MCU X-Men fan cast

X-Men fan cast...

So lets say Marvel got the rights back & they added th rebooted & added X-Men to the MCU.

James Bo--Timothy Dalton as Professor X. Strange choice, I know a lot cast him as Magneto. But I feel he suits Professor X better, it's hard to replace Patrick Stewert but I know Timothy Dalton can.
Others I considered: Ralph Fiennse, Colm Feore

Jake Gyllenhaal as Cyclops/ Scott Summers. I'm trying to go for a older then first class but still younger cast, Jake is 31 & looks like Scott. I only remember seeing him in Source Code but in that he should how talented he is & I think he could play Scott without making him a jerk.
Others I considered: Chris Pine

Amanda Righetti as Jean Grey/Marvel Girl/Pheonix. I saw someone cast this & while I LOOVED Famke(?) Jensen it's a reboot. I'v only seen her in the Mentalist, she's a pretty good actress & looks like her.
Others I considered: Bryce Dallas Howard

Alex Pettyfer as Angel/ Warren Worthington III. This is the only cast member they maybe a bit too young for the age ranger I'm going for but I don't care he fits the bill of a young blonde jerky billionaire.
Others I considered: Teddy Sears

Joshua Jackson as Beast/ Hank Mccoy. Not a very original choice but he's a great actor, he comes off as smart, he sorta looks like Hank, & I have no one else to cast...
Others I considered: None

Jamie Bell as Iceman/Bobby Drake. Again not very original. Jamie is young he's funny & sorta looks like Bobby. The one thing I worried about when casting him was his accent but after watching Man on a Ledge I discovered he can do an American accent awesomly, you'd never know he wasn't American.
Others I considered: Colin Ford, Jake Abel, Hunter Perrish

Matt Barr as Havok/ Alex Summers. I had a lot of trouble casting Alex. I wanted to find someone who resembled Havok & Jake. I considered a lot of random people, then I stumbled on to Matt who looks like Havok AND could pass for Jake's younger brother, Matt's even 3 years younger then Jake which is a believable gap between Havok & Cyclops.
Others I considered: None

Teresa Palmer as Polaris/Lorna Dane. A bit overused pick, but I honestly didn't like any of the other picks I saw for her. I do know she's a good actress, I loved her in I am number 4, she has blonde hair like Jennifer Lawerance, & sorta looks like Liam Neeson a bit.
Others I considered: Dianna Agron

Marsha Thomason as Storm/Ororo Munroe. I wanted to pick someone other than Zoe Saladane. I'v only seen Marsha in Disney's the Haunted Mansion, & she was pretty good in that. I think she would have a strongness about her while fighting & an almost motherly feel around the students.
Others I considered: Zoe Saladane

Tom Hardy as Wolverine/Logan. Popular choice. I wasn't really confident untill I saw the Dark Knight Rises. I feel I don't really have to explain this much more...
Others I considered: Adam Baldwin


Adam Baldwin as Wolverine/Logan. I have two choices for Logan because I couldn't decide on one actor. Anyway I have been a huge fan of this guy since I saw him on Chuck, & that's what made me pick him as Logan. He's a bit tall, but hight isn't a huge issue for me if the actor fits really well.
Others I considered: Tom Hardy

Elijah Wood as Nightcrawler/Kurt Wagner. I wanted to pick someone a little strange for a character that's a little strange. Kurt is short & so is Elijah. Also Elijah was raised Catholic I believe & Nightwcrawler is Christian so I guess that fits, sorta.

Liam Neeson as Magneto/Erik Lehnshr. Another popular choice but I see why. After seeing him as Ra's in BB a little while ago convinced me of how well he would fit this role! Also, I can see him & Dalton as being frienemie type thing.
Others I considered: Timothy Dalton, Clive Owen, Jason Issac

Tom Felton as Quicksilver/Piatro Maximoff. He already played a sorta-villian kid with daddy issues in Harry Potter & he looks a lot like him.
Other's I considered: None

Jennifer Lawerance as Scarlett Witch/Wanda Maximoff. My only expirence with this character was her in X-Men: Evolution & flipping through comics at Borders (RIP) & Barnes & Nobles. From what I'v seen she's a bit crazy, after seeing Jennifer's performance in the Hunger Games I'm convinced she could play a slighty disturbed child of Magneto.

So the way I might tie in X-Men to MCU is if at some point Beast mentioned his friend Hank Pym, or if in Cap in Cpt. America 2 while putting his life together he went to visit Logan who he met during the prison break thing (where he found Bucky & met Red Skull)

I know I'm missing some characters but I didn't know who to cast for Mystique (Open to suggestions on her btw!) but these are just the basics that would be introduced into the MCU. So please comment! Tell me if you have any good suggestions for Mystique & if you see typos!
May GOD Bless you & your MARVELous day!!!!
-- Summer
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