Marvelites vs. Nolanites: An unbiased and objective viewpoint.

I composed this article several months back, but in light of recent bickering, I felt that it might be a good time to re-submit it for everyone to digest.

So, I'm up late reading some of the comments on a new article, and for the umpteenth time, I find that I'm deeply entrenched in a "Marvelite" vs. "Nolanite" debate, which is just getting dumb. As such, I've decided to throw my opinion in, (which I'm not usually compelled to do,) in the hopes that I may be able to bring enough people to see reason, so that being on this site, and, specifically, reading the comments section, becomes enjoyable again.

I'll start by stating that, I am a Marvel fan, through and through. On the whole, I've found the characters in Marvel's camp to be much more fascinating than those created by DC, even though I've questioned where the comics have gone, and are going, on numerous occasions. Let it be stated, for the record, that anyone in need of labeling me, may as well label me a "Marvelite". I, for one, have no use for labels, but I'll put myself out there so that everyone knows where I stand.

That being said, I want to point out the absolute absurdity of "Marvelites" warring with "Nolanites". Here's why;
Nolan has helmed three movies for DC, all of which focus on one primary hero; Batman. For anyone in the Marvel camp to verbally go to war with a "Nolanite", is to automatically admit defeat. How so, you may ask? Well, as a Marvel fan/"Marvelite", you are throwing the entire Marvel universe up against ONE SINGLE HERO!!! You are basically arguing the merits of an entire comic company against one lone character. In that argument, I'm sorry to say, but Batman gets the instant win. I mean, if you are realistically pitting one lone vigilante against the entire Marvel Universe, and you have to argue that one is better than the other, you are actually giving merit to the Batman/DC fans and the so called "Nolanites". There. I've said it. As Marvel fans, we lose.

Now, I'm not completely playing the Devil's Advocate here. As the headline states, this is an unbiased and objective editorial, and as such, I do have something to contribute to the other side of this little debate that's been raging for so long. To all of you "Nolanites" out there, I say this; You only have three great films to cheer about. If you are, indeed, a "Nolanite", the name itself implies that your comic book movie arguments are officially over. Unless Nolan goes back on his word, and continues making these films, (which I personally do not believe that he will,) then you are all left without a cause, and you will be arguing the merits of the Batman trilogy for the next decade, which will cease to hold water very, very quickly. To those of you who are not actually "Nolanites", but simply fans of DC/Batman, Marvel has the undisputed edge in terms of comic book movies. They may not all be gems, but they have become more mainstream, and thus, more successful. DC needs to get their arses in gear if they hope to become a player on the CBM scene. Until such time as that happens, Marvel realistically reigns over the CBM genre.

None of what I've stated is meant to attack, or defend, any one camp. Instead, I write this to illuminate the utter absurdity of continuing with the name calling and pointless ridiculousness that has become the comments section of anything and everything Marvel/DC related. As so many of you have already stated, we all win. The fact that these movies are being held in such high regard, by the mainstream, as well as the critics, just means that our geekness has been completely and utterly validated. What we've all known for years, that comic books are one of the most interesting and entertaining forms of media and escapism, has officially been embraced by the rest of the world. Let's all revel in the glory that is our new kingdom. The world is OUR playground now, and as one user put it, this is our Woodstock. Be grateful to be alive in this wonderful era of comic book movies, especially in the wake of the recent Colorado tragedy. Those poor fans will never see another CBM, and we should always try to remember that. Think of those people when you go to see Iron Man 3, or Man of Steel, and count your blessings that you get to be there to enjoy it.

There's absolutely nothing wrong with a good debate about which company or character is better, but let's try to do so with a higher level of decorum than what has been demonstrated as of late. Let's argue in a more civil manner, if and when possible, and try to disregard those who are trolling. Above all else, let's just strive to continually have fun with this. After all, that's ultimately what it's all about.

Eagerly awaiting Marvel's phase 2, as well as Man of Steel. Let's hope that we continue to enjoy CBM success for many years to come.

Peace, ya'll.
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