Left 4 Dead Movie Prequel Fancast

Left 4 Dead Movie Prequel Fancast

MY live action picks if a L4D film was ever made

Since the game campaign jumps into the middle of the action, for movie purposes I would love to see a prequel that shows each characters life prior to the infection, meeting with the other survivors and having a seperate adventure that leads to the "No Mercy" campaign.

"I Hate Movies..."

My Picks:

Michael Rooker
As Seen In:
Henry:Portrait of a Seriel Killer
AMC's The Walking Dead

I know he's already been in Walking Dead but he's almost the spitting image of Francis and has played roles similar to Francis' redneck backround.


Adam Baldwin
As Seen In:
Full Metal Jacket
NBC's Chuck

Yes, Colonel John Casey and Animal Mother himself. He's just as imposing as Francis and can provide a humorous side while still kicking ass in Francis' leather vest.

"This shits getting more like 'Nam every second!"

My Picks:

William Hurt
As Seen In:
A History of Violence
The Incredible Hulk
The Village

After seeing him TIH, I thought he would be a decent choice as Bill.


Harrison Ford
As Seen In:
Indiana Jones
Blade Runner
The Fugitive
Star Wars

My favorite actor of all time. He's the right age and look for Bill. Ford's is known for being quite grumpy at times which is perfect for Bill and his commanding nature is great for the Survivor's Leader.

"Guys at the office used to laugh at me when I hit the rifle range at lunch. Ain't so damn funny now, is it?!"

My Pick:

Mos Def
As Seen In:
The Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy
Be Kind Rewind
Talladega Nights

He's the spitting image of Louis, he can be quite funny in his roles which will pay off since Louis is the sort of "comedic relief" of the survivors.

"I can't get over how FAST they all are, it's not even fair. I'm calling zombie bullshit on that, you know? They're not...ALLOWED to be so fast."

My Picks:

Ashley Greene
As Seen In:

After Elena Fisher, Zoey will always be my favorite female video game character, so I tried to pick someone who can do justice to her. Ashley is 24 which is good considering Zoey is supposed to be a college student.


Anna Kendrick
As Seen In:
Scott Pilgrim vs. The World
Up In The Air

After seeing her in Up In The Air, she convinced me she can act and isnt all eyecandy. At 26 and standing at 5'3 shes a perfect physical match for Zoey and from playing Stacey Pilgrim, she can add a little sarcastic humor and youthful nature to Zoey.
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