Ms. Marvel Fancast and a few ideas.

Ms. Marvel Fancast and a few ideas.

Okay guys so this is my second go at a fancast, got some good feedback on my Black Panther one and I’ve decided on another fan favourite that more than deserves the big picture treatment, Carol Danvers herself, Ms. Marvel

Here’s a brief outline of how I feel the plot should go, you can comment below if you feel a better path could be used. Personally I think the movie should start off with a hidden Kree ship surveying some of the damages done after the Chituari Invasion in New York you’ll learn that they’ve had a watchful eye on earth to use it as a base in case war with any of their enemies take place near earth’s galaxy. Then they make mention of the spy they have harbored on earth and the shoddy job they think he’s doing. The ship Commander Yon-Rogg decides to take a small team to kill him. The scene cuts to SHIELD Pilots Carol Danvers, Salia Petrie, Micheal Rossi and Phillip Lawson unbeknownst to them is actually the Kree Spy Mar-Vell.

During a mission which involves the four of them Yon-Rogg finds and attacks them forcing Mar-Vell to reveal his true form and defend them. Her skills as a pilot and her tenacity to fight back allows Carol to be the only person to witness the full power of the Kree ultimately helping Mar-Vell during the fight.

When they escape Mar-Vell explains the wars going on with his race and earth’s place in it. He says he has to take the fight to Yon-Rogg head on and Carol insists on helping him. During this time cameos from Maria Hill and Captain America could be put in place as SHIELD would go into a defcon 4 type of situation in regards to another large scale attack like in New York.

When Carol and Mar-Vell reach Yon-Rogg’s ship a fight ensues that kills Mar-Vell but triggers a bomb that transfers over the powers to Carol before knocking her unconscious. In a last ditch effort Mar-Vell gives Carol a Kree suit while Salia and Michael find their way unto the ship and get Carol outta there while Yon-Rogg escapes harmed while the rest of his crew is killed.

Back at a SHIELD Military Base Carol’s powers start manifesting in the hospital, she recovers and explains the full situation to Nick Fury who allows her to train with her new powers and gives her the Kree equipment, she takes the alter ego Ms. Marvel to honor the former Captain. She learns to adapt to her new physiology and helps SHIELD better understand the Kree as she can now read data from their ships.

Yon-Rogg returns furious and is denied by the Kree council a second team to take revenge on the survivors. The council declares they have future plans for the planet and he would no longer be needed on Earth. Yon-Rogg steals some enhancements and secretly heads back to earth for a final fight where he’s defeated by Ms. Marvel.

Anyway just spitballing didn’t mean to bore you with that, let’s get to the cast shall we?

Emily Blunt as Ms. Marvel/Carol Danvers An ace SHIELD pilot who gets caught up between an alien race investigating her planet who is accidentally given the powers of a Kree warrior and becomes the universes new protector.

I was having a hard time thinking who should play the title character, for the longest time I had Charlize Theron in mind but something wasn’t fully clicking and by estimates there is about 51 million different fancasts here that have Yvonne Strahovski as Ms Marvel and it’s a nice thought but i don’t know if she’s ready to take on a complex character like this yet. Then I heard the folks over at Marvel offered Emily Blunt not only the role of Black Widow but also Peggy Carter, but she held back wanting a more prominent role and news of her playing a soldier in the upcoming movie All you need is Kill along with a few interviews and seeing a few of her movies I decided she was more than up for the job if she wants it. She’s a brilliant actress and its a heavy burden to fully market and sell this movie and the first thing you’ll need is a committed and amazing actress and CBM lemme tell ya I believe in Blunt.

Josh Hartnett as Mar-Vell - Kree Captain Interplanetary Hero,

Definitely one of the most underrated actors, he’s kept relatively low profile since his role in Sin City. I wanted to pick an actor that not only could bring a great performance but also as someone you believe could be a prior superhero.

Kiefer Sutherland as Yon-Rogg A Kree Commander in charge of the initial mission to spy on earth.

Great Actor always brings a good intensity to his roles and I feel could bring that villainous side along with a very intimidating voice for the Commander.

Freida Pinto as Salia Petrie A fellow pilot and Carol’s closest friend, she will eventually be selected to be an astronaut.

Lovely Actress I want to see her in more roles because she’s always a wonderful addition to a cast. I think she could flex her skills a bit more with a action heavy role like this.

Sam Witwer as Michael Rossi One of the top pilots along with Carol and Salia. During the events of the film he will eventually be selected for bigger missions by SHIELD.

Cool actor has been in a bunch of TV roles and I wanna see him get some more prominent stuff.

Jeff Daniels as Dr. Micheal Barnett A psychiatrist at the military base responsible for keeping the soldiers evaluated after their tough missions.

Do I need to say much? Excellent actor always brings a nice calm demeanor and always great.

Tom Selleck as Joseph Danvers Diane Keaton Marie as Danvers The Parents of Carol Danvers

As a nice lil cameo I’d like to include these two actors as the parents visiting their child after she gets her powers.

Lemme close this off with a beautiful scenes from the recent comics to give you an idea of what I think the movie should look like. Tell me what you think.

Anybody Agree?
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