My Idea for a BATMAN Trilogy

My Idea for a <font color=Grey><b><u>BATMAN</u></b></font> Trilogy

The plot outline for the first 3 movies in my Batman series

(NOTE: This isn't the whole trilogy there are multiple movies after this one.)

BATMAN:Rise of the Bat

Plot: Bruce Wayne(Matt Bomer)'s parents were both killed when Bruce was a young boy. Since their death he has traveled the world learning how to fight and to be a detective. Bruce returns to Gotham and after 6 months-1 year of being Batman (Sam Witwer) 3 new people come to Gotham. Mr. Zsasz (Jason Statham), Catwoman (Olivia Wilde), and Jack a.k.a the RED HOOD(Michael Sheen). Mr. Zsasz has been committing random acts of violence, Batman needs to learn how to stop such a random crime . Catwoman has been stealing and Robbing, but can Batman come to actually stopping her and not letting her go? Red Hood has been taking out the underworld of Gotham PERMANENTLY and he's killing whoever gets in his way. What will Batman do? Should he stop a man from stopping the crime world or should he stop a man killing tons of people?

Yes, i know i casted to different actors as one character. I think that Matt Bomer would make an AMAZING Bruce Wayne and Witwer an AMAZING Batman. Witwer could have a select Batman voice that wouldn't be weird and hard to understand but full of fear and darkness. Sam Witwer is only 1 inch taller than Matt Bomer anyway (Bomer 6'0, Witwer 6'1).

BATMAN:the Darkest Night

Plot: At the end of "Rise of the Bat" Batman accidentally pushes Red Hood over a walkway into a vat of chemicals. Batman thinks that Red Hood is dead...he's wrong. Now as the "JOKER(Michael Sheen)" with the help of "Harley Quinn(Kristen Bell)" Joker goes on a rampage throughout Gotham city. Batman and Catwoman have to team up to stop this mad man and woman. A mysterious figure from Bruce's past comes to Gotham and might change his life forever!

BATMAN:Gotham Knights

Plot: Victor Fries(Michael Rosenbaum) froze his wife so she could live until he found a cure for her cancer. He gets fired from his job at Wayne Tech so in a cheap not very powerful ice suit

He commit petty crimes and gets sent to jail. The Penguin (Phillip Seymour Hoffman) on of the richest crime lords in the city gets him out of jail and gives him a technologically advanced ice suit

and hires Victor to kill Batman. Meanwhile when Bruce Wayne goes to the circus Richard Grayson Sr. and Martha Grayson are shot and killed during their trapeze act. Bruce adopts their 16 year old son Dick(Logan Lerman). Dick finds out about Bruce Being Batman and he blackmails Bruce into becoming his sidekick Robin

With the help of Robin, Batman has to stop Mr. Freeze and take down the Penguin.

So that's the first trilogy. Give me feedback!
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