My dream Fantastic Four

My dream Fantastic Four

With Alice Eve Beging rummored for the part of Mrs. Fantastic I thought who would make the perfect Fantastic Four...

Mrs. Fantastic- Alice Eve: If Jessica Alba can play her I’m sure Alice Eve can. Besides it might be nice to see her kick some ass plus she’s really hot!

The Thing- Jason Statham: He’s one of the best action stars today plus the Thing needs to be much tougher then he was in the previous films.

Human Torch- Chris Pine: I personally have never read the comics but if the Torch is anything like he was in the movies Chris Pine would be perfect. You all watched him in Star Trek and he did a good job on that movie.

Mr. Fantastic- Casey Affleck: He needs to be a leader not a pussy like in the previous movie. The only problem is that we all know how his brother was as Daredevil.

So now who do you think would be perfect for these roles.

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