Leo Needs a Cape

Leo Needs a Cape

With the best hero roles being filled out with our most prolific actors, why not give the best of the best a shot?

Leo, much like Robert DeNiro and thanks to Marty Scorcesse, is now one of the great and prolific actors of our time. It's rare that anyone pulls up a series of performances that really compare. And range? His is of an epic level.

I gotta hand it to Marvel, they know how to pick actors of the high caliber these days. RDJ and the great Ed Norton. Proof that great actors can truely MAKE a superhero stand on his own. As a matter of fact, even now as I'm thinking about it (and please correct me if I'm wrong because I am no expert), the best comic films are the ones that have including great leads and stand up support. Batman, Iron Man, The Hulk, 300, Watchmen, Star Trek, X-Men...exluding 3 and Wolverine. But the duds like Fantastic 4, Superman Returns, Push...all have, quite honestly, B-list actors.

It's obvious that the A-List experienced leading men/women know what it takes to totaly develope a character and immerse themselves into the range of emotions that each character feels. They bring their years of experience to the table and they steal the show. Bale, Downey, Norton...

What about our most predominant leading man to date? DiCaprio?

Whould it be wrong to suggest that with his incredible talent that he could be the best available to tackle a prolific american icon role in a Superhero film?
Would it be a stretch to see him buff up and play the role of a hero coming off the beaten road into someone great?

Would it be hard to see him in a gritty fight seen in this modern era of hero films kickin ass the way we have become accustomed to?

Am I off base to say that, above nearly all others, DiCaprio could really make a certain hero shine in the hero film history?

Is it not a legit arguement to say that DiCaprio could rise to the legendary status of the GREAT Christopher Reeve if given the opportunity and the proper tools?

You tell me. I wanna hear some arguement with this one.
Even better, who would he play?

Captain America? The Flash? Green Arrow?

DiCaprio is an expensive pick as a leading man these days. But given how much even the flop superhero flicks make, would it not be worth a shot to take this genre of superhero films to the level of ART with his abilities?
Like I said, what do you think?

My personal opinion is that he is just TOO big of a name to attach to a huge deal with Marvel and he might honestly outdo some of the other actors. I see him best as his own entity in the DC world as the Flash or Green Arrow or someone else. It would just be easier if his character stood alone like Batman, Superman, and the Green Lantern. He could really do omething with that kind of role.
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