Marvel vs DC cast improved/revised, first 15 minutes of movie plot improved/revised

So I kept feeling like my Marvel vs DC cast & plot was missing somthing, it was missing more substance, so I revisited the cast, I added, fixed, & removed some characters, as well as I tweaked the plot, it's pretty much the same only with more strength to it.

The entire cast for the Avengers & TASM will be returning, I loved the cast & I'm not recasting it...

Anyway, first up is DC's hereos satrting with the Man of Steel:

Henry Cavil as Superman/Clark Kent. He's a great actor & I look forward to seeing him in the new movie.

Alex O'Loughin as Batman/Bruce Wayne. I have to thank DDD for this one, he suggested it sense my other Batman was in his 50's, which I didn't know by the way, I'v only seen him play a seriel killer on CSI or somthing similar on youtube, which was unpleasant but very helpful as to what kind of character he can play.

Colin Ford as Robin/Dick Grayson. Everyone wants Logan Lerman, but he's a little old now for Robin, he's 20 now. But Colin is around 15 I believe perfect Robin & he's a good little actor! I can definitley see Alex & Colin having a father-son relationship.

John Krasinski as the Flash II/Barry Allen. A lot of people want Bradley Cooper or Patrick Wilson as Barry, but Barry is much more of the nice guy hero, he makes friends with everyone & cares for everyone. Cooper plays an obnoxious butt head. How is that like Barry? That, is Guy Garner. As for Patrick Wilson, I really just don't like him as the Flash. He's a good actor but I jut don't see him as Barry. In the comics Hal & Barry were buddies I think & I can't picture Wilson & Reynolds being frineds, but I can picture Reynolds & Krasinski as friends.

Jake Abel looks younger then he is & Wally doesn't have to be kid, also Jake Abel is a good actor & he can play that Wally sorta personality, just make him a mix of Luke from Percy Jackson & maybe a HINT (very small hint!) of Mark from I am number 4.

Charlie Hunnam as Green Arrow/Oliver Queen. I don't really think I need to explain much about this choice. But I will, sorta. He's a good actor. He looks like Oliver, & I don't see why not.

Alex Pettyfer as Speedy/Roy Harper Jr. I'm having Roy start as Speedy first instead of just jumping to Red Arrow because I kept Wally & Dick sidekicks so I'll keep him. Roy in the comics is useally kind of a jerk, Alex can play that, very well...He sorta looks like Roy a bit & I see Oliie & Roy having more of a brother relationship then a father son relationship so that works out well.

Jamie Alexander as Wonder Woman/Dianna Prince. Yes she played Sif in Thor but whatever. She'd be so awesome as WW!

Yvonne Strahaski as Black Canery/Dinah Lance. Oh come on look at the picture & tell me she doesn't look like her? She already basically played her in Chuck, & she's very talented as an actress anyway.

Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern/Hal Jordan. No, the GL movie wasn't great. But Reynolds is. People seem to think Hal is a serious character, while he CAN be serious he is useally an obnoxious ladies man. There have been many comicbook characters has had a terrible life & isn't a serious downer.

Kevin Mcidd as Aquaman/Authur Curry. He's an awesome actor & has the right feel for Aquaman, & he played Poseidan so I think that makes him worthy of playing Aquaman......

Morris Chestnut as Green Lantern/John Stewert. Morris is a fan favorite for the role, & I would pick Idris Alba for the role, he's a bit over used & after seeing some off Morris' acting I think he's good choice.

DC villians:

Mark Stong as Thaal Sinestro. Out of the whole GL movie, Ryan Reynolds & Mark Strong were the best part. Mark Strong really kept with the character. Sinestro's goal is to save the universe through fear, so he's still a villain, just not the worst one out there. And come on Mark was pretty awesome in the movie.

James Mcvoy as Riddler/Edward Nigama. This guy is a very talented actor. He looks like the scheming methodical type & he work an American accent.

James Franco as the Joker. As you've probably noticed, I'v gone with a mostly younger cast. Not young, but younger looking actually. When I first saw someone suggest this I was on the fence about it, but the more I thought about it the more I liked it!

Michael C. Hall as Scarecrow/Dr. Johnathan Crane. Weird choice, I know, but Michael C. Hall can play a creepy character. And Scarecrow is a creepy character. I think he would bring an all new scaryness to the character.

Javier Bardum as Bane. People seem to really like this pick, & I see why. He'd be awesome in the role, I'd keep Tom Hardy but sense I'm changing Batman I have to change Bane. But I think he'd be great.

Supporting DC characters:

Amy Adams as Lois Lane. She's playing her in Man of Steel & sense I have Henry Cavil I'll keep her.

John Hurt as Alfred Pennyworth. It's pretty hard to replace Michael Caine, he did a wonderful job as Alfred, but since I replaced all the other Bat-characters, I have to replace him... I'v only seen John in Harry Potter as Ollivander, but he did great & I honestly can't think of anyone else.

Jenna Ficsher as Iris Allen. Yep Jim & Pam as Barry & Iris. It works, she already plays John's wife in the Office & she has Iris Allen's personality. Flash & Iris are very down to Earth people & I think she'd be very good in the role.

Bryan Cranston as Jim Gordan. Gary Oldman IS Jim Gordan, but as I said for Alfred, I have to replace him. Bryan looks A LOT like Jim & he has the acting skills for it.

Marvel characters:

Liev Schriber as Sabretooth. I'm keeping Hugh Jackman so I'll keep him. Plus he did an awesome job as Sabretooth & was actually pretty scary.

Hugh Jackman as Wolverine/ James Howlett. The X Men films were ok, some better then others. But Hugh Jackman is of course a great actor so why not just keep him?

Hunter Perrish as Human Torch/Johnny Storm. He's a fan favorite for the role, he's young & blonde & has that ladies man look to him that Johnny needs.

Patrick Wilson as Mr. Fantastic/Reed Richards. He's another fan favorite for the role. I don't see him as Hank Pym or Barry Allen but I can see him as Reed. He as the scientist nerdy look to him.

Malin Ackerman as Invisible Woman/Sue Storm. I didn't know who else to cast as her, someone suggested her & I lied it.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan as the Thing/Ben Grimm. Again, someone suggested this, I think has the voice for it, & they'd probably have to use motion capture for Ben.

Ashley Greene as Wasp/Janet Van Dyne. She looks just like her, she's a great actress & she could pull of Janet's personality just fine.

Armie Hammer as Giantman/Hank Pym. I did have Simon Baker but he's 20 years older than my Wasp/Ashley & I couldn't watch them as a couple without laughing... Also, Armie is a great actor, he's pretty underated, he's been cast as Cpt.America to Flash, but I don't think he's been cast as Hank.

Garrett Huddland as Daredevil/Matt Murdock. Garrett has been cast as everything from Human Torch to Green Arrow, & finally I saw someone (Sorry whoever you are!!!) cast him as Matt. He's an underated actor, he looks like Matt, also I can't think of anyone else....

Ryan Phillipe as Venom/Eddie Brock. He was awesome in Licoln Lawyer, he played a bad guy, & I think he'd kick butt as Venom.

Now for the first 15 minutes of the plot:

*We open up to Central City, home of the Flash , we see a crowded city block police officers are surrounding a bank, we see Iris Allen reporting the news.*

Iris Allen:

This morning Central City police got a call about a break in at Central City Bank, it is unclear what exactly did cause the brea-

*Iris Allen's report is interrupted by Venom/Eddie Brock [in IMAX 3D view] tackling a bank guard threw the bank wall. Iris runs for safety as people start screaming & running in different directions. Camera moves to a [Again in IMAX 3D] shot of the Flash/Barry Allen zooming towards Venom. We see from Flash's point of view running towards Venom. Switch to Venom point of view [IMAX 3D] flinging Flash away with his arm. We see Flash falling threw the air. [IMAX 3D] Kid Flash/Wally West zooms underneath him & creates a small funnel cloud to catch Flash's fall.*

Wally West:

I though I was the sidekick. You just let that guy cream you!

Barry Allen:

Then why don't you take a shot at him?


Watch & learn old man.

*Kid Flash smirks as he pulls on his speed resistant goggles & [IMAX 3D] zooms towards Venom. Kid Flash attempts to leap-frog over Venom. We see Venom's symbiot suit latch onto Kid Flash's hands.*


What the--

*Venom grabs Kid Flash's goggles & throws him across the street. [IMAX 3D] Wally slams into a car slides to the ground.*


Told you.


Shut up...

*We see more people scream & run in different directions. Venom picks a chunk of the wall and lifts it over his head to throw it at Flash & Kid Flash. Police officers take out their gun & start shooting at Venom from behind. Venom drops the chunk of wall & spins around to face the officers, the officers continue shooting at Venom at point blank range with little affect on Venom. We see Kid Flash stand up & the two speedsters run towards Venom.*


We're not gonna be able to stop him alone. Call in backup.

Flash puts two fingers to his ear.


Hal, we're at Central City Bank & I think we got one of yours.

Green Lantern/Hal Jordan [through ear piece]

On it.

*The speedsters stop behind Venom, Kid Flash stops noticeably less gracefully.*


Hey Kid, you got any ideas?



*We see KidFlash zoom off to the car he slammed into, he lifts up the hood & starts building something out of the engine [Note:We can't see what he's building do to the speed he's building it at.] We switch to a view of Flash trying as hard as he can to distract Venom as well as moving people out of Venom's path. Switch back to KidFlash zooming to a stop behind Venom, holding what resembles a flame thrower made from parts of the car.*


Hey Na'vi!

*Wally press a button on the flame thrower [IMAX 3D] & unleashes flames onto Venom. Venom screeches & pain. The flame thrower's flames dwindle & stop. Venom turns around to face Kid Flash. Kid Flash tences & gets ready to bolt at the first sign of danger.*

Eddie Brock:

You wanna play rough with us? Ok let's play rough!

*[Note Venom refers to himself as two people do to the symbiote being it's own separate person from it's host, in this case Eddie Brock] Suddenly Green Lantern scoops Venom up into a green ball & shakes it around rapidly. Venoom sits up in the ball.*


You still can't stop us...

*Green Lantern shakes the ball again, knocking Venom out. Green Lantern lands next to Flash & Kid Flash.*


Nice, flame thrower. And was that an Avatar reference?




Yes that's all very nice, but where's beautiful from?

*During the dialog above, we see behind them the owner of the car Kid Flash used to make the Flamer Thrower scream "Come on!" and kick a piece of his now broken fender.*


Can't your ring scan him?


Yeah. Ring, scan him.*

*[Note:Hal's ring can scan people, places, & things that are in the Oa database.] Green Lantern 's ring scans for information. [IMAX 3D] We see from Venom's point of view. Switch to Green Lantern's point of view looking down at ring.*


Name Edward Charles Brock. Age 29. Weight 217 pounds. Height 5'9. Host of alien symbiote code named Venom.


What sector are they from?


Sector 6414, Planet Earth.

*We see the three heroes frown at each other.*


Wait, I though there were only 3,600 sectors? Did the Universe double over night?


There are only 3,600 sectors. Ring, recalculate that.



Name Edward Charles Brock. Age 29. Weight 217.5 pounds. Height 5'9. Host of alien symbiote code named Venom. From sector 6414, Planet Earth.

I'll take him to J'onn, see what he can find out.

Ok, keep me updated.

Will do.

*Hal scoops up Venom & flies off. We move to scene of the S.H.I.E.L.D Helicarrier. [IMAX 3D] Nick Fury stands at the front of the ship looking out at the sky. Maria Hill walks up behind him.*

Maria Hill:
Sir, Erik Selvig called. He needs to talk to you, he said, he wouldn't say why.

*As Nick Fury turns around, Hal slams into the front of the Helicarrier. S.H.E.I.L.D agents whip out their guns & point them at Hal, Hal shakes his head.*
Ow! Son of gun...
*Nick Fury scowls & steps closer to the window.*
Nick Fury:
Turn off Stealth mode, but keep weapons ready.
*Hal gawks at the ship that appeared infront of him*
What the..?
Nick Fury:
Are you lost?
*Hal prepares to attack.*
Hal: Who are you?!
*Nick Fury steps closer to the glass*
Nick Fury:
Nick Fury. Director of S.H.E.I.L.D. Now who are you?
I'm a Green Lantern of sector 2814.But what's S.H.I.E.L.D?
*Nick Fury frowns*
Nick Fury:
Supreme Headquarters International Espionage Law-Enforcement Division. Where is sector 2814? What planet are your from?
Earth. Isn't this Earth?
Nick Fury:
Yes this is Earth, but I don't think it's your Earth, Green Lantern.

Ok, first 15 minutes. I havn't spellchecked this, so tell me if you see any mistakes. Tell me what you think! And be nice please!
May God Bless you & your MARVELous day!
--Summer T
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