Marvel Cinematic Universe Fan Cast

Marvel Cinematic Universe Fan Cast

My fan cast for adaptations and sequels of Marvel characters that haven't made it to the silver screen yet.

Okay well here goes, it's my first time so be gentle with me. I've only cast characters that haven't been used in the Marvel Cinematic Universe or the new Spider-Man movie yet, and that I would like to see in sequels and new character franchises. Hope you enjoy!

Iron Man

Ghost-James Marsters

I would love to see the Ghost as the villain of Iron Man 3. His identity has never been revealed, so I didn't have much to work with, but James was awesome in Buffy; the guy makes evil fun.

Madame Masque- Gemma Arterton

I could see them covering half her face for the role with sort of a 'Phantom of the Opera' style mask. Gemma has a sexy voice and would be great here.

The Mandarin- Andrew Vosloo

Okay so I know the Mandarin is asian, but I honestly couldn't find an asian actor that I thought had the gravitas to be Tony's arch enemy. I think Andrew would be fantastic as the Mandarin, he was great in the Mummy. He looks to me like the leader of the ten rings terrorist organisation introduced in the first film.

Captain America

Madame Hydra- Eva Green

Need I explain?

Baron Zemo

I must confess I don't know a lot about the character, but for a guy whose face you don't see, Jack has the voice and authority to him to play a leader of Hydra.

Crossbones- Thomas Jane

I loved Jane as the Punisher and would like to see what he could do as a villain.


Amora- Anna Hutchinson

I imagine Enchantress as a character with a sort of naive little girl throwing a tantrum because someone stole her boyfriend; a bit of a princess. Anna isn't well known, but she was a main character on a popular Australian crime drama called Underbelly, and she was brilliant. She looks like a china doll and I can imagine her acting innocent while she uses the Executioner. She will also be in Cabin in the Woods next month.

Skurge- Michael Clarke Duncan

I know the executioner isn't really black, and I would have prefered the Rock in the role but I have him in mind for another character. Duncan is built like a brick shit house and has a commanding presence on screen, I think he'd be great. Plus he can play vulnerability as he is pushed around by Amora as well, as we have seen in the Green Mile.

Hela- Charlize Theron

To keep the characters very different, it would be interesting to see Hela introduced as the Amora's mother perhaps. Charlize and Hutchinson could definately pass that off. Charlize would be great as Hela, look at her in the trailers as the evil Queen for Snow White and the Huntsman.

Surtur- Tim Curry

Curry has a fantastic voice for this character, as evidenced by his character in 'Legend' (pictured above). I imagine the character would be done by CGI but prosthetics could also be used, Curry has a creepy look to him. Hell, he looks like Surtur in 'Legend'.

Balder- Nathan Fillion

I must admit, I don't know much about the character in the comics, and I would pay to watch Nathan Fillion act like a tree, but I think he could be a bit of a fun, smartass sidekick character to Thor, throw some more humour into the mix. He could also be a brave man of honor at the same time; his character on Firefly was exactly like this. I see him being a little like Kantos Kan in the John Carter film. Just what I'd like to see.


Bruce Banner- Mark Ruffallo
I think he is perfectly cast and hope he is allowed to carry his own franchise.

Betty Ross- Zooey Deschanel

Betty in both Hulk films so far has bored me to tears. Zooey could play it smart, but add some of her trademark quirk into the mix. Plus, she's purdy.

Half-Life- Mark Pellegrino

It would be good to see a villain whose power isn't so similar to Hulk's. Although I must admit I don't like the alien origin of the character at all for a movie, I think he would work better gaining his powers through science somehow, like Hulk. The look of the character in the Hulk game from the 2003 movie would work well. Pellegrino's Lucifer is the best thing about the TV show Supernatural. He is fantastic, and could bring that character's quiet, mocking sadism to the role.

Mister Hyde- Alan Tudyk

Usually a comedy actor, Tudyk was brilliant as the villian Alpha on Dollhouse. Tudyk can play it dark, but with a hint of comedy. He could definately bring the multiple personality aspect of the character out, as Alpha was a villain with 43 personalities.

The Leader- Tim Robbins

Three words. Shawshank. Redemption. Forehead.

Sasquatch- Barry Pepper

This idea belongs entirely to CBM member '127'. Thought it was great casting, loved this guy in Seven Pounds. Would like to see Sasquatch as a sympathetic hulk being controlled by Half-Life or Hyde. Perhaps an eventual sidekick in taking the aforementioned down?


J.J. Jameson- John C. McKingley

Not an original choice, I'll grant you, but a classic. Would love to see this. Hugh Laurie, as with most fans, was also a contender.

Doc Ock- Robin Williams

Okay, a strange choice, but it's hard to beat Alfred Molina's performance, and I think Robbins would be brilliant. He would have to play it almost totally straight though, or it would be too funny. Robbins has played a psycho in Insomnia and One Hour Photo and he was insanely creepy and awesome in both of them.

Green Goblin- Anthony Stewart Head

I love him for this role. This guy is always talking in interviews about how he desperately wanted to play a bad guy on Buffy but never got the chance. He could do Osbourne easily, and greatly, and I think he could really pull off the crazy Goblin persona. Wierdly enough, a video of him singing 'Sweet Transvestite' in a Rocky Horror stage show sold me on this. The make up had an elongated chin so he looked like Goblin a little, and he was so gleefully Goblinny throughout that song I had to pick him.

Vulture- Tobin Bell

I saw Saw. And I saw that he was CREEPY AND NUTS.

Scorpion- Timothy Olyphant

I was looking for a role for this guy, as I think he's great, but I can't claim credit for this one, I remembered seeing him in another fan cast and thought it would be perfect for him.

Black Cat- Elisha Cuthbert

To be unoriginal is no crime when a woman looks like THAT. Case closed. Judge, Jury, and Michael Clarke Duncan.

Mysterio- Voice of Keith David when suited up, played by Christian Kane

I think Mysterio should have that bravado, deep black man voice thing going for him when he's protected by his illusions, but be slightly pathetic when unmasked. Kane played Lindsey on Angel, an evil lawyer who got his ass handed to him a lot but wanted desperately to be a badass. He could REALLY pull this off.

Venom- Taylor Kitsch

I think he could probably pull this off.

Carnage- Christopher Heyerdahl

This guy was creepy and sadistic as all hell on Supernatural as Alastair, the torture king of Hell. The voice alone...shivers. This is one of my favourite picks here, I think he'd be wicked.

Kraven The Hunter- Gerard Butler

It's a popular choice for a reason. This is one villain I would love to see realised, the idea of him hunting Spidey because he is the ultimate game, could be done really well.

Electro- Sharlto Copley

This guy was the best part of the 'A-Team' for me. He played bat-shit crazy awesomely. Would like to see him take a stab at this.

Mary-Jane Watson- Mary Elizabeth Winstead

I feel like such a sheep. Baaah. But I think she's been burnt into my mind by all the fan casts I've seen her in. But, she would be great. My first choice would be Alyson Hannigan if she was younger. I would rather see her in a second trilogy, and have Gwen's story rounded out over three movies. Likewise, it would be cool if the first two films are animal themed and lead back to Osborne, building up to Green Goblin for the third film, and then villains like Electro, Mysterio, Venom etc. in the second trilogy.

Dr. Strange

Dr. Strange- Michael Fassbender

I haven't seen anyone cast him in this role yet, but I think he'd be magic (Haha. He punned.Badly.) Johnny Depp may look uncannily identical to the character, but I think he's done too much quirky Tim Burton rubbish for me to see past it now. Shame, a little Jack Sparrow (one of the coolest characters known to man) could have been an entertaining addition to Strange. Oh, really obvious side-note; 'People Are Strange' HAS to be the opening song to this movie. Seriously.

The Ancient One- Morgan Freeman

I have a feeling I will get some hate for this, but bring it on, because Morgan is freaking GOD. And the Ancient One looks more black than asian sometimes. Morgan Freeman training Michael Fassbender to use magic? Ticket sold. For the tenth time.

Clea- Jessica Biel


Dormammu- Keith Szarjabaka

This guy has the single creepiest voice I've ever heard, except maybe for the guy I cast as Carnage. He played the vampire hunter villain Holtz on Angel, and he was my favourite villain on the show. He was also in The Dark Knight as the cop the Joker holds hostage asking for his phone call, but his creepy voice is not on display there, and he has an american accent, whereas I think it was old english in Angel (he was centuries old). He could probably play the villain as well as voicing him if they went that route, althought I predict CGI. Now, an exchange from Angel:
Holtz: "You don't trust me?"
Wes: "I don't know, it could be the low creepy voice that's throwing me off."

Baron Mordo- Robert Knepper

Most people seem to know this guy from Prison Break, in which he played a psycho, but I remember him as the irish, carnival owning villain Samuel from 'Heroes'. In that he was a bad guy that charmed everyone into thinking he was the good guy, which is sort of Mordo's deal. This guy does sinister great, as well as giving off a great power hungry vibe.

Nightmare- Michael Emmerson

Emerson's twisted little 'Ben' from Lost was the only part of the plot of Lost I remember. He doesn't look much like the character, but I can see him playing Nightmare as a silent, creepy little monster, popping up in people's Nightmare's and just watching, without mercy or any sign of caring.

Mephisto- Kelsey Grammar

This is only an odd choice if you haven't seen the episode of Medium in which Grammar plays Death himself. He was magnificent, and I would have im play Death or the Devil in anything. Friendly and matter-of-fact, he would pop up surrounded by fire in visions to the main character and simply tap his wrist with a grin as if to say, "you're almost out of time". And when he met her he tended to just quote a lot of statistics, eg. 'Did you know, 70% of household death's are in the bathroom!?'. Slip, bang, dead in the shower. I can see him playing Mephisto, at first, as a deal-making and breaking smiling devil, who only wants to be your friend...

Black Panther

Black Panther- Will Smith

I tried desperately to think of someone with less star power and more original, but then I realised I hadn't seen him in a fan cast before, and I wondered why. Smith is a great actor (see Seven Pounds) and could obviously hold a franchise. I also considered Chiwetel Ejiofor, who was great as the Operative in Serenity, but I just don't think he has the chops to carry a big Marvel franchise.

T'Chaka- Forest Whittaker

I love this actor. He can be powerful and commanding (Last King of Scotland) or kind and wise (everything else). Denzel Washington would be my second choice.

Monica Lynne- Halle Berry

I know, I know, I'm breaking out all the big obvious stars in this round. But let's face it; she's really hot.

Ramonda- Gina Torres

See her role as Zoe in Firefly. Loyal, fierce, and intelligent.

White Wolf- Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje

Wow. Try saying his name ten times fast. I like Wolf as Panther's adopted brother as a villain because... well there aren't a lot of Panther villains. Except a guy made of solid sound. WTF. Anyway, he would have to be changed up a bit to remove his story from Loki's, but I imagine him dealing under the table providing Vibranium to a some organisation for money, perhaps a modern day Hydra, or Doctor Doom? This could be how he gets his suit?

Erik Killmonger- Djimon Hounsou

Djimon is a favourite to play Panther, but his age puts many people off, including myself, he would have been able to carry the franchise if he were younger, I think. But from what I've read, Killmonger is a loyal Wakanda special police member, until he is forced to help White Wolf (I think) when his father's life is threatened. For his trouble, he is then banished. He seeks revenge on Panther and wants to rule as he believes T'Challa is an inadequate ruler. He wants the wellbeing of Wakanda. Hounsou could play this really great. He does angry well. I imagine he could play a betrayed tribesman who wants the best for his people but wants revenge more.

Fantastic Four

Reed Richards- Simon Baker

This guy is the best in the Mentalist. He can obviously play a smart guy.

Sue Storm- Yvonne Strahovski

Blonde. Hot. Badass. All boxes checked. I loved Alba as Sue in FF, although she was the only thing I loved in it. But Yvonne could knock this outta the park.

Johnny Storm- Bradley Cooper

The guy can play one hell of a likeable smartass.

The Thing- Adam Baldwin

Adam is so great as Jayne in Firefly. His character is gruff and grumpy, but also loveable. There's your Thing.

Dr. Doom- Jeffery Dean Morgan

It seems like a strange choice, but this actor played the Dad from Supernatural possessed by a demon for five minutes, and I've never forgotten. Arrogant, vain, powerful and cunning, all played perfectly. He would make a very sinister Doom.

Silver Surfer- Viggo Mortensen

Viggo has a quiet, gentle wisdom about him, I think he'd fit this role well.


Daredevil- Joel Edgerton

He looks a little like him, and was great in Warrior. And I must be the only guy who doesn't like Michael C. Hall.

Foggy Nelson- Sean Astin

I've seen this in someone else's fan cast a while back and I thought the actor was the best in LOTR. Very likeable and we all know he can play loyalty.

Karen Page- Sarah Jones

She's great in Alcatraz, and could be very sweet.

Kingpin- John Goodman

Goodman played a possessed cop near the end of a Denzel Washington movie called Fallen, and was very convincing as a bad guy. He would absolutely nail this.

Purple Man- Timothy Hutton

Very good in Leverage, and has had to play a good guy playing a smarmy guy in the show on numerous 'cons', and does it very well. Also see an old Stephen King film 'The Dark Half' in which his evil twin is played just as I would like to see Purple Man played.

Bullseye- Guy Pierce

I loved Colin Farrel as Bullseye, he was the only redeemable factor of that Daredevil movie for me. But I'm in a very small minority. Possibly of 1. So, without further ado, I give you, the nerdy king from King's Speech. Not 100% sure if Pierce could do the crazy this role requires, but his performance in that 5 minute speech from Prometheus sold me on him.


Frank Castle- David Boreanaz

Boreanaz had a few episodes where he went balls to the wall vengeance in Angel, and I think he could pull this off. He can portray pain, sadism (see his evil counterpart Angelus) and a lot of anger and badassery.

Micro- Jorge Garcia

Just 'coz he's pretty awesome.

Mrs. Castle- Olivia Wilde

Just 'coz she's pretty hot.

The Elite- Harry Groener

OK, so skimming through abstract little know Punisher villains and I find this guy and his buddies. Seperate him from his 'Vengeance Crew' or whatever and make him a solo act, and more evil than an ally, and you've got a wicked villain I'd say. He's a social elitest who kills people he thinks sully his neighbourhood. Like a guy with a hot dog cart. Or some kids with spray paint. Or whatever. Although Castle is a vigilante also, I could see this villain having him question the line between vigilantism and beingacrazypsychoism. Groening was the germaphobic, milk drinking, grinning bad guy 'The Mayor' on Buffy, and his 'Mr. Rogers' persona could benefit this character.

The Holy- Alan Rickman

Another member of Vengeance Share Time or whatever that could be done well solo is this guy, a priest who axe murders people in the confessional when he doesn't like what they confess to. So I Prayed To An Axe Murderer. Alan Rickman looks like a paler version of him and... well... he's Alan Rickman. Hans Gruber. Yippie-Ki-Yay mother... and father and kids at home...

Jigsaw-Jon Hamm

I've heard this name thrown around a few times for this role and I like him for it. I think he's too smarmy to play a hero, despite looking way Captain America. Nope, this guy wants to kill you and smile doing it. I like the idea of having him be the guy who killed Castle's family, and Castle THINKS he kills him early in the first movie. Then faces Holy or Elite, then in the second or third film, its Punisher Episode III: Return of the Hamm. He comes back and Castle realises he only injured him, and 'Jigsaw' wants revenge for having his pretty face ruined.

Wow... this is a lot of writing... I gotta get me a life...

Luke Cage

Luke Cage- Dwayne Johnson

No, he's not totally black. But suck it up, princesses, because he is totally awesome. All these no name wannabe tough guys making their little ads with deep voices haven't impressed me, and Terry Crews isn't too old in my book, he's too funny and over the top. The Rock has it all, rage, freakinghugeness, and a filmography that includes the Tooth Fairy. Oh yeah, you don't wanna mess with this guy.

Tombstone-Ron Perlman

It's big. It's bad. It's a tale as old as time (he played the Beast in an old TV show I'm told. Insert laugh).

Jessica Jones- Jessica Alba

'Coz... they have the same name... and brown hair... and... both have... I dunno... girl parts. OK, yeah. It's 'coz she's really hot. Don't judge me, would you rather Betty White?

Don't pretend you haven't thought about that.


Merc With A Mouth- Ryan Reynolds. Sigh.

Yep, I'm goin with him. Yes, Green Lantern sucked. And I don't trust the guy. But He was great as Wade, till they gave him eyeshadow like my grandma puts it on and sewed his mouth shut like my grandad does to my grandma. "Okay...people are dead."

Weasel- Fran Kranz

Anyone who has seen Topher in Dollhouse (as well as the upcoming Cabin in the Woods) knows he would own this. Very funny actor, too.

Taskmaster-Woody Harrelson

Yeah, I'm not quite sure what's going on with this one either. I suppose I chose him because I liked the idea of a Deadpool movie in which its a race between mercenaries to take down the target, with Taskmaster and Typhoid Mary both going after it. Then I thought it would be fun if Taskmaster was a smartass like Deadpool. Seeing him make fun of Dolph Lundgren or some boring muscly guy would get boring quick (unless its Wolverine), these two would have great interplay. Woody was great as a funny tough guy in Zombieland.

Typhoid Mary- Kate Mara

Man, can this girl play off her nut crazy or what. She was a wronged mistress ghost in American Horror Story. And she was COOCKOO. She could go from sweet and innocent to 'gonna glue your balls to the fridge' batty in a split second. So she could play Mary, Mary and Mary really well.

William Stryker- Bill Nighy

Um... coz. "Your best shag?" "Brittany Spears. Nah, just kidding... She was rubbish."

Domino-Eliza Dushku

This one's for you, dude who always talks about Eliza Dushku whose name I forgot! She played an assassin badass in Dollhouse. Again. And again. And Again. And a dominatrix ;).

Agent Zero- Daniel Dae Kim

He may have been a gruff, silent dude in Lost, but in Angel, he was a douchebag evil lawyer who thought he was badass and evil when he tried to defeat his firm's nemesis. With an eviction notice. So he has the gruff and the douche to play Zero.

Sandi Brandenberg- Amy Adams

So, I gotta admit, I know next to nothing about this character except she is sweet, slightly wranger, but also tough. So I chose a girl who was sweet in Night at the Museum, tough in the Fighter and wranger in all of em. And lookin damn fine through it all.

Blind Al- Cloris Leachman

She's funny. She's old. She doesn't take shit. Take her glasses off her and she might be blind. Mission accomplished.

Bob from Hydra- Richard Speight Jnr

This guy was hilarious in Supernatural as the Trickster, and his character had an arc about cowadice. I see him in the role.

Dr. Kilebrew- Gary Oldman

Moustached and awesome, like he couldn't rock this. See his creepiness in both Hannibal and Dracula.

Ajax- Rampage Jackson

Just looks to me like he could tackle this.


Okay, before I get started, here's my idea that fanboys will hate me for. If I were running the Marvel Cinematic Universe, I would introduce mutants a little differently. A whole world of super powered mutant people going on would need to have been covered already in the previous Marvel films for it to make sense. I think they would need to introduce the mutant gene as either a virus that only affects some or some alien power introduced to the world by someone like Silver Surfer or some alien species, maybe in an Avengers movie. In a future Avengers movie, perhaps the fight to prevent the mutant gene from being given to the world cold be the plot. This could also (fan hatred incoming, just my random ideas) be the cause of powers for some other characters such as Luke Cage, Daredevil and Fantastic Four? I mean, there are only so many chemical accidents you can have in the world of movies before it gets ridiculous for people to gain superpowers from them. "Oh no, I mixed bleach and Red Bull while being bombarded with Hyper Rays! Now I can shoot fire!" I think the FF being the first mutants because of alien gene technology introduced by the Surfer could work. Better than 'cosmic rays' anyway. Make a few movies, including X-Men, weave together as an 'event', like in the comics. The Mutant Saga or something. Anyways, thats my thought on mutants in the MCU anyway. Moving on.

Wolverine- Tom Hardy

Tom Hardy in Warrior. Wow, the rage. He would make a perfect Wolverine. So many people have cast this, and they were all right, and inspired this choice.

Professor X- Tom Selleck

Okay, this is my wierdest choice to most of you, I'm sure. But give it a chance. He looks the part in his one bald role (better in motion than in these pics, check it out if you can find it, forgot the name. Google is your friend) and he, unlike Patrick Stewart, is just cool. I always hated Prof X in the X-Men movies, and I could never put my finger on why, he just annoyed me. Selleck is less ancient and looks authorative, intelligent and not to be trifled with. He can be powerful, kind, and sometimes, even without the mustache, wise. A cool Prof X. I'm up for that. But leave the Harry High Pants at home, Magnum.

Magneto- Liam Neeson

Badass. Let it be left at that. Right?

Mystique- Dianne Kruger

She's got the looks. She's got the talent. And she's got the face that launched a thousand... Hi kids at home!

Cyclops- Matt Damon

I would have like Thomas Jane, Guy Pierce or even Brad Pitt here also. I think Matt has that niceness about him, and the obedient son look. We've seen him kick ass as Bourne. He seems wholesome. I'm still not sure about this one though, what do you guys think? I went less for the strong jaw and more for the personality on this one.

Storm- Jessica Lucas

Reckon she could pull it off? Wow that had a whole different meaning in my head till I wrote it down.

Iceman- Seth Green

His laconic, nice guy, intelligent, and incredibly cool 'Oz' on Buffy sold me on this.

Rogue- Lyndsey Fonseca

While Ted is telling her and her bro how he met Mum, Lindsey's off fighting Magneto and dying her hair. Credit on this one goes to another fancaster.

Nightcrawler- Enver Gjojack

I can't remember if Kurt is russian or not, but Enver did a good russian accent in Dollhouse. If not... never mind. Anyway, Enver is a PHENOMINAL actor, and he has a vulnerability about him that would work well here. As a character who had a different personality uploaded every week on Dollhouse, Enver showed that he is possibly the most unappreciated actor in Hollywood. Seriously, this guy can play ANYONE. Freud, an impersination of the guy I cast as Weasel thats more him than him, and in one episode he even got uploaded by accident as a slutty club girl, dance moves and all. I could have cast this guy as anyone in the MCU.

Pheonix/Jean Gray- Alyson Hannigan

Maybe too old and too sweet and bubbly for some of you, but I really love this actress, and if she wasn't in this role, she would have been a too-old Mary Jane. And now that I give it some thought, her Dark Willow, magic-juiced run in season six of Buffy had her playing something so akin to the Pheonix you'd have a geekgasm.

Beast- Jim Sturgess

This guy was alright in 21, and he has the look. I can see it working.

Shadowcat- Jewel Staite

I am in love with this woman. So cute.

Gambit- Josh Holloway

He looks just like him and I think he had a bit of the accent on Lost, but I could be wrong on that one. But his personality is a spot on match. He did only just make it though, Jensen Ackles was in the running.

And finally, in an Avengers sequel;

Thanos- Jeremy Irons

My first instinct was to go for Michael Clarke Duncan or James Earl Jones or some big booming black man's voice for this role. But then I thought about it and I think Thanos has a more regal, up himself King voice. He would almost certainly be a CGI creation, but Jeremy Iron's face could possibly be used as Ruffalo's has been for Hulk. Either way, it would be interesting.

My parting thought with you is this. Both Ms Marvel and Black Widow are sometimes pointed out to be useless or boring characters. Some people love them, of course, but they are not the most popular characters in the MCU, or for an Avengers film. My other fan boy abomination idea, since I am the only person who seems to love Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow, is for her character to be hit with alien technology of some sort in the first avengers film, that gives her her abilities as Ms Marvel. Scarlett looks just as good blonde. Merge the characters. You could even call her Carol Danvers, since she is a spy; that could be her real name. Just another random idea that will never happen, but the thought I leave you with. Hope you've enjoyed this, it's my first article on the site so if I've made any mistakes or you want to tell me to do some decent casting and don't write so damn much, please go right ahead, criticism (constructive) and praise appreciated.

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