Marvel Studios: Fantastic Four

Marvel Studios: Fantastic Four

Yup another FF fancst

I really been getting tired of seeing the same castings on this site but what can I say, we all want to put our dream cast out there!

So I have to do the Fantastic Four... but my way.

If I did it,it would have to be a huge movie. Big and over the top like Iron Man and able to hole that essence to the comic. I believe they deserve a great movie because they are Marvel's next big thing next to Spider-Man.

The story would loosely based off of the first arc of Ultimate Fantastic Four.I want the Fantastic Four to feel like they are in the middle of the Marvel Universe. So seeing cameos would be expected.
I would start with Reed Richards is recruited by a government think-tank. the think tank would be funded by SHIELD. Looking for brightest kids,teens and adults in the world. Shield is looking for there next agents,professors,doctors and tech smart individuals. They look for brains in every way shape or form.

The think tank was created by the Storm family and Howard Stark

Reed would be played by Micheal Stahl David in the movies I caught him in he seems to capture a more modern younger Reed. In the story we would follow Reed being a fish out of water getting recruited to the think tank. He would reunite with, Sue a girl he has met before and still has feelings for. And he would also meet Victor a guy ,he has bumped into over his academic travels. He was fond of Victor but Victor always saw him as competition.

I have always wanted Rachel Mcadams to be Sue Storm. She can turn on and be sexy as hell and turn right into a hard ass. A tough actress to play a tough girl,that is the glue of this team.
Susan Storm is obsessed with Science being a direct protege of her dad. She has been very close to her dad since her mom dies. She has been working with him on his new experiment for some time. When Reed shows interested to help,she realizes he maybe what they need to finish it. Victor becomes jealous and decides he will try to help them as well to prove he can do it as well as them.

Love Dave Franco, he has such comedic timing. Dave has played the goofy and cocky in his film career. Johnny Storm would be no stretch. Johnny is just at the think tank because his dad runs it, he has no interest of being smarter or saving the world. He just wants to hit on the ladies and have some fun. Deep down he is acting out because of his mother passing and does want his dad to think hes good at something. Once Reed shows up to the think tank he is kinda his guide and gives him a hard time about still liking Sue

Thing is the hardest person to cast in the world! I searched high and low and found the best guy to cast.Owain Yeoman is perfect. I checked out the mentalist and he is great in it. He is 6' 4" which would be a good size for Thing.
Ben Grimm is Reed old friend they went to high School together and kept in touch through college. Reed went to different schools and Ben just did Community College but they still ended up being roommates. Ben Helps Reed move to the think tank and is skeptical about it. He drops off Reed and Reed runs into trouble with Victor and Ben shows up in time to protect him. The reason Ben had to come back is because he forgot some of Reeds things. Sue invites him to stay and tells him to come see the test trial of Reed and her Dad's teleporter. Victor doesn't like Reed getting all the credit.

Ryan Gosling was born to be suave and evil. I love when this guy plays dark characters. I am casting Doom younger because this is the beginning of his story. I think most of the casting I see people do for doom is based off of the actors voice. I am doing the same and as well considering his acting skills. i believe he can do what Heath Ledger did for the Joker.
Victor is at the think tank because he was recruited as well but he also wanted to get away and is merely there for his own amusement. He is rumored to be a ruler of Latveria. He has a personal assistant that helps him. There would even be a small part where he is trying to build a robot to do his servants job(ala Doom bot).think tank doesn't prove on dangerous experiments so he works secretly with a Prof.Molevich. Reed comes to Victor for help a day before the test and Victor think his way will work better than Reeds. Reed decides to just stick with what he thought. Victor is upset and tells Molevich to sabatoge the experiment or he will tell everyone about his experiments. Molevich agrees but the morning of the experiment, SHIELD discovers Molevich's underground research and is banned from the think tank. Now Victor must do this alone and when he does ever thing goes wrong and Reed,Ben,Sue and Johnny are teleported around the world and changed into their hero selves. Victor is injured and has his assistant rush him out of the country, he only wants his Doctors to take care of him. Medics rush over and wrap his face and try to take care if him and help him. He pushes them away and a energy beam comes out of his hand and he blinds a Medic(Alicia Masters). He boards his plane and leaves.
Victor is a huge part of the story but will disappear in the second and third act.

Alicia Masters would be played by Izabella Miko. Alicia would be placed next to Ben once he was found and they would come close.

Prof. Storm played by Jeff Daniels would be butting heads with SHIELD once the find all the fantastic four. He would be forced to put them into containment. He must test them and see if they are going to die,get more powers or who knows?
Reed bumps heads with him wanting to try to focus on curing Ben. Ben is upset about the whole thing.

Paul Giamatti has a calm yet crazy side to be mole man. After being banished he would work secretly on bringing his mud people alive. In the middle of the movie a few of his test mud people get in and the team has to fight them and break down the side of their building doing so. SHIELD believe the FF are more dangerous together and separates them into individual quarantine.
At the same time we see Doom return to his home ala Bruce in Batman Begins. He gets taken care of by his people and takes over what is his and wants Richards dead.Prof. Storm has to turn on his kids and keep them locked up. The final confrontation would be Mole Man losing his mind and overdoing his Mole man turning into what we see in the first Fantastic Four comic,attacking the city.
Prof. Storm redeems himself unlocking the kids giving them their containment suits with the 4 on it.Ben comes to terms with what he is than ks to Alicia and when he is let out yells out its clobbering time.

Reed decides to use the transporter because it will loosen the elements and turn back the Mole monster into mud once it teleports it. Once they get it to follow them to the test area, they run into another problem. Dr. Doom shows up and Reed has to decide to teleport Doom with the monster. He feels guilty for sending away Victor again but he had no choice to save the city. Mole Man is captured and SHIELD decides to let them stay at the think tank to learn more about their powers. Doom is gone missing and no one knows where he is.

Through the film I would hope to see cameos again showing the Marvel universe is all ties together. I cast some small cameo parts just to get people excited and to show other people at the think tank that Shield thinks has potential use for.
These are all the actors that I though could resemble younger heroes in the beginning of their career.

I have a lot to say about this movie,sorry for posting so much. I have had this idea for some time and had to get it out.
thanks guys
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