Marvel's Cinematic Universe Presents: Invaders Fan Cast

Marvel's Cinematic Universe Presents: Invaders Fan Cast

I fan cast all the Invaders, including a couple of characters that can add to the Invaders and this fan cast follows the Marvel Cinematic Universe this may include some spoilers so if you haven't seen Captain America: The First Avenger I caution you. This is just the fan cast to my fan made Invaders film and look out for the plot/synopsis soon.

Chris Evans as Captain America/Steve Rogers

Even though technically Cap couldn't be in an Invaders movie, he still was an Invader. Chris Evans is certainly at his best when he plays these comic book roles and I really couldn't imagine anyone else playing this role; he was spot on

Sebastian Stan as James Buchanan Barnes/Bucky

We really don't know if Bucky died, we all want to see Winter Soldier return, but I don't think he would return in an Invaders movie, well not in my Invaders movie. Sebastian Stan was the bad ass Bucky that we needed in Cap, because Winter Soldier is a bad ass

JJ Field as James Montgomery Falsworth/Union Jack

A great role in the film and it really could expand out in an Invaders film since he was both a member of the Invaders and Howling Commandos.

Will Smith as Isaiah Bradley/The Black Captain America

Isaiah was among many of the African-American soldiers, experimented on for the second super soldier serum. Now before anybody goes crazy, I know Isaiah wasn't an Invader, but in comic book movies things do get kind of changed, now since Cap will have already been in the future by now someone needs to be Captain America in his place, now there are 2 other Captain Americas that were Invaders that can take his place but I would rather have Isaiah so that it could set up for Patriot in a possible Young Avengers or Avengers film, just so it could really expand the universe more. Will is an A-List actor which is understood, but when I think Isaiah Bradley I think Will Smith.

Jake Muxworthy as Mark Antony Todd/The Blazing Skull

The Blazing Skull was a freelance reporter who was given a burning mask by the Skull-Men. Like with Ghost Rider, it's really not about the actor, of course in Johnny Blaze's case the actor playing him should just stop, but often times a smaller named actor can do a very exceptional performance also, with some great CGI.

Jewel Staite as Louise Grant Mason/The Blonde Phanotm

Louise was a secretary who was an ally of the Invaders. Big named actors are not always needed, The Blonde Phantom is insanely beautiful and I believe Jewel has the acting ability to go in depth of the character.

Justin Chatwin as Fred Davis Jr./Bucky

Fred Davis Jr. was asked by Truman to "be" Bucky when he went M.I.A. Justin Chatwin was my first choice for Bucky but until Sebastian Stan came into play, I stopped and thought Justin could play Fred Davis, but would have to out bad ass Sebastian.

Peter Krause as Jeffery Mace/Patriot aka Captain America

Jeffery became Captain America after seeing him in action. Peter Krause is perfect for many roles, but I believe he best fits this role perfectly.

Ed Harris as William Nasland/Spirit of '76 aka Captain America

Nasland was recruited by Truman to be Captain America when Steve and Bucky were M.I.A. If you ever watch A History Of Violence you would see that Ed is a bad ass.

Scott Caan as Peter Noble/The Fin

The Fin discovered his abilities when as a navy officer his ship sank but he didn't drown. Scott Caan was great in The Ocean's trilogy and he deserves a CBM role.

Kenny Johnson as Louis Sadler/Major Mapleleaf

Major Mapleleaf was subject to genetic experiments that became a Canadian superhero. Kenny Johnson was my first choice for Major Mapleleaf after watching The Shield

Amy Smart as Madeline Royce Frank/Miss America

Madeline got her powers from tampering with a device which in time was struck by lightning. When I thought of Miss America all I could see was Amy Smart, she is very underrated in my opinion.

Tanja Reichert as Elizabeth Barstow/Silver Scorpion

Elizabeth was a secretary who wore her costume to take down small time crooks and soon became an Invader. Tanja is a very small named actress, but her work in a big time role would be great.

Holly Valance as Invader-One/Tara

Tara was designed by The Red Skull to infiltrate the Invaders and be used against them. Holly Valance is rising and she has a lot to offer with her role.

Neil Jackson as Bruce Dickson/The Thin Man

The Thin Man was a doctor who longed to explore the Himalayas and it was there a secret tribe exposed him to a mysterious substance giving him all of their abilities. Neil looks a lot like The Thin Man.

Ben Barnes as Brian Falsworth/Union Jack

The son of the original Union Jack joined the Invaders with his sister. Ben Barnes was pretty good in Dorian Gray (don't watch it, its weak), but he has talent.

Jensen Ackles as John F. Walker/U.S. Agent

Another person who donned a Captain America identity, U.S. Agent called Caps ideals outdated. Jensen Ackles is the U.S. Agent to Chris Evans' Captain America.

Charlie Hunnam as Robert Frank/Whizzer

Robert was bitten by a cobra and injected with mongoose blood and acquire superhuman speed, he is also the husband of Miss America. There are so many roles perfect for Charlie, but the role of Whizzer would be owned by him.

Ryan Kwanten as Jim Hammond/The Original Human Torch

Jim Hammond is an android created by an famous scientist, who combusts into flame when exposed to oxygen. With the cameo of Jim Hammond in Captain America: The First Avenger, it leaves us to ask one of the three questions, is it just a onetime thing? Will there be an Invaders film? Could we see The Original Human Torch in future Marvel Cinematic Films? I cast Ryan because he just has that Human Torch persona to him.

Matt Long as Thomas Raymond/Toro

The sidekick of The Original Human Torch was recruited and found by Jim. Some of us might notice Matt played a young Johnny Blaze, well disregard that, Sebastian Stan certainly played a bad ass and Matt can pull it off in my opinion with Toro

David Boreanaz as Namor The Sub-Mariner

Namor and The Invaders banded together when Nazi's attacked his home of Atlantis. Boreanaz has been my only choice for Namor since I started watching Angel, top choice in my opinion.

Dianna Agron as Lady Jacqueline Falsworth Crichton/Spifire

Spitfire joined The Invaders with her brother Union Jack/Brian Falsworth. Diana is a beautiful actress who has a great resemblance to Spitfire.

James Murray as Joseph Chapman/Union Jack

Joseph Chapaman donned the Union Jack costume to help Captain America battle Baron Blood. James Murray like the other Union Jack's is from England and would understand the dynamics of this character.

Patrick Kilpatrick as Aarkus/The Vision

The Vision is a law enforcement officer from a dimension called the Smoke world. This was a tough choice kind of like casting Dr. Manhattan but this is definitely the right choice.
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