laughterman26's fan cast for the Deadpool movie

laughterman26's fan cast for the Deadpool movie

These are some of my ideas for the movie. What i would and or could do.

Firstly i would like to say that this has horrible grammar, sometimes horrible spelling and other crap. Saint has done the best he can to make this look at least decent.

Now from what I've heard Ryan Reynolds wanted the role of Deadpool since 2005, which shows the dedication and that he really did want to portray the character….at first. But his actions as of late have caused doubt over the project which was originally due to come out last year. But I will admit he did put a little effort in the Origins movie. When we had the movie announced we got excited to get Deadpool ONLY TO HAVE maybe 2-5 minutes of Ryan actually being awesome as Wade Wilson and then practically shat all over by Fox.

Now before I get into the serious details of me bitching, I’ll start with some costume ideas and then a fan cast and then move to my hope for the movie, a plot that doesn’t suck and some other crap which Fox probably won’t see (me not being funny) and hopefully some tits 'n' ass later on (TEA, THAT’S YOUR CUE). P.S. pretty much all of this is biased. I’ll just quickly start off with the costume. The following pics are what I would hope his costume looks like.

Now onto the fan cast.
Ryan Reynolds as Wade Wilson
OR Sean William Scott as Wade Wilson

Who will play Deadpool is open to debate due to the fact that Ryan Reynolds keeps saying he's dedicated to Deadpool but keeps signing up for other movies such as Green Lantern, R.I.P.D. and the newly signed Queen of the Dammed. But this all depends on his role he has at least another 6 months free on *that* movie before Deadpool should go into production. It may already have gone into production -my best tip that I could give to Fox is to start on the special effects and all the animated crap now so that way when the actual filming begins they’ll be ahead of schedule and put more detail into everything they do. NOW, it may not be Reynolds' fault to begin with. Maybe Fox are just fucking around with the script (which I think is perfectly fine) but could use a little tweaking here and there. But quite frankly, it’s a pretty badass script.
Now the reason why Sean's up there is because if it is Reynolds' fault it would be better to just drop him from the project (now most of you would say he's wrong for the role). If I were to write a script especially for him you'd say otherwise. Oh and if any of you CBMer's have seen The Goon with him as the hockey player, you can see the sheer brutality of what he can do as an actor.

Zachary Quinto as Weasel

It’s plain and simple: it’s not open to debate. J.J. Abrams Star Trek has to be one of his most defining roles as Spock and so would this. His acting skills would be put to their limit but He would NAIL THE ROLE. And quite frankly, is a show stealer.

Peter Outerbrige as Ajax

Why I think he'll do a spot on job: We have seen him in saw; He made guest appearances on fringe and monk. His acting skills have not faded with age and he can and could provide the dry sense of humour. Rumour has it and he’s already been cast as Ajax/Francis.

This one’s tough: Either Tom Cruise or Jeff Bridges as Patch

Why Tom: because he could pull off a crazy look and be funny (need I not remind you of the Oprah scenario) and I really think he would add seriousness to where it needs to be serious. Even though I believe that he is legitimately crazy, He would be a perfect candidate for a movie filled with crazy people. Why Jeff: Ryan's already worked with him. He's awesome in Iron Man and I think he would fit the character near perfect. And i reckon if people weren't told that it was Jeff Bridges they wouldn’t even know.

Josh Hartnett as T-Ray.

Could you say "made for this role"? Josh can give off that tall threatening look. All he'd have to do is bulk up, dye his hair orange, stick a bandage on his nose, and then you have one bad motherfucker. Everything that t-ray is.

Kate Mara as Vanessa Carlysle

Why: well because I reckon that she would a perfect copycat. She'd DEFINITELY have chemistry with Ryan Reynolds (and that’s something that most people forget). It’s not just the actual attraction but the friction between both characters and actors and not just the sexual/physical attraction. Basically it’s an emotional journey. My original choice was Leslie Bib, but what you make up attraction you lose in depth [and by that I mean that she’s hot but that all she would be. There wouldn’t be any kind of attraction other than physical].

Sandra Bullock as Blind Alfred

Why: she is the only woman that I can think of that will fit the role of Blind Al. Helen Mirren was my first choice, but she doesn’t have that appeal that Blind Al or Sandra have. Just add a little make up, dye her hair gray and some blind people glasses and we have our character. Now I know you all must be thinking that Sandra and Ryan are nearly the same age, but that’s why they can have a relationship in the film. Also the reason why I chose Sandra is because she can give off that sexy, mature, mother figure. Why do I get the feeling that sounds off? But I do have one alternative actor which is open to debate: Blythe Danner.

[MINOR NOTE] The reason why I brought her up was because of her comedic performance in Paul. Especially the part where her house is blown up and she’s screaming “OH NO MY WEEEEEEEEEED”.

Jay Baruchel as Bob

I couldn’t think of anyone else playing Bob. Jay gives off that nerdy, awkward vibe. That pretty much sums up Bob. His performance in tropic thunder where he has had his guts blown out and he continued to talk for half an hour was rather far-fetched but pretty damn funny.

Eric Bana as Cable

Before I go on as to why, imagine Eric Bana with a white Jack Sparrow goatee and short white hair. Why: because he proved that he can play both friend and enemy. Again one of his most sadistic roles was in J.J. Abrams star trek. There not using him in the hulk franchise any more. I believe with the right amount of writing and character design; you'll get the Cable you’ve always wanted.

Colin Farrel returning as Bullseye

Why: even though that so-called "movie" Daredevil was horrendous and Ben Affleck overacted the whole thing and the script was truly horrible, I'd have to say Colin Farrel was a pretty badass Bullseye and I'd be overjoyed to see him returning. But this time I want to see his normal Irish accent so that way we can add a little diversity to the cast.

And lastly

Charlie Theron or Amber Heard as Zoë The Expediter

Why: because I believe that they both could fit the role perfectly and we need a lead up to the second film. The way I see it, what better way to end a film with the beginning of the second.

Note: characters such as Bullseye, Cable, Bob, Zoë and T-Ray all would be cameos or short roles to set up the next movie and there will be hints to the whole messiah story line by Joe Kelly.

My goals, hopes, hints and so forth:
I think the main goal at hand is to make the Deadpool movies like The Dark Knight trilogy, but stay true to the source material. For example, there's a lot of times in the Deadpool script where they show his face (And on that note, I reckon that there is only one exception as to where the face is revealed and that’s towards the very end of the film. RYAN’S FACE SHOULD GET NO MORE THAN 30 TO 60 SECONDS SCREEN TIME AND EVEN THAT’S PUSHING IT). Stuff like that is where I would come in help the director to make sure they don’t do that crap and give hints and nods to things for the true Deadpool fans (like me).For instance the teleporter and the hologram device.

I would make things for him darker. Why? Because I’m taking a different approach to this. We always hear about that their hard-core killing machine and monsters. But what I thought was, if that were to happen to me I wouldn’t be a monster. So I’m making sure that whatever he [deadpool] does he has pure reason to do it. I was also informed that one of the reasons why The Dark Knight was so successful was because they got a die-hard Batman fan to come on set and help them. So what I’m getting at is that I’d like to go on set and help them.

So I'd be a consultant of sorts and make sure that Fox don’t fuck up [again] and that all of you are happy as fans. Also, there was one particular thing that I read on some site where a guy said "give him some heart, but considering the fact they’ll make him a pussy and we don’t want none of that Twilight crap, I think they should show his ass". I would put all my effort into making the best Deadpool movie. Such as a Tie-in game which would tie into the comic which would tie into the movie [but it wouldn’t affect the story line and its depth but only contribute to it]. I would deeply involve Joe Kelly, get Walter McDaniel on the costume designs (like what Guillmo Del Toro did with Mike Mignola on Blade 2)

Something I thought I'd bring up: we can have an actual martial artist get in the costume. We can’t see his face or his body, so therefore they wouldn’t need to train Ryan Reynolds for six months on fight choreography and then they’d be even further ahead of schedule.

But I’ve been told that if you’re good at something never do it for free. So if I were to do all this basically for free and put all my effort into everything for Fox, I would only have 3 conditions: I get one or two Deadpool comics signed by the cast, I get to go to the premiere and I get my own Deadpool costume from the movie to wear to comic-cons and so forth.
WAIT HERES THE ME BITCHING PART [note alot of this will have horrible grammar spelling and so forth and shouldnt be reflected on saint].

Ah hem, fox YOU are retarded for trying to make Deadpool’s mask his face, making him shoot lasers out of his eyes, sealing his mouth (GOD DAMMIT HES CALLED THE MERC WITH A MOUTH FOR A REASON, HOW HARD IS IT TO NOT SEAL HIS MOUTH, THAT’S THE KIND OF SHIT THAT PISSES PEOPLE OFF) you messed up the continuity, look towards the game THE GAME PEOPLE. Not only does is contribute more to the x men story line but it doesn’t make as many holes in the story. If you [fox] screw this movie (DEADPOOL) up I’m going to come over onto both Tim millers front yard and yours and taking the fattest shit possible. YOU WILL NEED 4 BULLDOZER’S TO PICK UP ALL MY CRAP AND THEN I WILL GO AROUND FINDING ALL THE GUYS WHO MESSED UP THE MOVIE AND LIGHT FLAMING BAGS OF DOGSHIT ON YOUR DOOR STEP (hmm but what if you live in an apartment …………THEN I’ll be very disappointed). HEY MICHEAL JACKSON CALLED HE WANTS TO INVITE YOU OVER FOR A NIGHT if you know what I mean. AROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOGAH. And SO HELP ME LORD THERE BETTER BE AT LEAST ONE BELDIVERE REFERENCE AND please please don’t mess this up.

His face is supposed to look like this

Not this

I feel more relaxed now that I’ve got that off my chest

Compliments and thanks towards Saint for doing the best he can with my article.
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