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Another reader showed me to a site where a guy had compiled a viewing order for the entire DCAU, including "Gotham Girls", "Static Shock", and even "Zeta Project." I have no plans of going that far, but you can check it out if you want a more painstakingly chronological breakdown:

Since both shows are much more orderly than BTAS, the real issue is mixing them together, especially surrounding the various team-up episodes. I would like to emphasize that this is very much a work in progress. This list will definitely be revised. I don’t have much in the way of notes right now but hopefully that will change as I get feedback. And as before the list is broken into fairly arbitrary season-sized groups. Anyway, since you’ve all been waiting for it, let’s get started. (The numbers follow the DVD order).

S01-3 The Last Son of Krypton
S04 Fun and Games
S05 A Little Piece of Home
S11 My Girl
S07 The Way of All Flesh
S06 Feeding Time
S08 Stolen Memories
S09-10 The Main Man
S13 Two’s a Crowd
S12 Tools of the Trade

Since Batman technically has an 85-episode head start, it’s only fair to kick things off with the first season of Superman all by itself. Plus, TNBA didn’t get going until after all this, so it’s fair to assume that the transition from TAS to the New Adventures was going on at this time. I moved up “My Girl” because it seemed like small potatoes after three episodes of aliens.
I thought about capping it off with “Stolen Memories” which brings things full circle with Brainiac, but I preferred to end it with the teasing glimpse of Darkseid in “Tools of the Trade.” It makes for a really great foundation for the series.

S17 Speed Demons
B02 Sins of the Father
S16 The Prometheon
B03 Cold Comfort
S14-15 Blasts from the Past
B04 Double Talk
S18 Livewire
B05 You Scratch My Back
S19 Identity Crisis
B06 Never Fear
S20 Target
B07 Joker’s Millions
S21 Mxyzpxilated
B08 Growing Pains
S22 Action Figures
01 Holiday Knights
S23 Double Dose
B09 Love is a Croc
S24 Solar Power
B10 Torch Song
S25 Brave New Metropolis
B11 The Ultimate Thrill
S26 Monkey Fun
S27 Ghost in the Machine
S29-31 World’s Finest

S28 Father’s Day
B13 Mean Seasons
S34 Prototype
B14 Critters
S32 Bizarro’s World
B15 Cult of the Cat
S36 Heavy Metal
B16 Animal Act
S33 The Hand of Fate
B18 The Demon Within
S35 The Late Mr. Kent
S37 Warrior Queen
B17 Old Wounds
S38-39 Apokolipse…Now!
B19 Legends of the Dark Knight
S40-41 Little Girl Lost
S42 Where There’s Smoke
S43 Knight Time
S44 New Kids in Town
S45 Obsession
B22 Chemistry
S46 Little Big Head
B20 Girls’ Night Out
S47 Absolute Power
B23 Beware the Creeper
S48 In Brightest Day
B24 Judgment Day
S49 Superman’s Pal
S50 Fish Story
B21 Mad Love
S51 Unity
S52 The Demon Reborn
B12 Over the Edge
S53-54 Legacy

Mystery of the Batwoman

Boom, there ya go. Feel free to let me know in the comments all the continuity I completely ignored when I put this thing together, and I'll try to update accordingly.
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