Lantern Storm's Artwork Showcase part 1

Lantern Storm's Artwork Showcase part 1

As some of you may know, I do a little bit of drawing/ painting in my free time... here, I will showcase some of my drawings and paintings which are comic book oriented.

Up First is my interpretation of Bruce Timm's animated Bruce Wayne.

Bruce Timm's animated Joker

Jim Lee inspired Batman

Bruce Timm inspired Superman

Space Ghost done in comic book style

Hanna Barbara's Captain Caveman!!!!!

The first canvas painting I've done of Superman... of course oil paints are rather difficult to handle and so his face looks more like Sly Stallone rather than Kal-El.

My own redesign of Superboy.

My own redesign of the Green Power Ranger

The Phantom

Darkwing Duck

Vegeta drawn back in 2001 by yours truly

Captain Picard portrait (Star Trek The Next Generation)

Of course there will be more to come as I've begun doing digital paintings through microsoft paint which is the most generic art program in computers.

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