Lantern Storm's Artwork Showcase Part 2

Lantern Storm's Artwork Showcase Part 2

Showcase #2. Digital paintings I've done of 5 DC comics characters. Many were actually drawn by Jim Lee but painted using Microsoft Paint by me, others were both drawn and digitally painted by me. I hope you enjoy. Please leave feedback and lemme know what you guys think.

First up is my interpretation of The Joker... I drew this and then painted it using Microsoft Paint, which is the most generic painting program on most computers.

Next is Jim Lee's Superman... I found the sketch online and after making a few minor modifications and painted it also using Microsoft Paint.

Firestorm... I believe the actual artist was also Jim Lee but I could be wrong. I found the black and white drawing and again using Microsoft Paint added my own touch of color.

Captain Marvel: The Power of SHAZAM! I drew this one on paper and then scanned it and painted it again using Microsoft Paint.

I have been receiving requests for my take on Green Lantern on my Facebook page, So I found again another Jim Lee sketch and added my own take to the painting of it. I decided that instead of using pure black and pure white, I would instead use different shades of green, being that his costume is created by his power ring.

If you can't tell, my favorite artist is Jim Lee. I can sit and enjoy his artwork no matter what comic he's working on, for hours. His attention to detail and shading method is absolutely astounding.

As you may have noticed, none of the above contain a black outline or much black in them at all. I did this because I've found that it makes the painting look cleaner and stand out a lot more. When I was a tattooist, I found that my favorite form of tattooing was the new school way of no black outline. It's an eye catcher... I would absolutely like to see more of this type of style in comics.

Tune in next time when I present to you my gallery of heroes and villains that I designed and came up with the back story on my own. This will be characters that have never appeared in comics, but hopefully one day I'll be able to sell the designs to a company. lol
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