MrDonut Presents: 'The Justice League'

MrDonut Presents: 'The Justice League'

A fan cast for DC's premier superhero team

I’ve always had a habit of imagining what actor/actress should play what comic character/video game character/whatever character, so decided to try my hand properly at casting. Long story short, this is my first cast so it’s not entirely original but I’ve stuck with actors and actresses that feel right, so here’s hoping you guys enjoy.

So, worth mentioning, for the sake of efficiency, my cast is a little bit generic; rather than cast one specific film entry in a franchise I decided to cast of characters I’d expect to be around in the ‘5 year’ window of the New 52, and who will hopefully crop up in DC’s future films.

Also just want to say though, with the eventual Justice League film, I hope it spins out from the world of the upcoming Man of Steel and takes cues from the New 52; , if not it’s not the end of the world but Warner Bros. would be stupid not to cash in on that films (potential) success and from a business standpoint, it’s a great way to sync their products and help synergize them, meaning potentially more moolah for them thanks to a cohesive and rich universe for filmgoers and fans to enjoy; in other words, it’s a win-win scenario.


Henry Cavil as Kal-El/Clark Kent/Superman

He’s very charismatic, likable, has the look, has the presence, a cool actor and has already been cast. Like I said above, I expect Justice League to carry on from the universe from Man of Steel, so it’s only fitting that Cavil reprises the role. If Warner Bros. opt to go for a different/original cast it wouldn’t be the end of the world, but again like I said, a dumb move, when they could cash in on Cavil’s Superman.

Jack Huston as Bruce Wayne/The Batman

Who’s Jack Huston? Watch Boardwalk Empire. A relative unknown but a rising up and comer and definite great actor. Huston can undoubtedly deliver on the intensity needed for the role, and could bring a nice suave and smooth swagger to the role too. Bottom line is, I think he could bring out the detective/master strategist/intelligent aspect of the character out well and also be the happy medium between Mike Keaton’s take on the character and Chris Bale’s.

Worth mentioning though, as Batman is the black sheep of the Justice League he should act as such; the New 52 seems to be throwing him a bit too much in the spotlight, personally I’d like the Bat to return to the big screen in a more shadowy/urban legend type capacity, especially when operating with the League; he should show up to help and duck out before the public spot him, real ninja shit!

Bridget Regan as Diana/Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is basically a female Superman (with a bit more of an edge); she’s charismatic and tough, and an icon for many. So, when I hear actresses like Gina Carrano beeing mentioned for the role, I can’t help but face-palm, especially as she (in particular) only just managed to ‘act’ in a fairly generic action film. With Regan, again she’s fairly unknown, but like Cavil is charismatic, likable and too has the look and presence for the role. I think she’s one of the few actresses who could help elevate the character and give her a more credible/feminist appeal and also bring the right balance of grit and light heartedness to the role, as the best way I think the character should be adapted is as a cross between Xena the Warrior Princess and Lady Sif from Thor.

Only thing left to say is, the character needs a good costume. Every time she seems to get valid update, pervy fanboys bitch and moan and she looks like a stripper again. As most of you’d expect, I’d like her to look like the above picture, so a sci-fi type suit but with a Greek mythological influence thrown in; a cross between the above look and Kris Anka’s redesign would be a great look to adapt – Click Here to See

Mike Vogel as Hal Jordan/Green Lantern

There’s fair bit of debate amongst fans as to who should be the next live action Green Lantern, especially with so many characters to choose from. Well, I personally believe in giving the original character their dues before moving on to others (unless the original is extremely shit). So, with that in mind, I think Vogel is the best man for the job. He can do drama and comedy and can even play the loveable asshole role well too; that basically covers all grounds.

Anyway, unlike the New 52, I’d prefer a more drastic change up to the character’s (and other Green Lanterns’) costume; yeah it should be armoured and maintain a uniform-like space cop look, but it needs to also effectively display the ring’s power; Shawn Yap’s redesign would be great place to start – Click Here to See

Jesse Spencer as Barry Allen/The Flash

Who’s Jesse Spencer? Watch House. Like Huston, Spencer is a relative unknown, but his work on that show has allowed him to display his dramatic and comedic skills well, plus he played a similar intelligent character well too. The cherry on the cake just so happens to be that Spencer is a dead ringer for Francis Manapul’s (the current Flash artist) incarnation of the character, so this is definitely one casting choice I’d in particular like to see happen.

Still, whilst I like the New 52 look, I’d again prefer a more drastic change up to the character’s costume; a cross between the New 52 and Ken Lashley’s redesign would really look great on screen – Click Here to See

Phillip Winchester as Orin/Arthur Curry/Aquaman

I’ve never been a big Aquaman fan, and even still find him to be a borderline lame character, but got to give Geoff Johns props for attaining my interest in the character; the New 52 has made Aquaman a bit of a badass, so as such I’ve cast accordingly. Winchester, again is a bit of an unknown, but a very talented actor and someone I think bring the right kind of regal vibe balanced with a more tough and gruff appeal, and just make him come across as more credible hero; his work in Crusoe and Strike Back convinced me so.

Only other thing I’d say is, rather than be a full on member of the League, I prefer the idea of Aquaman being a part-time member, especially as he’s King of Atlantis; the guy can’t be multitasking like that when he’s running the shit!

Lance Reddick as J’onn J’onzz/John Jones/the Martian Manhunter

Tall, imposing, badass and a great actor; it’s not hard to see why Reddick is such a popular choice for the Manhunter. The guy’s one of the most underrated and versatile actors around and could definitely help elevate the character above and beyond comic book fandom, like with Spencer as the Flash, this is one casting decision I would love to see become a reality.

Now, whilst the character isn’t really a Leaguer in the current New 52, I personally like the idea of him being an unofficial ‘recruiter’ of sorts in the eventual film; like he gathers the heroes to fight whatever threat there is, having been silently observing for years- just helps sell on the whole rich and cohesive universe theme a little bit more.

Nate Parker as Victor Stone/Cyborg

Charismatic, versatile, intelligent and very likeable; Parker is a bit of a rare gem, as despite being a shining talent is still unfortunately fairly overlooked, so the reality behind him actually getting the gig is pretty slim, but I’d still love to see him play the part, especially as he’s such a fitting choice for the job.

Aaron Eckhart as Steve Trevor

DC seems adamant in giving the character a larger Phil Coulson-type role in the current DC universe, and that’s something I think could translate well to film too, especially with an actor like Eckhart taking the helm. Whilst he is already associated with DC due to The Dark Knight, I still think such casting could work, as not only is Eckhart a talented, likable and badass actor, but Chris Nolan’s films are finished, so this would be a great place to put a criminally underrated actor like Eckhart in.

Joe Morton as Silas Stone

Morton is one of the best there is, very underrated, very talented and very fitting; watch him in Terminator 2, and you’ll know why I cast him here.

Omari Hardwicke as John Stewart/Green Lantern

I won’t lie, I haven’t seen Hardwicke in much and mainly chose him as he seems to be a popular choice for the role, but after checking out some his stuff in Dark Blue I can see him doing the character justice. He can do drama, comedy and action and looks the part, so as far I’m concerned he’s right for the role.

Ben McKenzie as Guy Gardner/Green Lantern

Some might argue McKenzie comes across a bit too calm for the role, but I think he’d be a good fit especially because of his work on Southland. He can play the tough guy and can keep things fairly light so I’d be willing to see what he could do.

Garret Hedlund as Oliver Queen/Green Arrow

Hedlund is a rising up and comer, whilst some argue he had his ‘big break’ and failed (Tron: Legacy), I thought he did a serviceable job, but with recent roles he’s shown he’s really grown as an actor and can really handle much more weightier material. End of the day, the way I see it, when you get down to basics, his character Sam Flynn from Tron was a much more laid back version of Ollie Queen, so if given a chance, I think Hedlund could do good job as the Emerald Archer and bring a good balance of charm and grit to the character too.

Amber Heard as Dinah Lance/Black Canary

At first glance, most assume Heard is little more than a pretty face, but she’s a pretty talented actress, plus she’s got the look, she’s hot, she’s talented and I can see her working very well with Hedlund, so I think she’d work.

Joel Edgerton as Katar Hol/Carter Hall/Hawkman

Edgerton has quickly become one of my favourite actors. His roles in films like Warrior, Animal Kingdom and Zero Dark Thirty have just won me over and the fact that he can play the intelligent tough guy like a pro is justification in my eyes for him to get the role.

One thing I just want to mention though, with his look, as you guys might be able to guess (from the above pic) I like the New 52 armoured look, but it still seems a little too exposed so would prefer for it to be a little bit more in line with the Young Justice suit – Click Here to See

Shiloh Fernandez as Kyle Rayner/Green Lantern

Fernandez is relatively unknown actor, but I’ve seen him in a bunch of things now and think he could do a serviceable job. He can do drama and comedy and has the look down plus has a ‘Peter Parker’ vibe to him which I think could work for the rookie Lantern.

Michael Fassbender as John Constantine

Fassbender is probably one of the most overused actors in fan casts, but not many of the roles he’s cast in really fit. With Constantine, I think Fassbender is a perfect fit. We all know he’s great actor, but I think he could bring some charm and charisma to the role (sorry Keanu) and cement the idea of Constantine as a likable, badass dick.

Anyway, just thought I’d mention, rather than be a full on Leaguer I’d prefer Constantine and the rest of DC’s supernatural outcasts to have their own team (like the Justice League Dark) and film the ties in to the greater DC universe (I just added them here for the sake of efficieny); hopefully with Guillermo del Toro’s upcoming supernatural hero film he does just that.

Emmy Rossum as Zatanna Zatara

She’s hot and talented and looks the part; need I say more? Whilst some of you may think she’s a bit ‘too sweet’ for the role, Rossum has shown her edge recently with her work in Shameless and prior to that I’ve always thought she was classy, so if she finds a balance between that I think she’d be a great choice for the role.

Jared Leto as Boston Brand/Deadman

Leto is one of the most underrated and transformative actors around, I’m not sure why he doesn’t get more of a spotlight but whatever, he’s a talented individual who can handle both dark and light material so would be a credit to any cast.

Rachel McAdams as Lois Lane

I get in any case Amy Adams would probably return to the role for any sequels/spin offs, but remember this is a fan cast; there is some entitlement to creative liberties here. So, McAdams as Superman’s lady then? What can I say? She’s hot and talented and can play outspoken, feisty and intelligent well, her roles in State of Play and Sherlock Holmes so I think she'd nail the role.

Jamie Bell as Jimmy Olsen

Bell is talented young actor who I think could lend a nice balance of humour and seriousness to this role; I get that he’s something of a ‘leading man,’ but I prefer him in supporting roles so would like to see him take on the gig somewhere down the line.

Robert Patrick as Sam Lane

Patrick is one of those rare actors like Bruce Willis who have a very powerful presence to them without being too big/imposing. To put it simply, for this role that works. He comes off as intelligent and tough and looks like he can kick ass, so why not?

Viola Davis as Amanda Waller

Shout out goes to BigEars for this one!
This roles always been pretty tough to cast for me, but Davis is a very talented actress who I can actually picture as an intelligent badass, so it just seems very fitting to cast her here.

Clancy Brown as Darkseid

First off, Brown was the fucking Kurgan! He’s a badass and one of the most unfairly overlooked actors in Hollywood. Brown is up there with the best of them, he’s one of the finest actors around is famous for his distinctively powerful voice and presence, whilst he voiced Lex Luthor (well) in the past I’ve always liked the idea of him as Darkseid so hope to see him cast here somewhere down the line.

Mark Pellegrino as Graves

Since being introduced to the character in Geoff Johns run on Justice League I couldn’t help but think of Pellegrino’s performance as Nick/Lucifer in Supernatural; it was both tragic yet menacing, and really showcase his talents. Put simply, Pellegrino basically played the part before, and well too, so it seems natural to allow him to ‘reprise’ the role on a larger scale.

Jonny Lee Miller as Lex Luthor

I haven’t actually seen Miller in much, but since his villainous turn as Jordan Chase in Dexter I couldn’t help but think he’d make for a very interesting and different Luthor. Put simply, Miller is clearly a talented actor; he can do intense, intelligent and borderline creepy all very well, so I’d be really interested in seeing what he could do.

Jon Hamm as Maxwell Lord

The way I see it, Maxwell Lord is basically a villainous American James Bond. Hamm basically fits that description (despite not really having done any real villain roles). He’s a cool actor and I think he could flesh out the character well and give fans a cool take on the villain too.

Brad Pitt as Slade Wilson/Deathstroke

Pitt's a very talented actor and a badass. Whilst he may not typically be associate with a role like this I think he'd be the best man for the job, especially given his role in films like Inglorious Basterds and Killing Them Softly. He can play suave and gruff and he's very charismatic and pretty badass too, so put simply, I think Pitt could make Deathstroke an iconic and memorable villain and just really do wonders in the role.

Viggo Mortensen as Ra’s Al Ghul

Shout out goes to UnderDog for this one!
The Prophecy, The Lord of the Rings, A History of Violence and Eastern Promises; all these films best display why Mortesen is perfect for the role (and many others too, but that’s something else). He’s one of the most transformative and talented actors around, and probably the only guy who could surpass Liam Neeson’s epic portray of the leader of the League of Shadows.

Jason Isaacs as Vandal Savage

I found this role a little tough to cast, but think Isaacs is solid fit for it. He can play tough, intelligent, charming, manipulative and suave all very well and is known for playing memorable villains, so why not?

Jason Mamoa as Lobo

The guy played both Khal Drogo and Conan serviceably well. He might not be the greatest actor around, but to be honest Lobo is best known for being a badass who fucks shit up; Mamoa seems like an ideal fit in my eyes.

Ron Perlman as Mongul

Perlman is just a badass and talented actor. He’s been cast numerous times for various similar (if not the same) roles both by fans and in films, but if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Like Lobo, Mongul doesn’t really need all that much depth, but Perlman is one actor who could definitely deliver on that in spades and even bring some authority and presence to the role too.

Mickey Rourke as Despero

Rourke is put simply a badass actor. Whilst he may not be the first name to come to mind to most of you for this role, I think he'd own especially give his work in Immortals. Whilst not the greatest film, Rourke was a heartless badass there and I think if cast here he could translate those qualities beautifully well to the role and just make for a really great and memorable villain.

Only other thing I want to mention though, with his look, I do like the above look, but I'd prefer him to look a bit more warrior-like; the Young Justice version of the character would be a great place to draw some influence from – Click Here to See

Charles Dance as Helspont

Since I first saw Dance in Last Action Hero as the creepy glassy eyed guy as a kid I knew he was an epic actor, his work in Game of Thrones has done nothing but further cement that idea in my head. Dance can do regal, authoritative, badass, manipulative and intelligent in his sleep so having him in this role would be nothing short of epic.

Michael Wincott as Nekron

Once again, shout out goes to BigEars!
I’ve seen Wincott in a bunch of things over the years, but the main reason why I think he’d be good for the job is both due to his memorable voice and his role as Top Dollar in The Crow. His performance there just speaks for itself.


So, that’s my ideal cast for the eventual Justice League film. I hope you enjoyed checking it out, and if you did look out for my Superman cast!
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