Lantern Storm Recasts The Batman Franchise

Lantern Storm Recasts The Batman Franchise

Over the years, we've received many adaptations of Batman on the big screen. We've seen Adam West, Michael Keaton, Val Kilmer, George Clooney and Christian Bale portray the Dark Knight. Now that Warner Bros. has chosen to reboot the franchise once again, I shall give my fan cast for the characters.

Over the years we've had the pleasure of seeing Cesar Romero, Jack Nickolson and Heath Ledger portraying Batman's arch enemy The Joker... If only there was someone out there who could possibly merge each of these portrayals together. Oh wait, there is!
Christian Slater is the perfect candidate to play The Clown Prince of Chaos. For years, people have imagined him as a young Jack Nicholson. He's got the smile, the laugh and the eye brows.

So if we receive Christian Slater as The Joker, who then could pull off a portrayal of his main squeeze Harley Quinn? Well there's one actress who comes to mind, but she'd need to bleach her hair. She's got the high pitched voice, the demented laugh, and the athletic ability to play Harley. So for this role I chose Fairuza Balk.

For the Dark Knight himself, I've chosen someone who isn't a stranger to comic book movies. He's play Flash Thompson in Sam Raimi's Spiderman series. He's got the build,the brooding personality, and the look of a playboy, so I chose Joe Manganiello as Batman.

Casting the Penguin was a rather difficult task, we've already seen both Burgess Meredith and Danny Devito portray him. But who could do him justice in a new film franchise? There is someone who is capable of playing him nicely, Mark Sheppard of the series Supernatural and Leverage.

As for the Riddler... both live action portrayals we've seen, have made him a light hearted version of the Joker. This won't do however, for a new film franchise. The Riddler needs to be dark, the personification of genius level intelligence. I would have to say, if anyone could play the Riddler spot on it would have to be Neil Patrick Harris. Though he's not usually known for playing dark characters, I have faith that he could pull it off.

On to the Scarecrow. In the Dark Knight franchise we received Cillian Murphy's portrayal of the Master of Fear. However, I feel they should stay true to his physical description in the comics. We would need a tall, skinny, lengthy man to play him. We need someone who we're not use to seeing play a "Dark" character. For the part of Scarecrow, I chose DJ Qualls who's played in Supernatural and Road Trip.

Now onto a few other villains. Poison Ivy, Catwoman, Mr. Freeze, Killer Croc and Bane.

For Poison Ivy I chose Emma Stone

For Catwoman I chose Rachel McAdams

For Mr. Freeze, Hugh Laurie

For Killer Croc,Tommy "Tiny" Lister

For Bane, Mickey Rourke

Time to move onto Batgirl, Robin (Tim Drake), Nightwing, Alfred and Commissioner Gordon.

Commissioner Gordon would have to be played by Bryan Cranston.

Alfred would be Terence Stamp or Donald Sutherland.

Batgirl/ Barbara Gordon would be Michelle Trachtenberg.

Robin (Tim Drake) would be Nathan Kress of iCarly fame.

Nightwing needs to be US Olympic Gymnast Jake Dalton.

These are just a few of my choices for the new Batman film franchise.

I would also like to see past Batman actors make cameo appearances in the film franchise as well. Perhaps make Michael Keaton the mayor, with Val Kilmer on the board of directors for Wayne Enterprises, George Cloony portraying a Dick Grayson's father, Christian Bale with a small walk on cameo and Adam West as another board member of Wayne Enterprises or a judge.
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