My DCCU: The Man of Tomorrow

My DCCU: <font color=Red><b><u>The Man of Tomorrow</u></b></font>

Let's pretend like there has never been a CBM before for a DC character and that this is the first one. A fan cast and plot for my ideal Superman movie.

Superman is a fictional character, a comic book superhero who appears in comic books published by DC Comics. He is widely considered to be an American cultural icon. Created by American writer Jerry Siegel and Canadian-born American artist Joe Shuster in 1932 while both were living in Cleveland, Ohio, and sold to Detective Comics, Inc. (later DC Comics) in 1938, the character first appeared in Action Comics #1(June 1938) and subsequently appeared in various radio serials, television programs, films, newspaper strips, and video games. With the success of his adventures, Superman helped to create the superhero genre and establish its primacy within the American comic book. The character's appearance is distinctive and iconic: a blue, red and yellow costume, complete with cape, with a stylized "S" shield on his chest. This shield is now typically used across media to symbolize the character.

Note: This DC Comics Cinematic Universe is completely fictional and it acts like a comic book movie has never been made before. If I cast someone that is already playing a CBM character in real life please ignore. Thank you

Jor El a highly decorated military veteran and scientist sends his son to earth so he can be protected from Brainiac. Brainiac is basically the same as he is in Clark TAS. Kal-El (Jor El’s son) lands in Smallville, Kansas and is adopted by Jonathan and Martha Kent. They name Kal-El Clark. Clark grows up and as he gets older he discovers powers. He stops a few petty crimes in Smallville, but other than that completely ignores it. After college at Kansas State University, Clark moves to Metropolis. He applies for many jobs (similar sequence to Clark Earth One) and he finds himself at the Daily Planet. Meets people at the Daily Planet and stuff like that. You start to see a flirtatious relationship with Clark and Lois Lane. One day after work at the Daily Planet he hears screams of help and cries off pain. He runs at the speed of light to where the sounds are coming from. He finds himself at a burning apartment building. He saves all of the people in the building and speeds off. He does this all before the police and the fire department comes. He goes to his apartment and thinks about what he did. He decides to go to Smallville to get answers. He goes to his Smallville home to find surrounding it a diamond shaped fire curtain with a Z made of fire inside of it. In the center of the Z was the Kent house. Clark flies in the house and saves his parents, but Jonathan was already dead. After days of mourning the fire goes out and they have a memorial for Jonathan. Clark goes back to the house alone. He goes into the basement and finds a spaceship. Inside is a clear crystal. When Clark picks it up it starts flashing green then blue followed by silver then gold. A voice comes in is head that says follow me. The crystal floats out of Clarks hand and it starts to fly up the stairs Clark follows it and eventually he ends up flying to the North Pole. When he gets their he finds the crystal floating in mid-air. The voice comes in his head again tells him to throw the crystal. Clark throws it and when it hits the ground a blinding flash of light consumes his sight. When Clark wakes up he is in futuristic clothing and is in an ice fortress. A hologram appears. It looks vaguely familiar. The hologram tells Clark that he is Jor El and it explains who Clark really is, why he’s on earth, what his powers are exactly, why he has his powers and where he came from. Clark goes into a room filled with Kryptonian armor. All have a similar symbol to the one in fire surrounding his old house, but these have an S in them not a Z. He returns to Smallville and asks his mom to make him an outfit. She tells him that he wants to use his powers for something good not evil. She makes him

He returns to Metropolis and starts to fight crime. He stops robberies, gang activity, killers and more. One day a bounty hunter from space (*cough*Lobo*cough*) comes to metropolis and tries to kill Clark or known now as The red and blue dude. He sends Lobo back into space. The next week a Kryptonian Non comes down to earth and tries to kill Clark. Clark and Non fight almost completely destroying Clark costume, but Clark de feats Non. He takes Non to the fortress of Solitude and puts him in the phantom zone. Clark looks at the hall of Kryptonian armor again and he touches a button on one of the cases for one of the armors. The armor appears on his body. A voice in his head says to activate say “Armor 1”. Clark flies in to space to be in a quiet space to think. Clark focuses on the sounds of metropolis and he hears. “WHERE IS KAL-EL!!!” He flies down to see a Kryptonian destroying parts of the city looking for him. He asks her who she was. She tells him that she is Ursa was sent by the collector of worlds to kill you. Clark and the woman fight. Clark comes out on top and she goes back into space. A few boring weeks go by when A Kryptonian Zod comes down to metropolis. Clark and Zod battle and Zod presumably kills Clark. Really Clark went to the fortress of solitude to train in the training chamber. In reality he was in there for a week which really feels like 7 years. He comes out harder, better faster and stronger then he was before. He returns to Zod’s tower and battles him all over Metropolis then all over the fortress of solitude. Clark tricks Zod and returns him to the phantom zone. Clark returns to Metropolis and destroys all of the Kryptonians and returns them to the phantom zone. Clark gets the key to the city from the mayor of Metropolis. Clark returns to the daily planet and gets assigned to team Superhero. (The group of people that had to cover Clark’s superhero persona). Him, Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen. The movie ends with Clark flying over the city. He hears a cry for help. Clark flies to an alley where a man is mugging a woman. He picks up the man by his collar and the man asks him
“Who are you?”
Clark punches the man into the wall at the end of the alley. Clark Responds with

Opening Narration

Jor El is a highly decorated veteran of the Kryptonian army and an ingenious scientist. He discovered (along with colleague General Dru-Zod) the phantom zone, a never ending dimension that the Kryptonians use to imprison their world’s most dangerous criminals.
General Dru-Zod starts a rebellion against the Kryptonian government and ends up dictating almost all the cities on krypton (a planet a little smaller than earth) Led by Jor El the Kryptonian army stopped him and put him and his highly appointed officers in the rebellion, Non and Ursa in the phantom zone.
Jor El also created Brainiac, a computer system that ran all of krypton and created its tech and its weapons and battle suits for the army. Brainiac was too smart and realized what he could do with his power. He takes over krypton causing it to quake and all of the tech to go out. Jor El had built an adaptor that didn’t need Brainiac’s power. He used the power he had to send his only son Kal-El to a distant yet similar planet called Earth…




Kneel Poster


Superman-Henry Cavill

Superman: Rocketed to Earth as an infant from the doomed planet of Krypton, young Kal-El was adopted by the good-hearted Kents and raised in America's heartland. Using his immense solar-fueled powers, he became Superman to defend mankind from tyranny. Championing truth, justice, and the American way, Superman is Earth's greatest hero.

Henry Cavill: I might get a lot of people shouting RECAST at me for this, but I honestly can’t think of anyone better for Superman. We’ve only seen trailers, but still. I think Superman is the hardest person to cast

Others Considered:
Tom Welling
Jake Gyllenhaal

Zod-Eric Bana

Zod: General Dru-Zod was exiled to the Phantom Zone by Jor El after attempting to conquer Krypton. He is best known for his catchphrase "Kneel before Zod!"

Eric Bana: Eric Bana has been my choice since I saw Star Trek in 2009. He was AMAZING in that role and I think if he brings what he brought to that role to this one he would make the movie 10 times better than it would’ve already been.

Others Considered
Zachary Quinto
Mark Strong

Jor El and Lara El-Timothy Olyphant and Naomi Watts

Jor El: Jor El was an ingenious scientist and great army veteran from Krypton. He is the husband to Lara-El and father of Kal-El a.k.a Superman!

Lara-El: Lara El is the wife of Jor El and the mother of Kal-el a.k.a Superman. She aided her husband and his scientific studies.

Timothy Olyphant: Timothy Olyphant is a great actor. After seeing him in several movies I think he’d be a great Jor-El. When I was making this choice I was thinking about characters in movies that acted like how I want Jor-El to act. I thought about I Am Number Four and I found who I wanted. I know he’s not an old dude, but still.

Naomi Watts: She is a great actor and I think that she would make a wonderful Lara El. When I was thinking of the role for this her name popped into my head…just kidding I went on IMDB and found a list of actors born the same year as Timothy Olyphant and Eric Bana. Nomi Watts was on their and she stood out the most.

Others Considered:

Ursa-Rooney Mara

Ursa: Ursa was one of Zods top lieutenants when he tried to take over Krypton. She loves Zod, but the only thing Zod loves is power.

Rooney Mara: Rooney Mara is a GREAT actress and I think she would fit the style of Ursa that I want in this movie. What she brought to the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo needs to be brought to the Man of Tomorrow.

Others Considered:
Charlize Theron

Non-Damion Poitier

Non: Non was one of Zods top lieutenants when he tried to take over Krypton. He is more aggressive than most Kryptonians. This Non isn’t just brute he actually talks (unlike Richard donors version)

Damion Poitier: I think he’d make a great Non. He has a great look and voice for this role. Look at this video below

Others Considered:
Bill Goldberg

Lois Lane-Rachel McAdams

Lois Lane: Lois Lane is the love interests for Clark Kent, but she loves Superman. She is one of the top reporters at the Daily Planet. She’s a friend to Clark Kent, but also sees him as competition since he such an amazing writer.

Rachel McAdams: She is a great actor. After seeing her in many roles I’m convinced should be great in the role of Lois Lane.

Others Considered:
Olivia Wilde

Jonathan and Martha Kent-Tommy Lee Jones and Meryl Streep

Jonathan Kent: Jonathan Kent, married to Martha Kent, is the adoptive father of Clark Kent, who is better known as Superman. Before his recent death, he was a rural farmer in Kansas. He is sometimes referred to as Pa Kent.

Martha Kent: Martha Kent is the adoptive mother of Clark Kent.

Tommy Lee Jones: After seeing him in MIB 1 ,2 & 3 I knew he was a great serious actor, but I now I know he can smile. He did a movie with Meryl Streep called Hope Springs and I think they have chemistry on screen.

Meryl Streep: I think she has chemistry on screen with Tommy Lee Jones and that she is a great actor.

Others Considered:

Jimmy Olsen-Michael Cera

Jimmy Olsen: Jimmy Olsen is a photojournalist working at the Daily Planet, and a close friend of both Clark Kent and Lois Lane.

Michael Cera: He is a great (and hilarious) actor and I think he would be great as Jimmy Olsen.

Others Considered:
Anton Yelchin

Perry White-Ray Wise

Perry White: The editor of the Daily Planet, the newspaper where Clark Kent (Superman) works. He’s a hard taskmaster, but a very loveable character.

Ray Wise: He’s a great actor and I think that he would make a great Perry White. This Perry White would have as much of an obsession with superman as JJJ has with Spiderman, but Perry wouldn’t hate Superman.

Others Considered:

Brainiac-Anthony Hopkins

Brainiac: Brainiac is a computer system that controlled all the technology on krypton. He took all of Krypton’s power and he destroyed the planet. Jor-El tried to convince him to stop, but it didn’t work.

Anthony Hopkins: Anthony Hopkins is an INCREDIBLE actor and he would just voice Brainiac. Braniac would only appear as a computer in this movie, not in a body.

Others Considered:
Mark Strong

A bald man sitting at a computer is reading an article on his computer when his computer goes black and this pops up on his screen.
A voice starts to speak.
“Lex Luthor you have been called to form a team to destroy Superman and these ‘heroes’.”
A picture of Superman pops up then Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Flash and finally Green Lantern.
The voice starts again
screen goes black
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