Justice League/DC Editorials in GENERAL

I think we need to stop with these DC Editorials, seriously and I am not alone on this.

This is for everyone. I don't mind everybody posting ideas for what they feel can be a good or great idea towards something. But when all the editorials about Justice League that I see pop on this site now are two things that really put a brake on "GIVING A SHIT" on the editorials section. To everyone who feels that they have a way to DC's movies or how they can do better please for all that is holy...STOP IT! All the ideas that everyone comes up here about the DC Cinematic Universe always begin with HOW THEY SHOULD DO IT, and a list of movies that should be made before Justice League. Like what do you get out of this? What is so darn good about your idea when all you are doing is creating a list similar to what Marvel is doing, and what is more shocking is that MARVEL fans or Avengers bandwagon people are writing these.

If you are not a DC fan then why bother. Your idea is not good at all when you are in no doubt doing the same thing Marvel is doing. It's not worthy of recognition, WB is not going to contact you, we are not going to start a petition for your ideas, and we sure as hell really don't care. We all can say what we want YES but this whole DC/Justice League movie ideas editorials NEED TO STOP. This is exactly why you are not in Hollywood doing the movie and they are. And why is everyone getting mad about this? Like who cares what people will think your going in the movie for yourself not others. You obviously do not know the many rides and theme parks that DC are in right now compared to Marvel only having 2. Visited by hundreds and millions of people worldwide. Besides, didn't everyone wanna see Avengers so bad and now the big pay-off is over. DC could still bank off spin-off films its just in reversal, either way we have no idea about their plan.

So to everyone with their ideas, please do not put it in the editorial section which is easily one of the more popular sections here. The editorials make no sense when you talk about Justice League or how it should be. No copying Marvel is not how it should be, no releasing phases and separate films before Justice League is NOT how it should be. Again this is why you don't work for Hollywood and they do. When a trailer comes out or just small details on what to expect for the movie when it comes out, is when you should start worrying. For now, just sit back, wait and find something else to criticize and complain about.
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