Marvel vs DC fan cast prt.2

Plot coming sometime in the next 3 days:)


Owain Yeoman as Captain Marvel. A lot of people want him for the role, & while I like Dwayne the Rock Johnson for Cpt.Marvel, I think it's just too big an actor for role that's not that big.

Nolan Gould as Billy Batson. In case you don't know, Billy Batson is Cpt.Marvel's secret identity, really weird, I know, when ever he says SHAZAM! he turns into a big muscular superhero, kinda creepy actually...But anyway Nolan is really funny on Modern Family, he's a pretty good actor for his age, & I think Billy should be mature for his age, but still be a kid who finds it "really awesome" that he gets to be buddies with the whole Justice League, Nolan could definatly pull that off.

Jake Abel as Kid Flash/Wally West. Jake Abel looks younger then he is & Wally doesn't have to be kid, also Jake Abel is a good actor & he can play that Wally sorta personality like he basically did in Percy Jackson.

Alex Pettyfer as Speedy/Roy Harper Jr. I'm having Roy start as Speedy first instead of just jumping to Red Arrow because I kept Wally & Dick sidekicks so I'll keep him. Roy in the comics is useally kind of a jerk, Alex can play that, very well...He sorta looks like Roy a bit & I see Oliie & Roy having more of a brother relationship then a father son relationship so that works out well.

Morris Chestnut as Green Lantern/John Stewert. Morris is a fan favorite for the role, & I would pick Idris Alba for the role, he's a bit over used & after seeing some off Morris' acting I think he's the better choice.


Sebastian Stan as Winter Soldier/James "Bucky" Barnes. I loved Sebastian as Bucky, I thought he did great & I look forward to seeing him in Capt.America 2.

Rhys Ifans as Dr.Connors/Lizard. Whether you aprove of the reboot or not, Ryse as Dr.Connors is a pretty fantastic pick, and sense I have Garfield I brought back Dr.Connors, plus he plays an intresting part in the plot.

Simon Baker as Giant Man/Hank Pym. I saw someone suggest this, & honestly I think he'd be great, he's the best pick for Hank I'v seen so far.

So that's the rest of the cast, I'll upload the plot probably tonight or tommarow, definatly at some point this weekend...
Have a MARVELous day!!
--Summer T
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