Marvel Team-Up Presents: Wolverine

Marvel Team-Up Presents: Wolverine

A double-feature fancast featuring everyone's favorite short, hairy, angry Canadian, Wolverine.

Hulk Vs. is what I consider a good attempt on Marvel Animation's part to be a little more like the DC animated films, but really, they should be doing the same thing DC is in terms of casting--getting TV stars (at least) to lend their voices to the movies (which also could use a writing improvement in some cases). I figured I'd present another idea of mine, a movie that does the same bit as Hulk Vs.: two movies on one disc, with the thriller one on side A, and the action comedy on side B. For these two particular films, they'd be direct adaptations (including the art styles) of two lauded Marvel stories that (unfortunately) feature Wolverine, but at least he shares the spotlight in each.

And in each of these films, one guy would be playing ol' Canucklehead himself:

Jackie Earle Haley as the voice of Wolverine

Haley, I noticed, was in one guy's fancast as Wolverine in live action--which was an idea that was shot down by one of the guys who commented on it. I decided that Haley would be great voicing the guy instead.

For side A, we have an adaptation of the 1989 Marvel Graphic Novel "Wolverine/Nick Fury: The Scorpio Connection", written by the late Archie Goodwin and penciled by Howard Chaykin. In this espionage thriller, Nick Fury calls on Logan to help him take down the new Scorpio, who plans on gaining control of the Cosmic Key and resurrecting the Zodiac Cartel in order to dominate the world. Scorpio, it later turns out, is none other than Fury's son, Mikel, whom he never knew about, being used as a pawn of revenge by his mother, femme fatale Amber D'Alexis.

For the cast of this one, we have:

Robert Wagner as the voice of Nick Fury

I know Fury's been looking more and more like his Ultimate version in most media nowadays, but you gotta have the original version somewhere in that mix, right? (No offense....) Wagner I thought would be great playing Fury, as he's had quite a lot of film and television experience in a number of genres. And no, it didn't have to do with him playing Number 2 in the Austin Powers films.

Jared Padalecki as the voice of Scorpio/Mikel Fury

For this, I was inspired by his performance on Supernatural, of all things, and thought this would "balance the scales" a bit as his co-star, Jensen Ackles, had played a DC villain with a connection to the hero (see "Batman: Under the Red Hood").

Sofia Vergara as the voice of Contessa De Fontaine

Vergara I feel has a great voice for this Italian jet-setter turned-SHIELD agent--sultry, yet sure of herself. (And for those of you staring at Vergara's photo, eyes skyward, paly.)

Lee Majors as the voice of Dum Dum Dugan

For this pick, I was inspired by Majors's performances in both Human Target as the previous bearer of the 'Christopher Chance' moniker and General Hawk in GI Joe: Renegades. I figured he'd do Dugan justice.

Kyra Sedgwick as the voice of Amber D'Alexis, the mother of Mikel

For this, I was inspired by Sedgwick's role on The Closer and thought she could really pull off a woman scorned and set on getting back at the man who got her arrested. (She'd been running an operation through a casino that both Fury and his brother Jake had been investigating covertly.)

Additional Voices-
-John DiMaggio as Colossus, a Scorpio henchman, and SHIELD agent #1
-Kari Wahlgren as Dazzler and SHIELD agent #2
-Ashley Johnson as Rogue and a casino dealer
-Keith Ferguson as a SHIELD agent and a Scorpio henchman
-Masasa Moyo as Miss Locke
-James Sie as David Nanjiwara, an undercover SHIELD agent

For the B-Side of the DVD, the movie is an adaptation of the 2006 3-issue miniseries "Claws", written by Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray, and drawn by Joseph Michael Linsner. The story follows Wolverine and the Black Cat being captured by who appears to be an alive Kraven the Hunter and their attempts to escape an island they've been brought to, where Kraven has made them the targets of six pro hunters from around the world. Oh, and they have to escape the island in 12 hours, or explosives will cause the volcano on the island to erupt. Along the way, they learn that this whole thing was set up by none other than longtime X-Men villain Arcade and his new girlfriend, crime boss White Rabbit. This is the 'action-comedy' I mentioned earlier.

For the cast of this movie (in order of appearance):

Sarah Michelle Gellar as the voice of Black Cat

Picking Gellar was inspired by her voice work in the 2007 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles CG movie (where she voiced April O'Neil). I also thought she did a good job in her guest spot on that one "Simpsons" episode where she played a girl juvie named Gina. Black Cat, I thought, would be great for her resume. At least it's animated. I also thought she and Haley would be great bouncing off one another in the script.

Jamie Kennedy as the voice of Spider-Man

A lot of people I guess don't like him that much, but I think he'd do fine portraying Spidey as he flirts with Cat in the opening part of the story (I chuckled at every line in the comic). Let's see what you guys think on that matter.

Lauren Cohan as the voice of Emma Frost

Just like I picked her for my Dark Phoenix Saga fancast, I thought Cohan would make a great Emma Frost--especially the great bit of dialogue she gives when she helps Logan make it through airport security.

Rainn Wilson as Arcade

There was no other person I could think of who could voice Arcade in this context other than Wilson. He'd be absolutely sinister, AND hilarious at the same time. I was inspired by when he voiced the alien commander in "Monsters vs Aliens" (in what clips I saw of it).

Mayim Biyalik as White Rabbit

Biyalik was inspired by both her performance as Jim Parson's foil on The Big Bang Theory, but I also thought this would be something fun for her, especially the Queens, NY accent I imagine when reading White Rabbit's lines. And to be fair, Rabbit's part in the story has her border between somewhat ditzy and cruel--sort of like Harley Quinn.

Additional Voices-
-John DiMaggio as the fake Kraven
-Masasa Moyo as Ursula (one of the hunters) and a flight attendant
-Kari Wahlgren as one of the hunters
-Keith Ferguson as one of the Hunters
-James Sie as an airport security guard and a hunter
-Dee Bradley Baker as a hunter, a sea monster, and a t-rex

That's it, people! Comment away, what do you think?
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