My Justice League Fancast

My Justice League Fancast

My fancast for a Justice League film...

I have spent the last few days trying to figure out a cast for Justice League that I feel would make the most pleasing Justice League film in my opinion. Now a little bit about how I would want the film to go:
I would want the first film to have Darkseid coming to the earth as he heard that there is a Kryptonian living there. His wish is to battle the kryptonian and prove that he is the greatest warrior out there and then destroy the Earth once he kills Superman. Superman hears of the approach and goes to Apokolips in hopes of stopping him before he arrives. Needless to say Darkseid beats him down but Superman manages to escape. He realizes that if he is going to stop Darkseid he is going to have to put together a team.
I also would want to include some of the Furies in the final act of the film. In the final act I would have Hal die for a few moments. The ring flies off of him to go find a replacement. Superman would end up reviving him though once it is all over.

Superman/ Clark Kent- Henry Cavill

Henry Cavill is set to play the character in the upcoming film. I feel there is no reason to change the actor playing Superman if the film is as much of a success as it is anticipated to be.

Batman/ Bruce Wayne- Joe Manganiello

For Batman I wanted to go with someone who was not only physically intimidating but also good looking and could portray the billionaire playboy side of Bruce Wayne. For the batsuit I would like to see the Arkham City batsuit with a few modifications for the screen adaptation.


Other option: Michael Fassbender

Wonder Woman/ Diana- Jaimie Alexander

I'll admit I saw this on a fancast a few days ago and i absolutely fell in love with this pick. Jaimie Alexander has this beautiful yet dangerous demeanor about her that makes me think she is perfect for Diana

Green Lantern/ Hal Jordan- Ryan Reynolds

Keep him the same as he was good in Green Lantern even though the film sucked. I would just like to see a change to the costume. None of that kind of energy look to it and make it an actual costume closer to the comics.

Other option: Chris Pine

Green Arrow/ Oliver Queen- Josh Holloway

Casting a good Oliver was difficult but I finally settled on Josh Holloway as it is something I feel is original. He can play a snarky role I believe. I would want the suit to be a mix between how he is going to look in the video game Injustice: Gods Among Us and how he is on the TV show Arrow.

Flash/ Barry Allen- Ryan McPartlin

Honestly the only thing I have seen him in is Chuck but I feel he could play a great Barry Allen. He can do serious when he needs but still be lighthearted and funny even when he is in danger.


Darkseid- Christopher Lee

I would like to see Darkseid be CGI as I feel any actor portraying him would just look weird. I love how dark and eery Christopher Lee's voice is so I just wanted that for Darkseid.

I am just going to give my reasons for the Furies right here as I feel this is where I am going to get some backlash. I chose the actresses that I feel can give off that sultry feel but also that hint of being mentally unbalanced and scary.

Artemiz- Olivia Wilde

Lashina- Michaela Conlin

Mad Harriet- Amber Heard

Gilotina- Amanda Seyfried

By the end of it I had realized that I wanted to see some cameos and one would come during the end credits where Lex Luthor would visit Arkham and arrange a private meeting with the Joker and tell him that he plans on putting a team of his own together and then hands Joker a straight razor. My other cameo would be John Stewart recieving Hal's ring


Lex Luthor- Billy Zane

When I think of Lex Luthor my mind immediately goes to Billy Zane, This man is my idea of the perfect Lex in my universe

Joker- David Tennant

Now I love this pick. David Tennant has that crazy look and can play insane as well. He has the perfect weasel like face for the Joker and I would honestly love to see him get the opportunity to play him

John Stewart- Idris Elba

I think that Idris Elba would be great at playing this role. He has been my favorite to play the role for quite some time now. I would have him set up as a thorn in Hal's side for future films. Hal initally disapproves of John as he did in the comics so that would add to the dynamic.

So these are my picks for a Justice League film. Tell me what you think in your comments! Thanks!
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