My Cast To The X-Men

My first fan cast to the x-men its great!

My choice for producer would be michael bay, he awesome filmmaker, favorites of mine are "bad boys two" and "transphormers" revenge of the fallen. the perfect director is jonathan liebesman he and bay are working together on "ninja turtles".

as profesor x: david caruso
he is very in "csi in miamai" and he looks like the character. in my version he wears sunglasses

as cyclops: keanu reeves
so awesome in "the bill n ted film" he was

as jean grey: sara jesica parkers
in "sex to the city two" a excelent performance she gave

as angel: paul walker
i loved "the five faster and fourious"

as beast: nicolas cage
he was a great hero in the "vengeance spirit: ghost ride" and its dissapointing he wasnt superman in "tim burtons: tha supper man"

as the ice man: robert patinson
this guy great he was on "water vs elephants"

as storm: blake lively (turned her white!)
well, storm as black did any sense make not so why not making her white like the other caracters? in my version, she is an french glamour blonde model who can produce rain

as rogue: america farara
farara so many actres is she! see "beti ugly" and understand will you!

as wolferino: eric stonestreet (turned him fat!)
chubby guys are always funny minorities so why not giving a role in this movie to them? in my version, wolferino is gay and in-loved with the wheelchair bald guy

as the crawler of the night: jason biggs
who love does not the "a pie from america" franchise? bigs exceled in those movies. in my version, he is a ultar-mega-super-awesome-pirate-ninga dude

as colossal: verne troyer (turned him dwarf!)
dwarfes are so cute and they look like little childs. in my version, colossal's mutation is dwarfism beacuse they are minorities

as cat's pride: drew verymore
she are many great and acted very good in "the et film"

as cable guy: rip torn
rip torn a tespian he is and his cable guy performance would be ocar-worthy

as bishop: jason tatham (in a blackface!)
awesome actor this tatham guy, when he acts my mind becomes like blowed. in my version, he is a black retro comedian, very expressive and funny

and now the villians

as magnetismo: huge grant
huge is a really huge actor ahaha! (Ƨpun no intended hahahahaaAHAHAHAHAahah (sory caPS LOCK (sory caps lock again))) look this photo, he even looks like a bad guy in jail!

as mistique: kathy bates
omg kathy so sexi she is like mistique!!!!!!!!!!!11111

as tooth of a sabre: tha erny reies jnor
tha erny reies jnor is a actor favorite of mine, really menazing and he has an imposing physique. in my version he is a richard branson impersonator

and as the pool of death: andry serkas
serkas is a orrible actor but his body seems very pool of deathy so i cast him. in my version, pool of death is a gay pop star that is in loved of speedo-man like in this picture
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