My Batman fancast

My Batman fancast

So,I decided to make a fancast of Batman,if there were no batman movies,not Batman,Batman Returns,Batman Forever,Batman and Robin,Batman Begins,The Dark Knight,or The Dark Knight Rises;if none of those movies existed,this is how I would do a Batman movie.

We've seen X-Men:First Class;besides,just dye his hair black,and get rid of the Irish accent,and there you go.

His acting style is very similar to Gordon's personality,he can perfectly play him,and looks just like him.

He could play the mob leader type,and we have never seen him do that type of role,and also is the only actor that I've seen who has alot of resemblance of him.

Her character's casting is still not decided;can't find perfect actress.Will investigate further.

He can play the crazy psycotic villain,can act very so,and if Joker make up is placed;he looks exactly like him.

This is done for now;will add other character casting in there.

Like,dislike.Leave comments below.Thank you.
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