My (Hopefully) Marvel-ous Drawings

My (Hopefully) Marvel-ous Drawings

A few drawings of my favourite heroes :)

Hi guys,

So, this is my first post/anything ever on this site, so I hope to make it worth your while. As a young adult with a passion for comics and superheroes form a young age, I decided to take it upon myself to draw my 3 childhood favourites: Deadpool, Ghost Rider and of course, Spider-Man. With my GCSE's coming up any week now, I just wanted some reassurance that I wasn't going to completely flop my art exam. Also, I just wanted to know if my drawings were any good at all :)

I hope you like them and please, post your comments below :)

P.S, as I said before, this is my first time so I hope this works.


Ghost Rider

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