Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers Fancast

Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers Fancast

Taking a little break from our usual fancasts, jacobcitybros are delivering a little nostalgia to the followers who grew up with the super-powered, Angel Grove teenagers of the 90’s.

Mixing things up a little, jacobcitybros took a look at what could possibly happen if Hollywood ever ignited the production of a Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers film again. But because we’re overachievers, and for your viewing pleasure, we’ve provided two video samples (scores) we think Hollywood would mostly likely adapt for the film: DUBSTEPS.

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dmb1511: Both songs were wonderful pieces but my choice was Carbon by VNV Nation. It sounds like a journey. With destruction in the partakers’ way, will they stand or fall? I thought it the perfect theme due to the light use of synth and distortion.

bigshow2312: Without a doubt, I know that Saban would go the Michael Bay-Transformers route in bringing in some futuristic techno beats for the trailer or during the film. In my opinion, this makes for a great film score.

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  • Josh Trank- Director

    dmb1511: I selected Josh Trank because the Power Rangers are a team. Trank directed chronicle in an odd-world manner. Chronicle was factual. There was no doubt in my mind when watching his film that if given the money and material a Ranger film could prosper with a strong PG-13 rating. His tone is dark, his scenes are intensified. It's just obscure enough to remain convincing.
    bigshow2312: Unlike the original series, I think the characters should be age mates in college. We could give audiences a needed break from the norm and also flesh out certain personality traits of each member (Billy-Science Major… Kimberly-Fashion Design etc.). Aesthetics, film wise, it’ll be cool to have the Star Trek lens flare here and there or those 360 spinning shots (Michael Bay style).
    Do you remember how each character from the original series got along with each other? Well, I wouldn’t mind viewing certain conflicts and disputes amongst the team (like The Avengers). This would illustrate how each Ranger is exceptionally from different cultures and how they have to adjust to one-another in order save the universe.

    Fun Concept Art

    bigshow2312: Below are a few designs that may or may not be used. But I have to ask you guys, how cool would it be to see each Ranger have their own Heads-Up Display

    dmb1511: This was the most complex art that I had to form the power rangers have a very distinct look but the only thing I did not see in the original series’ is its alienability. The suits were way too generic. I love complex, the thing was how to keep it complex, not odd and silly.









    Eriko Tamura – Rita Repulsa
    Eriko Tamura- Rita Repulsa

    James Marsters – Goldar
    James Marsters- Goldar

    Richard Roxburgh – Baboo
    Richard Roxburgh- Baboo

    Jason Flemyng – Finister
    Jason Flemyn- Finster

    Shuler Hensley – Squatt
    Shuler Hensley- Squatt

    dmb1511: Shuler Hensley is one of those actors that made you feel sorry for the character he portrayed. When we envision this project we see a darker version of a childhood memory. We don’t want Squatt to be a dimmer version of Sully from monster’s inc. we see him as nothing but an evil henchman working for his Darker Queen Rita Repulsa.

    Colm Feore – Lord Zedd
    Colm Feoreas- Zedd

    dmb1511: I enjoyed Colm Feore in Thor and In Riddick. I watched both films nights apart and never knew who he was. What I did know was that he was one of the most powerful and villainous actors that I had ever seen. One thing I noticed was that he was only in each film for a matter of minutes and underutilized. He has everything we need for Lord Zedd.

    Clark Duke & Evan Peters – Bulk & Skull
    Clarke Duke Evan Peters- Bulk Skull

    Shia LaBeouf as Tommy Oliver
    Shia LaBeouf- Green

    bigshow2312: Shia has really upheld himself to be a serious actor. You can crack your jokes about his Witwicky performance, but as far portraying Tommy, I would want that gallant and persistent Shia that I saw in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull…. but of course without the cheesy dialogue.

    Aldis Hodge - Zack Taylor…”Brave & Clever”
    Aldis Hodge- Black

    bigshow2312: The Black Panther candidate came to mind because of his relevance. Furthermore, I was certainly surprised to hear that he has a parkour and martial arts background, which makes his job easier in this film. I would allow him to create his own Zack (i.e. Mark Ruffalo versus Ed Norton) that wouldn’t require him break dance before every fight.

    Emmy Rossum - Kimberly Ann Hart…”Graceful & Smart”
    Emmy Rossum- Pink

    bigshow2312: For the role of Kimberly, we needed an actress that could play a certain sassy, emotional and somewhat of a valley girl that wouldn’t mind being physical.

    Alex Meraz - Jason Lee Scott…”Bold & Powerful”
    Alex Meraz - Red

    dmb1511: Admittedly I regretfully watched the twilight series and created memes about Kristin Stewart’s unwavering facial expressions and the only thing I received from the series was adversity. The reason other than his nationality that Alex Meraz was cast for was his tenacity in the films.

    Katie Leung - Trini Kwan…”Fearless & Agile”
    Katie Leung- Yellow

    dmb1511: Katie Leung was powerful in the Harry Potter series, and the one thing that is most appreciating of her presence in our fan proposal is that she doesn’t have one of those overbearing accents.

    Aaron Johnson - Billy Cranston…”Patient & Wise”
    AaronJ ohnson - Blue

    bigshow2312: Aaron Johnson’s performance in Kick-Ass really inspired this pick. We needed someone who could play the gentle geek by day but is a total B.A. by night (Savages).

    Linda Hunt – Alpha 5
    Linda Hunt- Alpha 5

    bigshow2312: We’ve seen many fan- picks that feature Alpha portrayed by a male. After revisiting the character in our VHS archive and pondering what gender should take on this role, we came to the conclusion that Linda Hunt would do justice for the Alpha 5 character.

    John Hurt - Zordon
    John Hurt- Zordon

    dmb1511: Zordon is a character that needs a must’ve tone. John Hurt can create this mysticism that will make Zordon the mind behind the muscle.

    RIP: Thuy Trang

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