Marvel Studios Present The Winter Soldier

Marvel Studios Present The Winter Soldier

Synoposis, fan-poster and cast herein.

Synopsis: Thought dead during the later months of WWII, US Army Sgt. James Barnes was instead rescued from by Soviet troops and later brainwashed by the KGB into their perfect cold war weapon, an elite Soviet assassin capable of passing for an American; The Winter Soldier.

Kept in cryonic suspension between missions, the Soldier served the Soviet Union for decades without question or fail, until the 1970s, when he is sent to the United States on a mission to sabotage a Stark Industries weapons installation, when he begins recalling fragments of his past life.

As the decades-long brainwashing begins to chip away, the Winter Soldier struggles to come to grips with his two halves, while evading the agents of the intelligence agency known as SHIELD and trying to see the mission through.


Director: Joe Johnston

Writer: William Monahan (Screenplay), Ed Brubaker (Story and Characters), Joe Simon , Stan Lee, Jack Kirby (Characters)

Sebastian Stan as James Bunchanan Barnes/The Winter Soldier. Former US Army Sergeant, turned elite Soviet hitman.

Pierce Brosnan as Aleksander Lukin. Spetsnaz and KGB officer.

Jennifer Lawrence as Yelena Belova. Early subject of the KGB's Black Widow program.

John Slattery as Howard Stark. American industrialist and SHIELD founder.

Neal McDonough as Timothy Dugan. Barnes' WWII buddy and Director of SHIELD.

Karl Roden as Vasily Karpvov. Soviet WWII officer who found a half-dead Barnes.

Samuel L. Jackson as Cpt. Nicholas Fury, Vietnam veteran and Agent of SHIELD.
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