Lego Lord of the Rings, The Video Game

Lego Lord of the Rings, The Video Game

Does Travellers Tales newest outing do the Lord of the Rings Justice?
Find out in this spoiler free review,

Lego games are something I usually avoid due to the amount of frustration I have had in previous titles, but since this was one based solely on the Lord of the Rings, I decided to forget about those past pains and give it a try, and I am quite glad I did, as it turns out this maybe the best Lego game they have released.

Lego Lord of the Rings is based solely on the movie trilogy, and follows the paths they set right down to the point where it feels like you are watching the films, nearly every scene from the film has been recreated for the cut scenes and story progression, but the genius part of it all was that they used the actors recorded dialogue, and also Howard Shore’s fantastic score which really immerses you back into the magic of the films.

Game play is exactly like every other Lego game that has been released but with a few additions, you can pick up the hobbit and dwarf characters you unlock, the later you can throw to break certain objects. The other addition to the game play is that each of the eighty playable characters has their inventory menu that you can get too quickly just by holding a button, along with access to each and every additional piece of gear you unlock on your travels through Middle-Earth.
One of the most appealing parts that made me pick up the game in the first place is that you can free roam around Middle-Earth to your heart’s content, you can travel from Bag End to Mount Doom and see every notable landmark the world has to offer, in the world as well are dozens of mini games that range from races, shooting galleries, puzzles, and platform challenges, one I liked the most was climbing to the top of Orthanc to unlock Saruman, the view alone was worth it as you could see the entire game world which is huge.

Unfortunately though the game does have a few nagging faults, like in other Lego games you may find your character stuck in the scenery at random places, and on occasion glitching through parts of the level, surprisingly though I had no faults with the camera during single player, multiplayer on the other hand there were quite a few that made playing quite frustrating.
Travellers Tales have tried a new system where the screen will split when the players go further, and further apart, while this sounds good the screen separation line shifts and moves when you either move higher, or lower on the level, and will tend to focus solely on the player who has activated a switch for a few seconds before remembering that another person is playing as well.

Overall, I would recommend this to any fan of Lord of the Rings, and to those who have never played a Lego game and are looking for an introduction to the series, that and I think it is a perfect way to get ready for the Hobbit that is out this week.


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