Mortal Kombat Movie 2013 FanCast

Mortal Kombat Movie 2013 FanCast

Potential and possible list of actors and actresses to be in the next Mortal Kombat Film, big research on all characters from me. Need opinions and feedback!

So recently I finished re-watching the two Live Action Mortal Kombat adaptions from the 90's, as well as Mortal Kombat: Conquest TV series, and Kevin Tancharoen's 9 episode web series Mortal Kombat: Legacy. And it got me thinking, who should the new cast and crew be? But lately I've heard that New Line Cinema, the sister studio to Warner Bros., has hired Kevin Tancharoen to direct the new movie in 2013 - which is going to be a reboot of the series. It is announced that the filming of the movie will start casting around March 2012.
Anyway, I've been researching for quite some time looking up a lot of martial artist actors and actresses and made a Photoshop collage of the list who I think has the potential to play as the characters from the series. With that being said, I honestly think that I have found the "PERFECT" actors and actresses that really looks like and can act like them, which would be perfect for them to play as the characters in the MK series.

Note: I might include additional actors that will play the same role should any of them were to be chosen. Also, all of the Actors and Actresses I've included speaks English, multi-lingual, and for the most part a lot of them have Martial Arts experience. It is going to absolutely be a good opportunity for a lot of them to promote themselves in the film industry.

So anyway, if you guys can check out the Actors and Actresses on this list, I'd really appreciate it. I have done some major researching on this project and compared my matches to a lot of Mortal Kombat film fans, so hope to see what you guys think and make this happen :)
And honestly, I think this reboot will be a good, "more realistic take on the characters." from the articles I've read recently, and I look forward to a really bloody Mortal Kombat "R" rated film.

Hope to get the director and Warner Bros. to see my list as well. I've been up all this week and not getting enough of sleep 'cause I've been researching about this a lot. I mean, I don't want this next film to be as bad as the first two. I grew up with Mortal Kombat as a kid and I'm 21 now. So I'm really a big fan of the series and like me and a lot of the fans, we hope to see some good actors and actresses in the series.
So for all the time and effort of me for making all this is worth something, I hope they can consider all these actors and actresses to be closely accurate to the characters in the game.

Missing characters so far in later Mortal Kombat: Shinnok, Kenshi, Sheeva.

Correction: I think I might have to change Smoke. I realized he's not an Asian character, but not like it matters to me since he'll be playing as a ninja.

Update 11/09/2011: I made Gary Daniels play as Smoke. I think with his martial arts experience, he's the perfect Smoke and Smoke's character is a Caucasian man from Europe in Prague, Czech Rep. Also, I added Tahmoh Penikett as Stryker from MK: Legacy. I just realized that he was a former FBI agent in Battlestar Galactica, he still makes a good Stryker! In addition, I added Scott Adkins as a Stunt double for Scorpion for some of Scorpion's moves like the summersault.

Update 11/29/2011: Added a "Primary Pick" choice for some of the additional actors for character's role. Added Aleks Paunovic as Shao Kahn from Legacy, Lateef Crowder as my Primary Pick for Kai,and Jon Foo as Kenshi.

Update 12/04/2011: Updated pictures for Shang Tsung and Jade. Added Primary choice for both Young Shang Tsung and Old Shang Tsung.

Update 12/20/2011: Updated Jade replacement of Bingbing Li for Grace Park. Her dark skin tone matches Jade perfectly, and I think she would be really good as Jade!

Update 02/29/2012: Updated two replacements for Sindel. Added Marko Zaror for Nightwolf!

Update 12/2015: Fixed link pictures, CMB website seem to be douchebags and don't allow media pictures uploaded on their website anymore.

NOTE: Click the link on the picture to preview the full picture.

1. Shin Koyamada as Liu Kang

2. Mike Moh as Kung Lao

3. Andy On Chi-kit as Younger Sub-Zero/unmasked/Kuai Liang(奎良) (First Choice)

3. Lee Byung Hun as Younger Sub-Zero/unmasked/Kuai Liang(奎良)

4. Kevan Ohtsji as Elder Sub-Zero/Noob Saibot/Bi-Han (璧漢)

5. Scott Adkins for Scorpion 2 (First Choice)

5. Ian Anthony Dale as Scorpion (Second Choice)

6. Larry Lam as Rain

7. Kane Kosugi as Ermac

8. Gary Daniels as Smoke

9. Ray Park as Reptile

10. Scott Adkins as Baraka

11. Thomas Jane as Raiden (First Choice)

11. Mark Dacascos as Raiden (Second Choice)

11. Ken Watanabe as Raiden (Third Choice)

12. Katheryn Winnick as Sonya Blade

13. Matt Mullins as Johnny Cage

14. Michael Jai White as Jax Briggs

15. Roman Reigns as Nightwolf (First Choice)

15. Jason Momoa as Nightwolf (Second Choice)

15. Marko Zaror as Nightwolf (Third Choice)

16. Tahmoh Penikett as Stryker (First Pick)

16. John Cena as Stryker (Second Choice)

16. Mark Wahlberg as Stryker  (Third Choice)

17. Jason David Frank as Kabal

18. Jason Statham as Kano (First Choice)

18. Darren Shahlavi as Kano (R.I.P. January 2015, can no longer play him :()

19. Johnson Phan as Young Shang Tsung (First Choice)

19. Hiroyuki Sanada as Shang Tsung (Second Choice)

19. Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa as Old Shang Tsung(Primary pick for Old Shang Tsung)

20. Aleks Paunovic as Shao Kahn(Primary pick)

20. Vin Diesel as Shao Kahn

21. Natassia Malthe as Sindel(Primary pick)

21. Francoise Yip as Sindel

22. Celina Jade as Kitana

23. Maggie Q as Jade(Primary pick)

23. Grace Park as Jade

24. Zara Phythian as Mileena

25. Nathan Jones as Goro

26. Dwayne Johnson as Motaro

27. Shane Warren Jones as Cyrax

28. Peter Shinkoda as Sektor

29. Andy On as Quan Chi

30. Karl Urban as Reiko

31. Don Tai as Fujin

32. Lateef Crowder as Kai(Primary pick)

32. Brad James as Kai

32. Jon Foo as Kenshi

33. Roger Yuan as Shujinko

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