Marvel vs DC script/plot prt 1

I know I'm a week late on part 1, sorry, I really don't have an excuse. By the way, through the course of the plot, not just part 1, but the whole thing, you'll see random bystanders named Kristen, Todd, Liam, Judy, Shawn, Lara, & a lot more, those are members of my family, I figured instead of just naming random people I'd just make them a member of my family, they don't play any important roles, they're just there for the heck of it.

Marvel vs DC

 *We open up to an American Express bank in Manhattan. A man in wearing an ivory green faded bridge coat with a matching Fedora hat. The man has brown hair, & blue eyes. He looks friendly & [Camera switches to a view of the bank teller woman] smiles at the bank teller.*

Bank teller:



Hello, how do you do...Lara is it?

*He this with a Scottish accent. Lara the bank teller smiles at the man.*

Lara the Bank teller:

I'm doing very well, how are you mister..?


James Mcavoy.

Lara the Bank teller:

Well Mr. Mcavoy, how can we help you today?

Mr. Mcavoy:

I'd like to make a withdrawal.

*He smiles pleasantly. And looks around the bank as we hear Lara go through some papers. [Camera switches to Lara]*


Ok... How much?

*[Camera switches back to Mr. Mcavoy] He looks around a bit & then turns back to Lara.*

Mr. Mcavoy:

Oh I don't know...Hold on, I wrote it down...

*Mr. Mcavoy goes through his jacket pockets & pulls out a small folded piece of paper.*

Mr. Mcavoy:

I'd like to withdrawal 143 billion dollars, thank you Lara.

*Edward Nigma aka the Riddler says this with an American accent & smiles sweetly as large men holding crowbars & shotguns & wearing black pants & green shirts with various riddles & equations on the back, come storming into the bank. [View switches to Lara who looks terrified as she goes to push the emergency lock down button. [View switches back to Riddler]*


Don't bother, we cut out everything but the lights in this place last night. Oh & don't bother trying to leave, my men are at every emergency exit this place, & yes, that includes the secret ones.

*Riddler smiles sweetly as one of his goons walks up wearing rubber gloves up to him & hands him his bo staff shaped like a question mark.*


Thank you very much, Einstein.

*Cut to scene of Peter Parker riding his skateboard past the bank. He stops as he sees people crowding around the outside of the bank. He takes out his earphones & walks over towards the crowd.*

Random New Yorker Ed:

It's a bank robbery! Someone call 911!

Random New Yorker Shawn:

Forget the police, where's Spider-Man?

Random New Yorker Todd:

Or Daredevil!! Where's he?!

*We hear these last two lines as Peter turns around & goes down a dark alley way. We see [In IMAX 3D view] Peter in his Spider-Man swing over the crowd & land on the front of the bank. Cut to [In IMAX 3D again] Peter crawling on the ceiling of the bank looking down at the Riddler & his goons carrying brief cases of what we assume is money out of the vault. Switch to Riddler striding past all the terrified bystanders. We see Lara crowded in a corner with other terrified people. Peter crawls down the side of the wall as the Riddler stops in front of Lara & looks down at her.*


What else do you want?!


I just though I'd tell you, my name isn't James. It's the Riddler.

*Right after Riddler says this, Peter web-grabs his money-filled brief case & yanks it away from him. [View switches to Peter on the wall]*


That, is not yours. Didn't your mother ever teach you not to take things that don't belong to you?

[View switches back to Riddler]


What the..?

*[view switches to Peter] Peter then web-grabs & yanks away Riddler's fedora & puts it on.*


How do I look? You know, I think I'll keep this. It's really cool of you to give this to me. Thank you so much for this, man, really appreciate it.

*[View switches back to Riddler]*


What are doing? Shoot him off the wall! Throw a crowbar at him! Stop him! Now!

*Riddler yells at his goons furiously. We see the goons start shooting at Peter, missing. [IMAX 3D] Peter swings over the goons web-grabbing their weapons as he swings. Riddler rolls his eyes. And yanks Lara up from the ground.*


If you want something down right, do it yourself. Hey Spider-Man! I'm gonna give 3.14 seconds to give me back my case & scram or I give "Lara" a face lift!

*Peter web-grabs Riddler's bo staff & yanks it away.*


And how will you do that, with out your--AHHHHHHHH!

*As soon as the bo staff reaches Peter's hand, the bo staff courses with electricity. Frying Peter's web shooters. Peter falls to the ground. [View switches to Peter's point of view. We see Riddler kneel over Peter.]*


The staff only responds to my DNA, if it doesn't match, it electrifies it's self.

*[We see & hear this line from Daredevil's super sense, Daredevil is lurking in the shadows about 20 feet from Peter] We switch to a close up of the Riddler leaning over Peter.*


Hm. I wonder who's behind the mas--OOF!

*As Riddler reaches for Peter's mask, he is hit in back of the head with a billy club. Daredevil helps Peter up.*


Thanks for coming in such of hurry. Remind me to never put you in my emergency contact list. And why where you just lurkin' the corners instead of helping me?!

*NYPD come storming into the bank. Peter & Daredevil quickly disappear from the *

Police officer 1:

Police! Freeze!

*They put the Riddler in hand-cuffs & took him off to the police car as the rounded up his thugs.*

*Meanwhile on another Earth, we open up to a crowded city block police officers are surrounding a bank, we see Iris Allen reporting the news.*

Iris Allen:

This morning Central City police got a call about a break in at Central City Bank, it is unclear what exactly did cause the brea-

*Iris Allen's report is interrupted by Venom/Eddie Brock [in IMAX 3D view] tackling a bank guard threw the bank wall. Iris runs for safety as people start screaming & running in different directions. Camera moves to a [Again in IMAX 3D] shot of the Flash/Barry Allen zooming towards Venom. We see from Flash's point of view running towards Venom. Switch to Venom point of view [IMAX 3D] flinging Flash away with his arm. We see Flash falling threw the air. [IMAX 3D] Kid Flash/Wally West zooms underneath him & creates a small funnel cloud to catch Flash's fall.*

Wally West:

I though I was the sidekick. You just let that guy cream you!

Barry Allen:

Then why don't you take a shot at him?


Watch & learn old man.

*Kid Flash smirks as he pulls on his speed resistant goggles & [IMAX 3D] zooms towards Venom. Kid Flash attempts to leap-frog over Venom. We see Venom's symbiot suit latch onto Kid Flash's hands.*


What the--

*Venom grabs Kid Flash's goggles & throws him across the street. [IMAX 3D] Wally slams into a car slides to the ground.*


Told you.


Shut up...

*We see more people scream & run in different directions. Venom picks a chunk of the wall and lifts it over his head to throw it at Flash & Kid Flash. Police officers take out their gun & start shooting at Venom from behind. Venom drops the chunk of wall & spins around to face the officers, the officers continue shooting at Venom at point blank range with little affect on Venom. We see Kid Flash stand up & the two speedsters run towards Venom.*


We're not gonna be able to stop him alone. Call in backup.

Flash puts two fingers to his ear.


Hal, we're at Central City Bank & I think we got one of yours.

Green Lantern/Hal Jordan [through ear piece]

On it.

*The speedsters stop behind Venom, Kid Flash stops noticeably less gracefully.*


Hey Kid, you got any ideas?



*We see KidFlash zoom off to the car he slammed into, he lifts up the hood & starts building something out of the engine [Note:We can't see what he's building do to the speed he's building it at.] We switch to a view of Flash trying as hard as he can to distract Venom as well as moving people out of Venom's path. Switch back to KidFlash zooming to a stop behind Venom, holding what resembles a flame thrower made from parts of the car.*


Hey Na'vi!

*Wally press a button on the flame thrower [IMAX 3D] & unleashes flames onto Venom. Venom screeches & pain. The flame thrower's flames dwindle & stop. Venom turns around to face Kid Flash. Kid Flash tences & gets ready to bolt at the first sign of danger.*

Eddie Brock:

You wanna play rough with us? Ok let's play rough!

*[Note Venom refers to himself as two people do to the symbiote being it's own separate person from it's host, in this case Eddie Brock] Suddenly Green Lantern scoops Venom up into a green ball & shakes it around rapidly. Venoom sits up in the ball.*


You still can't stop us...

*Green Lantern shakes the ball again, knocking Venom out. Green Lantern lands next to Flash & Kid Flash.*


Nice, flame thrower. And was that an Avatar reference?




Yes that's all very nice, but where's beautiful from?

*During the dialog above, we see behind them the owner of the car Kid Flash used to make the Flamer Thrower scream "Come on!" and kick a piece of his now broken fender.*


Can't your ring scan him?


Yeah. Ring, scan him.*

*[Note:Hal's ring can scan people, places, & things that are in the Oa database.] Green Lantern 's ring scans for information. [IMAX 3D] We see from Venom's point of view. Switch to Green Lantern's point of view looking down at ring.*


Name Edward Charles Brock. Age 29. Weight 217 pounds. Height 5'9. Host of alien symbiote code named Venom.


What sector are they from?


Sector 6414, Planet Earth.

*We see the three heroes frown at each other.*


Wait, I though there were only 3,600 sectors? Did the Universe double over night?


There are only 3,600 sectors. Ring, recalculate that.



Name Edward Charles Brock. Age 29. Weight 217.5 pounds. Height 5'9. Host of alien symbiote code named Venom. From sector 6414, Planet Earth.

*We move to scene of the S.H.E.I.L.D Helicarrier. [IMAX 3D] Nick Fury stands at the front of the ship looking out at the sky. Maria Hill walks up behind him.*

Maria Hill:

Sir, Pym was right, the sitution he warned us about, it's happening.

*Nick frowns & turns towards Hill.*


Get me Stark & Banner, I'll find Parker.

So that is part 1! It's 9 pages long on WordPad which is what I originly typed it on & just copied & pasted it to this, sorry if there are any spelling/grammar mistakes, WordPad doesn't have spellcheck so I had to spellcheck on Gmail. Incase your wondering, Lara the bank teller is named after my Aunt Lara, Random New Yorker Todd is my Dad, Random New Yorker Shawn is my Uncle aka Uncle Shakka, & Random New Yorker Ed is my Grandpa. Also, you may have noticed that at the beginning, Riddler goes by the alias James Mcavoy the Scottish guy, well James Mcavoy is the actor I have playing Riddler in my Marvel vs DC fan cast, & yes James Mcavoy is Scottish, I just thought it was sorta a funny idea to have Riddler play the actor playing him in the opening scene. Lastly, the bank that Riddler attempts to rob is a real bank in New York, infact it's the 9th largest in New York city, I googled large banks in New York city & this came up, I don't live in New York so I wouldn't know. Have a MARVELous day!!
--Summer T.
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