Live action Futurama Fan Cast

Live action <em>Futurama</em> Fan Cast

If we ever got it (which is unlikely), this is who I'd want to see in a live action movie adaptation of Futurama. (Disclaimer: This was just done for fun. Not to be taken seriously)

Happy holidays everyone.

First off, Futurama is one of my favorite animated shows. As some of you might know, it recently aired its series (not season, but series) finale.

I don't think we're ever gonna get a live action movie, but if we did, this is the cast I'd want to see.

Note: I'm doing this just for fun, unlike my other fan casts. This one is not to be taken seriously. I'm not even doing descriptions and explaining why I'm casting the way I am. I may do a sentence or two though.

Planet Express Crew:

James' younger brother is quickly becoming one of the most sought after actors in the film business (not the most sought after, but one of them). He has had a very versatile career, ranging from drama to comedy.

The hardest part of casting Leela is her sex appeal. In the cartoon, she's a very strong sexy character. I've seen artists do realistic interpretations of the character, and she loses her sex appeal. That's the hardest part of casting Leela. That sex appeal is lost. But I believe Kendrick would be able to keep that sexiness.

So we all know Brenda Song from Disney. Recently, however, she's expanded her career. She had a part on the political thriller/drama Scandal. Even more recently, she's shown us her raunchy side with the sitcom Dads.

The hardest part of Zoidberg is his voice. He has a very distinct Yiddish accent. I choose Moynihan because of the various roles he's played on SNL. Seeing all the characters he's played, I think he could nail the accent.

Simmons has a very epic voice at times. For those of you who don't know, he voices Tenzin on Legend of Korra.

The rest of the universe

After watching Thor and Once Upon a Time, it's easy to see Dallas portray the hammy overactor.

Watch Bridesmaid. He could totally nail this.

Given the Robot Devil is a very musical character, I wanted an actor who has some credits in musicals and on stage.

Langella is a very good, very versatile actor. He also played Richard Nixon both in the play Frost/Nixon and the film adaptation of the play.

As with all my articles, I thank you for your feedback in comments, and your thumbs up.

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