Metal Gear Solid Fancast

Metal Gear Solid Fancast

My Take on Hideo Kojima's masterpiece

The Metal Gear Series is my favorite Video Game francise with MGS1 and Snake Eater being the best entries in the series. While I would love to see it done using photorealistic animation like Final Fantasy: Spirits Within in order to keep the respective voice actors, especially David Hayter, in their roles I know its not possible. So this would be my take on a live action adaption of the original PSOne Classic.

Solid Snake

Christian Bale

As Seen In:
The Prestige
American Psycho
3:10 to Yuma

I know this might seem like a pretty generic pick but he has been rumored to have been in the running to play Snake, as well as being a fan of the games and after seeing that manip of him, I say he'll do great under that bandanna.

Liquid Snake

Toby Stephens

As Seen In:
Die Another Day

I'm aware that the Snakes are twins but I couldnt see that working on screen. I thought he was a great villian in Die Another Day.

Revolver Ocelot

Gary Oldman

As Seen In:
Harry Potter
Air Force One

Gary Oldman is a fantastic actor and is different in each one of his roles so I can see him bringing alot of depth to Ocelot. Plus its been awhile since he's been in a villainous role.

Colonel Roy Campbell

Martin Sheen

As Seen In:
Apocalypse Now
The West Wing
The Amazing Spider-Man

He's played countless Military officers throughout his career so the Colonel should be fairly easy for him.

Meryl Silverburgh

Evan Rachel Wood

As seen In:
Across the Universe
The Wrestler
True Blood

She's only 23 but has brought such great performances in most of her roles not to mention she's a natural redhead and is very attractive like Meryl.

Hal Emmerich "Otacon"

Justin Bartha

AS Seen In:
National Treasure
The Hangover

Justin has always played the sidekick, as seen in National Treasure and The Hangover and is always the sense of comic relief which is perfect for Otacon.

Naomi Hunter

Rachel Weisz

As Seen In:
The Mummy
The Constant Gardner

She looks alot like Naomi in my opinion and I've enjoyed her in almost role I've seen her in.

Sniper Wolf

Charlize Theron

As Seen In:
The Devil's Advocate
The Italian Job
Aeon Flux

Sniper Wolf is the sexiest MGS girl behind EVA and Charlize is one of the most beautiful and talented actresses in the business today. She has a wide range in her portrayals and I believe she would bring a killer performance as Sniper Wolf.

Frank Jaeger "Gray Fox"

Ray Park

As Seen In:
Star Wars
GI Joe

Since the character spends almost all his screentime in a mask, I thought a big name actor wouldnt be necessary. Ray is known for his martial arts skills and with Gray Fox being a very physical character, who better to portray him than Snake Eyes himself?

Psycho Mantis

Doug Jones

As Seen In:
Pan's Labyrinth
F4: Rise of the Silver Surfer

Like Gray Fox, Mantis spends all his screen time under a mask so a bigname actor wasnt needed. Jones is known for his prosthetic roles and is just the right height, build and weight to play Mantis. Plus I get a creepy vibe off him...

Anyways I couldnt find anyone for the rest of the characters such as Raven, Mei Ling, Donald Anderson and etc. so if you've got any ideas sound off below.

Also I found these fake MGS posters done by Fine Line Kreative and I thought they were amazing:

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