the scenes. Most of the world believes him to be dead, and he prefers it this way. We see moments of want from Bruce, looking for his chance to return to crime fighting, but always returning to detective work, researching the worlds superhumans, both good and evil.

At this time, Superman will have been introduced in Man of Steel. I believe this movie is going to take an untrusting tone, with many being reserved about such a powerful human to exist among men. His defeat of Zod helps his case, but does not stop government support of a Lexcorp project to create a device to defeat the Big Blue Boyscout in case he goes rogue. This is of course, Metallo.

Ryan Reynold's Green Lantern is written off as a flop by DC, though it had its moments. Fillion takes over. By this time he is a seasoned vet in the GL Corps, but this means he now has a certain disconnect from the world. He sees himself as defender, no longer resident. His arrogance causes the people to feel the same and he gets more grief than thanks when protecting those he has sworn to.

Wonder Woman's character will be one of the Big 3. The movie will spend much time focusing on Batman, Supes, and Wonder Woman. She has spent the last few years outside of Themyscira. She is no more adjusted to life outside of her world than her first days among us. There is an ongoing attempt to make her a strong female leader, someone to represent the feminist movement but her lack of tact only makes things worse. She is made a laughing stock, despite her great power. Despite this, she continues to fight for what is right.

The Flash is the only publicly successful superhuman. His quick wit and winning smile make him a favorite among most. When behind closed doors he struggles with balancing his career and his secret identity. He is not as well like when out of costume, and this eats at him.


After seeing the struggles of each JL member we see a court convened to discuss their ongoing existence among us. Much like the X-Men movies there is a fear that grips the populace. The heroes are not present, though their alter egos are shown among the courtroom crowd. The court names those superhumans they are most conscious of: Batman, Superman, WW, GL, and Flash. We see Clark write these down, and later we see Superman attempting to assemble this group. He manages to get all but Batman to get together and discuss their public image. Part way into this discussion Batman gets into the discussion, coming out from the shadows and surprising the others.

GL-"Well, now I need a change of boxers. I guess I can see why their afraid of us."

The group decides that they will forgo their vigilanteism and to live their lives normally for the time being, "until we are the only solution". We see each hero's problem become greater without their superhero alter-ego. Bruce becomes a shut in, Clark continues to miss wtth romancing Lois, Diana is still known by all as WW and has a hard time adopting everyday things and avoiding becoming nothing more than a sex symbol and enemy to feminism, Hal must tell the GLC that he can not continue his duties until they are absolutely needed. The council does not approve of this, and takes his ring. The new GL, Kyle Rayner, is not well liked. He is destructive and often causes more collateral damage than necessary. Barry's career as a police scientist has taken a real hit due to his alter-ego, and he struggles to get it back to what it once was. His wit is not as well liked in his professional setting, and he is often looked down upon.

The members are forced to retake their superhero identities when a new threat appears, Darkseid. From here it is an action movie, with a few twists. Hal must get his ring back, Kyle steps down, realizing his missteps. Batman has not fought crime in some time, Nightwing (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) taking up his mantle in Gotham (more specifically the Bludhaven burrow). He attempts to make a difference doing detective work, but is forced to take up the cowl once again.

After defeating Darkseid through actiony action the heroes find themselves surrounded by a large crowd. Some clap, others look scared of the power the heroes have put on display. An order is put in to "ready the Cyborg, Superman is back." Lex Luthor's shiny-bald head is shown to end the film, Metallo powering up behind him.
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