"Metallix: The Animated Series"

"Metallix: The Animated Series"

A fancast for a cartoon based on the short-lived Future Comics series.

In 2002, comic book veterans Bob Layton and Dick Giordano, disillusioned by the state of comic books since the 90's, banded together to form the company known as Future Comics, whose goals were to produce comic book material "for the average Joe", and circumvent the "callous" treatment retailers were experiencing at the hands of Diamond Distributors by selling directly to retailers and readers alike via the internet. (For more info: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Future_Comics.) Among the new titles they launched (which included "Freemind" and "Deathmask"), one of them was known as "Metallix", written by David Michelinie, pencilled by Ron Lim, and inked by Layton himself.

Billed as comicdom's first 'tag-team superhero', "Metallix" tells the story of a special unit known as Team Metallix, industrial troubleshooters who work for the R&D firm Redstone Research, owned by one Owen Parrish. The team consists of leader Gil Sanderson, a former colonel in the army; Aidan O'Connor, a pilot and tournament-level martial artist; 'Blue' Hill, a woman with abnormally acute senses; and Seth Wong, a geologist, Olympic-level gymnast and self-avowed pacifist.

The team is named for the tool they use on all their missions: Metal-X, a nanite-based smart metal programmed for virtually any function, typically used by the team as a "liquid" suit of armor. They rotate users on each mission, making each member of the team almost-invulnerable for whatever is required. Early on, the team is opposed by Dr. Maxwell Krome, the scientist who developed the Metal-X formula in the first place. He had been fired from Redstone when it was discovered that he intended to arm the metal with weapons systems, and make a deal with Arthur Rathrock, the CEO of a rival company, and somehow duplicates the formula and uses it on himself, turning him into a metallic being.

The comic lasted as long as the company, which folded in 2004. Only 7 issues (#0 being the first of six) were published and released. Turns out they had a few story ideas for the title, as evidenced by this little piece from Michelinie: http://www.boblayton.com/Archive/July%2005/july05editorial.htm

I found issue #1 (need to look for #0) at a used book shop a couple months ago, and I actually found it to be a fun issue, and now want to collect the whole series. I also think it would be a decent animated series, with as much appeal among almost everyone as Batman: The Animated Series and X-Men: The Animated Series had. So here's how a cartoon based on Metallix would work:
-It would air on G4, SyFy, and the Hub.
-Art/animation style based on Lim's designs.
-Scripts by a collaboration of Michelinie and Paul Dini.
-Some of the 'kills' treated in the same manner as BTAS.

And here's my choice of a voice cast for this production:

Dennis Quaid as the voice of Gil Sanderson

I picked Quaid for a number of reasons, among them being A) I think Lim visually based Sanderson on Quaid, B) Quaid was pretty good as General Hawk in the G.I. Joe movie from 2009, and C) Quaid's doing television right now, so I don't think voiceover would be out of reach.

Justin Hartley as the voice of Aidan O'Connor

Hartley made his mark on comicdom in other media thanks to his recurring role on Smallville, so I think for once he ought to be a supporting player in something not-the-Big-Two, and this character seemed like a good fit.

Summer Glau as the voice of 'Blue' Hill

I picked Glau as I think she would be a fine voice for this character, since it's more "down-to-earth" than her more famous "not-of-this-Earth" roles (Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Firefly).

Andrew Kishino as the voice of Seth Wong

Kishino's a pro voice actor who I think would be great voicing Seth, I could see him portraying the guy similar to how Lifeline on the old G.I. Joe cartoon was done (though not as 'wimpy-pacifist' as that take).

Louis Gossett, Jr. as the voice of Owen Parrish

(Okay, apparently it's too hard to find a decent picture of Lou Gossett, Jr., so I give up, for once.)
Gossett's a pretty good actor in most things he's done, and for this role I was inspired by his vocal portrayal of Lucius Fox on "The Batman", so it wouldn't be a stretch to play someone like Parrish.

Josh Keaton as the voice of Stu, Parrish's assistant

I thought Keaton would be fine in a role where for once it isn't a teenager, super-powered or not. And Stu seems like a really nice guy, if a bit nervous now and then.

Matthew Perry as the voice of Dr. Maxwell Krome

I think Perry could pull off a decent bad guy--he's been getting into some level of drama lately, as that new show he's on ("Go On...") proves.

And that is our cast! Bob Layton's coming to the comic convention in my neck of the woods (here's hoping David Michelinie and Ron Lim get announced), so hopefully I can get the issue I have signed. I'd like to ask him more about the comic, now that I think about it...Anyway, for taking the time to view this--ladies and gentlemen, M:
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