My idea for a NEW kind of Teen Titans Movie

My idea for a NEW kind of Teen Titans Movie

A new story based after Batman 3 AND the new Superman reboot that would help WB compete with Marvel's Avengers...

I recently came up with this story and it needs help but these are some story and cast ideas i came up with. I'm open to suggestions story and cast wise.

So moving on, I saw what Sony is doing making a younger Spider-Man so I thought why not the WB. They have many fresh faces never seen on screen. There's the Robin topic, whether he should appear in the Batman films or not. Problem solved, create a new kind of teen titans film. A film featuring Robin, Nightwing, Superboy, Static Shock and new Batman beyond, Terry Mcginnis. Except he won't be from the future, he'll just take over for Batman after the last film. A world in where all these young guys co-exist as a new group. But of course, have their issues with each other and their enemies.

Story wise, i thought it would be based in high school but maybe some will be seniors and others will be younger depending on my cast. No twilight emo stuff, and lots of action.
The story would revolve around Terry Mcginnis, or Batman Beyond.

He'll enter this school with no friends but soon will find out the true identities of each teen titan. At first they dislike each other, thinking one is better than the other, which means alot of fights between Terry and the other heroes. They'll have trouble co-existing but soon come together as a team and become the ultimate teen titans group.

The stories will include characters from the these characters universes including family,friends and love interest. Static will be in the story but more as a cameo introduction to a future solo Static Shock movie.

Character that i'd also like to feature or introduce are Barbara Gordon,Huntress, Dona Troy, and Frieda(Static's girl). These ladies would be our heroes love interest. Also perhaps cameos from Ryan Reynolds aka Green Lantern, the new Flash, or even the new reboot Superman who ever that is.

Ok now for my cast. Here's who I picked but open to new suggestions.
As new Batman,Terry Mcginnis
Joseph Gordon Levitt

Fans have been calling for this guy to get a superhero role, so why not introduce him in Batman 3 but not as the riddler but as Terry Mcginnis! Where at the end of the film,Bruce realizes he can't be Batman forever and passes the torch to Terry.
As Nightwing, Tom Welling

Some want him as Superman in the reboot but i'd cast him as nightwing.

SuperBoy, Logan Lerman

This kid ALMOST was Spider-Man, and just when i was warming up to the kid, he was't. So, i say give him a chance, as Superboy.

Robin, Shia Labeouf

yea i know i'm ganna get heat for this one, but i personal like this kid.
As static's love interest, Frieda, Shailene Woodley

This girl is young, hot and has good acting skills.

As Huntress, Eliza Dushku

I feel in love with Eliza in "the new guy" so why not her as huntress

As Barbara Gordon aka Batgirl, Dianna Agron

If she's not cast in Spider-Man, CAST her as Batgirl

As Donna Troy, Jennifer Love Hewitt

Only problem with her is playing a high school student. Other than that, she's amazing. my opinion. Plus, she's publicly stated she wants to be wonder woman so why not give her Donna.

As for villains not sure who and who should be as villains but i would pick Hotstreak first.
As Hotstreak, Seann William Scott

So those are my ideas for now, will write a part two with full cast and full story. Please comment and add your suggestions story or cast wise.Be kind first ever fan cast..haha thanks.

P.S Did not forget Static, just having trouble picking a actor for the role. Any Suggestions??
hmm Joseph gorgon levitt seemed like a good choice to me..but u got any suggestions?

well i thought Logan had the look and perhaps with a couple of months in the gym with luxury trainers he could get more bulit. But just a idea..any ideas??

Thanks man for the story comment.. yea maybe wellings not fit for nitewing, any suggestions?

hmmm well what can i tell you, i'm only 17 years old, i dont have many year reading comics but i do my best. But thanks for the Terry/levitt comment.

thanks to suggestions

ok man thanks

thanks mate yea im sure to check your cast out and yes i'll make sure to add kid flash and cyborg. i knew i forgot some. thank you for you comment mate.

OK i guess hewitt and welling are out, any suggestions?
its because jlove hewitt is sooo hot to me hahaha but ok i know.

thanks mate, i idk why nobody ever thought about it, i came to me while watching a episode of static shock. the one with the crossover with batman beyond.

Alright mates, i well write a part two soon fixing my many errors, so please be on the look out and comment your opinions.Thank you.
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