MARVEL VS DC POLL: Who would win in a fight, HULK or SUPERMAN?

MARVEL VS DC POLL: Who would win in a fight, HULK or SUPERMAN?

Next year we will see Mark Ruffalo in action as The Incredible Hulk in The Avengers movie next year 2012 and Henry Cavill as The Man of Steel the following year 2013.I am talking a battle that could potentially leave our planet in pieces, collateral damage like we’ve never beheld. The Big Green Monster up against The Man Of Steel... HULK VS SUPERMAN!!!

Alter ego: Dr. Bruce Banner

Strengths: Filled with gamma radiation, the Green One possesses strength, durability, endurance, and healing that increases with his temper. It has been said there is literally no limit to his power potential, as he has withstood impacts that split whole planets, temperatures comparable to the Sun’s core, and nuclear explosions. He can leap across continents or into orbit, move at superspeed, resist psychic control, see astral forms, and home in on his place of creation in New Mexico. In his human form, he possesses one of Earth’s most brilliant minds.

Weaknesses: Anything that reverses the anger, terror, or grief that causes Banner to turn into the Hulk will change him back into Banner. His love interest, Betty Ross, has been known to cause these reversals. The unpredictability and uncontrollability of the Hulk’s transformations can also render him helpless at crucial moments. Also, some have succeeded in siphoning the gamma radiation out the Hulk’s body, thus reducing him to helpless Bruce Banner.

Alter ego: Clark Kent

Strengths: Supercharged by our yellow sun and armed with a staunch moral code, Kal-El, the Last Son of Krypton, can fly at near the speed of light, shoot heat blasts from his eyes, and freeze stuff with his breath. He also x-ray and microscopic vision and super-hearing. Eclipsing all that, however, is the Man of Steel’s invincibility and strength. In his current incarnation, Superman is strong enough to hurl mountains, withstand nuclear blasts, fly into the sun unscathed, and survive in the vacuum of outer space without oxygen.

Weaknesses: Kryptonite is Superman’s primary weakness, as it subjects him to pain and nausea and neutralizes his superhuman abilities. Prolonged exposure to the radioactive stone will kill the Man of Steel. Loss of yellow sunlight has also been known to neutralize his abilities but not kill him.

Superman sort of has a reputation for being the most powerful being on the planet earth. Not only that, he’s smart–not smarter than Dr. Bruce Banner, but definitely smarter than the Hulk. If Superman is going to win this battle, he’s going to have to rely on brains over brawn, which shouldn’t be too hard, considering the Hulk’s intelligence level is on par with the average 5-year old.
While the Hulk is just a big, strong monster, Superman is faster than a speeding bullet and more powerful than a locomotive. Even a nuclear explosion can’t put him down for the count, so he could definitely go toe-to-toe with the Hulk and give ol’ jade jaws a run for his money. But wait, there’s more! Superman possesses a smorgasbord of abilities far beyond those of mortal men. He could use his super breath to freeze the Hulk. He could bore a hole into the earth at super speed and bury the Hulk in it. He could use his microscopic vision to… OK; maybe that one wouldn’t be of much use.
The Incredible Hulk definitely lives up to his name. His level of strength, endurance and healing ability is determined by his emotional state. Or to put it more simply, the madder Hulk gets, the stronger Hulk gets. When the Hulk goes on a rampage, the best we can hope for is that he eventually gets bored and leaves. He has withstood temperatures equivalent of those found in the sun’s core, been hit with a nuclear bomb and survived planet-splitting impacts. Heck, he’s gone 12 rounds with the God of Thunder and was barely breathing heavy. He took on the entire Marvel Universe a couple of years ago in a story entitled “World War Hulk.”
It's hard to believe a little solar-powered Kryptonian is gonna be able to beat him?

So now it’s your turn. Vote on who would win in the poll widget on the right.

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