My ideas for the MCU

My ideas for the MCU

With so many characters and a whole lot of ideas being developed how should Marvel Studios go about creating their ultimate universe?

Doctor Strange was announced yesterday and the SHIELD tv series started filming last week. Things really have never looked better for Marvel with so many films being released in the coming months. But how can they make the universe better? Here is my thoughts on how.

1. The SHIELD TV series
This is important as it is essentially the Iron man for TV. This series needs to launch the who cinematic universe to our households whilst still being linked to the greater cinematic universe. One way to do this is to include characters such as Sitwell or Hill from the movies, or Benny and Claire from item 47. However the big names of the films should not be included; having original characters will bring the most success as it allows the series to stand on it's own two feet. As well as taking characters from the films the series will also need to give back. Having cameo's from agents in the movies will bridge the gap. But I think the biggest bridge would be the villains. Having villains such as Chemistro or Wizard who are achievable on the small screen and recognizable featuring in the series would be a great thing. This would allow more villains to populate the world quickly which can then be used in the movies.

2. The studios
Now I am going to get a lot of hate in the comments for this but I believe it is still possible to see Spider-man or the X-men to be part of the MCU. Now there are multiple ways to do this and Disney could just buy back the rights, or marvel can wait for them to finally revert back which in most cases will never happen. But an idea that would work is complimentary worlds. There are multiple ways to do this. A fine example would be the oscorp building which nearly featured in the avengers. Locations like this are great ways to create a larger universe. Another way to link the worlds is through characters which belong to both studios. Examples are the scarlet which and quicksilver. Have the same actor portray the characters in multiple movies and you are creating a shared world. The Skrulls are another example, have them look the same in the movies from different studios and people will think of them as the same universe. A final way to link the companies is simply to have both studios agree to use each other's characters in moderate amounts in each other's films. Now this is a long shot but if a deal is struck which is mutually beneficial to everyone then all the parties involved would be happy.

These were a small amount of my ideas and this is my first editorial, but I hope to write more editorials soon.
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