Mrcools Top 10 Tracks From Superhero Movie Scores.

Mrcools Top 10 Tracks From Superhero Movie Scores.

Well i did my top 5 of my favorite superhero themes, its time for me to go for individual tracks. You want to see what they are? Come take a look.

Well everybody, here we go, my favorite tracks from the scores of different superhero movies, keep in mind this is strictly opinion, so if you don't agree with me please put your favorites in the comments. You may not see as many themes on this list as you would think.

Honorable Mentions:

All Those Voices By John Ottman (Xmen Days Of Future Past)

Promises By James Horner (The Amazing Spider-Man )

Farewell By Danny Elfman (Spider-Man)

Saving New York By James Horner (The Amazing Spider-Man)
The Top 10:

10: Marshmallows/Safehouse Ambush By Henry Jackman (Kick Ass)

Yes, i know im cheating with this one, but i really love both of these tracks equally, both of these tracks at least to me have a sense of urgency, and have an amazing way of showing off the main theme of the film,especially in marshmallows. If you remember my last list you remember how much i adore the main theme to kick ass, In the context of the film they both show how serious things are finally getting for the main characters, how to Dave this isn't fun and games anymore. And hearing it always pumps me up when i watch the movie.

9. Power of the Sun By John Ottman (Superman Returns)

I know that this movie doesn't get a lot of love, and I'll even admit, the score for Superman Returns is pretty forgettable for the most part, but this track is one of my favorites due to it really being an inspiring piece, and to me at least even if the movie didn't the scene where superman was basking in the sun, with this song playing made me realise that this was superman, not an actor, but he actually was superman for that brief moment. Its a piece of the score that gave me a glimmer of hope that the movie would save itself, it didn't but it did give me hope, which is enough to make this list.

8. Cold War By Hans Zimmer (The Amazing Spider-Man 2)

This is just a track that gets me pumped up, its purpose in the movie is to do just that, get you excited during an action scene, and for the most part it works, especially the tracks where the theme to The Amazing Spider-Man 2 play. Sure, this may not be as deep as my other choices, but Dammit, this one is just a blast, i even go jogging to this one sometimes. The only reason this isn't higher is because it is a bit subdued. but tracks later down the line will fix that problem.

7. Transformation By Christopher Young (Spider-Man 3)
Yes, this is another case of a certain movies score not getting the attention i believe it deserves because of the quality of the movie, but i will say, Spider-Man 3 has a fantastic score, thanks to Christopher Young, and this is one of the prime examples as to why. His black suit theme is very fitting for the suit itself, being very menacing and dark compared to how lighthearted and fun the regular Spider-Man theme is. Hearing this theme in the movie when the black suit sneaks up on peter is just unsettling, which is how things should be for the black suit, you should be creeped out by it. And this theme does just that, lets hope we get something as good when the black suit is eventually redone.

6. A Really Big Web By Danny Elfman (Spider-Man 2)

This is another track that i do like for more simple reasons, i like it just cause its such a beautiful sounding track, i could see this being played at a wedding, its something thats nice and calm to help, and what i almost wish was Mary Jane and Peters love theme for the film, sadly we just get it in this one scene and nothing else, But i guess you could argue it makes it more of an impactful track. hearing something so nice, but only once.

5. Hit Girls Farewell By Henry Jackman and Matthew Margason (Kick Ass 2)

Yes this track does sound similar to Flying home from the last film, but i do feel it is a bit better, mainly for the reason that i feel it is a bit bigger then the last one, making me feel more into it when i hear it, and it has a bit of the theme in there to help push it over the edge, the ending to kick ass 2 may have confused me, but this song definitely helped me get pumped up and ready for that ending, feeling that they succeeded and everything that happened earlier in the film was not in vein.

4. I Need To Know By Hans Zimmer (The Amazing Spider-Man 2)
This is a track that i feel is good for 2 reasons, one it has a great sense of awe and wonder, mainly at the beginning, when peter is discovering the train that hides his fathers secrets, but the main reason i like it is for the sad and yet dark tune that plays from 2:15 onward. The track i have come to know as the Parker theme. Its a track that really gives a sense of danger and sadness, as we now finally figured out what happened to peters father, and all of the dark secrets oscorp holds, but the emotion of peters father of how he feels never being able to see his son again is in these notes, i can feel it every time i hear it. And when a track can make me feel that, its got to go on a list like this.

3. You're That Spider Guy By Hans Zimmer (The Amazing Spider-Man 2)

Yes i know, another track from The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Well this track is on here for a more similar reason I need to know. But the difference is it made me feel more then just sadness, I felt plenty of emotions, including happiness,and excitement. Its a track that i felt was great as it was, but nothing amazing for me, then the final part plays, that big bombastic rendition of the theme from the movie, remembering the image of Spider-Man going at the rhino, it was so great in the theater that me and the entire audience was cheering the first night i saw the film, i have never had that experience before or since. When a track can go from making you feel so sad to so happy like that, it is impactful enough to be considered a favorite.

2. Responsibility By James Horner (The Amazing Spider-Man)
This is what i would call the perfect theme for peter and gwen. The Perfect love theme. Listening to this track in the film along with peter and gwens dialouge i felt excactly what Gwen was feeling in that scene, worry for peter, but i also felt what peter did, that he can't ignore what is going on, and he has to do what he has to do to make things right, since it is his responsibility. This is another example of a track that i feel could be applied to a lot, this is another track i could see being played at a wedding, something to show how much two people care for each other. If a song on its own can still do that after all this time, it is definitly a gem in my book.

1. Sandman Confesses By Christopher Young (Spider-Man 3)
Tracks tend to get on here for many reasons, if i feel something when listening to it is usually the main reason, but how much i felt that emotion depends on how high it makes it onto this list. This track may not make me feel several emotions at once, but it does make me feel one thing. Sadness, Sadness for the death of harry and the explination as to what happened with peters uncle, it truly is a beautiful sounding track, that still has a sense of moving foward, and that things can still be better in the end, the song has helped me to get over some things in my life. Always make me think that there is always a bright side, even when things seem at their darkest they can work out in the end. No matter how much sadness you need to go through to get there.

Thank you for reading this list. If you have your own tracks please list them down below, and tell me what you think of my list, i would love to hear your thoughts, thank you all very much and have a good day. Im going to go do things outside now.

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