MR FREEZE: Victor Fries [bio]

MR FREEZE: Victor Fries [bio]

MR FREEZE: Victor Fries [bio]

"I'm MR FREEZE! Anyone can see that I'm Mr Freeze! What's the matter? Has everyone forgotten me already?''

Comic Book History

Mr. Freeze, is Dr. Victor Fries (pronounced as Freeze), a DC Comics supervillain, an enemy of Batman. Created by Bob Kane, he made his first appearance in Batman #121 (February 1959).
First Appearance

Originally called Mr. Zero, he was renamed and popularized by the 1960s Batman television series.

Dr. Victor Fries is an expert molecular biologist. As a child, freezing animals fascinate him. His parents, horrified by his "hobby", send him to a strict boarding school, where he is miserable, feeling detached from humanity. In college, he meets a woman named Nora, whom he falls in love with and ultimately marries.

Victor would later find out that Nora was terminally ill. Fries takes on a job working for a large company run by a ruthless Boss.

Fries discovers a way to put Nora into cryo-stasis, and places her in that state hoping to sustain her until a cure could be found. However, a physical struggle between Victor and his Boss, who is angered because of unauthorized use of company machine, led to Victor to crash into a table full of chemicals, which mutated him. Victor body temperature is lowered dramatically; he can now only live at subzero temperatures and is thus forced to wear a special refrigerating suit to stay alive. Thus born MR FREEZE.

As Mr. Freeze, he uses cryonic technology to create a gun, which fires a beam that freezes any target within its range.

The turn of events above, lead MR FREEZE to a life of crime, but always with the purpose of trying to save his wife. However, criminal activity in Gotham would sooner or later have you facing off with the Batman.

Eventually MR FREEZE would find a way to revive her wife and relieve her of her ailments by using the Al Ghul's Lazarus Pit. Unfortunately, for him the side effect of the process turned Nora Fries insane, which lead to further estrangement from her husband.

MR FREEZE continues his life of crime, and at times when the law captures him, he is sent to Arkham Asylum where he has a cell built specifically for his condition.


The Batman/Superman Hour
Mr. Freeze appeared in The Batman/Superman Hour episode "The Cruel, Cool Mr. Freeze"; Ted Knight voiced him.

The New Adventures of Batman
Mr. Freeze then appeared in The New Adventures of Batman episode "The Deep Freeze" voiced by Lennie Weinrib. The Filmation series changes his origin stating he was an alien who would die if exposed to any temperature hotter than -50 degrees Fahrenheit and that firearms from his planet are used as "freeze guns".

Batman: The Animated Series
Mr. Freeze appears in Batman: The Animated Series voiced by Michael Ansara. Mr. Freeze is introduced in the episode "Heart of Ice", which won an Emmy Award for Outstanding Writing in an Animated Program.

New Batman Adventures
In the New Batman Adventures, Mr. Freeze returns with a new, sleeker look, in which his head is mounted on four thin, robotic legs, and which crawl and lock into a suit.

Batman Beyond
In Batman Beyond, which is set 40 years in the future, reveals that the disembodied head of Victor Fries still is alive thanks to the cryogenics technology, which has granted him eternal life.

The Batman
Mr. Freeze appears in The Batman voiced by Clancy Brown. This version of the Mr. Freeze is a bank robber who is condemned to life in a cryogenic suit after an accident in a cryogenics lab while being chased by Batman.

Batman: The Brave and the Bold
Mr. Freeze appears in Batman: The Brave and the Bold voiced by John DiMaggio. He first appears in his Silver Age appearance of Mr. Zero.

Young Justice
Mr. Freeze appears in the Young Justice episode "Independence Day" voiced by Keith Szarabajka. Mr. Freeze terrorizes a park in Gotham City until he is distracted and weakened by Robin and taken down by Batman.

Superman/Batman: Public Enemies
Mr. Freeze appears in Superman/Batman: Public Enemies. He is seen with the "cold warriors" Icicle II, Killer Frost, and Captain Cold when they are among the villains trying to claim the bounty on Superman and Batman.


Several actors played the role of MR FREEZE in the 1960s Batman television series.
George Sanders
George Sanders played MR FREEZE in the first two-part appearance

Otto Preminger
in the second two-part appearance

Eli Wallach
In the third two-part appearance

Batman & Robin
Mr. Freeze appears in Batman & Robin played by Arnold Schwarzenegger. He serves as a main antagonist in the movie. The film features a largely campy interpretation of the character.

Note: Due to the nature of comicbooks being an on-going tale, the character's powers along with his appearance, is in a constant state of flux.

Decelerated Aging: MR FREEZE has been soaked in the serum he intended to use for cryo-preservation; his age progression has slowed drastically.

Genius-Level Intellect

Cryo-Suit: Wears a suit that keeps his body temperature below freezing. His refrigeration suit grants him Superhuman Strength & Superhuman Durability.

Cold Gun: He freezes areas around him using special weapons and equipment.

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