MY superman movie

MY superman movie

What i would like in a Superman reboot

This is what i would like in a first film in the reeboot of the Superman Franchise. I think this would be a good film to build off of.

Superman: The Man of Steel

Movie starts with Jor-El, sending Kal-El, his son, to earth in a spaceship while music plays in the background. No dialogue. The spaceship leaves the planet Krypton as it explodes. In the point of view of Kal-El, we see meteors and Kryptonite race pass the ship.

Clark’s physics teacher then snaps Clark out of his daydream and asks him some physics question about flight and Clark gets it wrong (Flight Joke).

After Class, Lana Lang grills Kent about being wrong because he is usually right. He then asks what if he’s right. What if he can prove it? What if he can show her? She then asks if he is asking her on a date. Clark: Call it what you want…just meet me at my barn at 6:00. They part ways.

Clark then superspeeds home and passes his father who is driving home in his pick-up. Jonathan Kent approaches Clark outside of the barn who is lifting a tractor. Jonathan tells Clark that he needs to be more low-key. Clark asks why should he try to hide that he is gifted. Jonathan sighs and tells Clark to meet him inside when he is done with his chores.

Clark finishes and enters the Kent house to find both his parents at the table awaiting him. They proceed to tell him that they have to show him something. They take him inside the barn and down into a cellar. Inside of a large wooden crate is a spaceship. They tell him that this is what they found him in. He asks why haven’t they told him this before. Jonathan asks how do you tell a child that he was found in a spaceship. Clark takes all of this in and storms up the steps of the cellar and into the barn. He then speeds off away from the Kent farm.

As night falls, Lana approaches the Kent farm. She asks for Clark. Martha Kent replies that he isn’t there right now. Lana then turns around and heads away from the Kent Farm. As she passes the barn, Clark lands in front of her from the skies. Flabbergasted, she asks Clark what the hell is going on. He tells her what the Kents told him. He then tells Lana that he wants to show her something. He tells her to trust him as he takes her hand. Together, they fly over the Kent Farm and over Smallville. They land on top of a water tower. Here, they discuss plans for college. They seemed to be parting ways.

Later that night, Clark returns to the cellar. He examines the spacecraft. There is some type of symbols on the side of it. He touches it and it opens up. Inside, he finds some type of instrument. As soon as he touches it he is sucked into some type of new world where a man and woman is there waiting for him. “Hello Kal-El.”, says the man…….

After graduation, Clark tells Lana that he was going to travel the world. He didn’t think that he belonged in Smallville, that he wanted to help people. The Kent’s take a picture of Clark, Pete Ross, and Lana.

The shot turns into an older Clark looking at the picture in a frame. He is on a boat. He seems to be thinking about a lot. He gets off of the boat to land in Australia. Jor-El’s voice starts in the background. We now see scenes of his experiences in Australia as well as other places in the world during Jor-El’s voice over explaining Krypton and his heritage, and all that he will face on earth by being different and choices he will have to make. The sequence ends with him in the Antarctic. He is holding the instrument that he found in the spacecraft. Then a sort of homage to the original Superman happens to create the Fortress of Solitude.

Clark enters the Fortress. Clark asks Jor-El why is he there, why did he send him to Earth. Jor-El answers all of his questions. Jor-El then tells Clark that Earth needs him. They need him to set the example. With this knowledge, Clark returns to Smallville.
He tells the Kent’s that he is going to attend Metropolis University.

Five years later, a man is rendezvousing with a beautiful woman. As she kisses him, he wakes up. He looks at the bed next to him to see that it is unoccupied. He gets up and passes a picture of the two of them, he dresses. He drives to a psychologist. He enters the room, psychologist voice-over, “How many days has it been since Shandra left?” “This is week 4”. They dialogue back and forth over Shandra and his recent job hunt. He tells him that without a job, this is possibly his last visit. He leaves the office. He drives down to the Metro Transit Station. He walks on the tracks. A train approaches, but he gets off. As the train gets closer, he drives his car into the on coming train. Scene blacks out as they impact.

At the hospital, we are informed that the man, John Corben, will not survive. A reporter is denied entry to the hospital. She distracts the nurses as a young photographer sneaks passed. In the car, she asks him how the pictures turned out. They arrive at The Daily Planet. As soon as she reaches her floor, she is told that Perry wants her in his office. She enters his office. Perry White, the Editor in Chief, tells Lois that there is a new reporter and that he could learn from her, and in return she could learn a lot from him. She asks who is this guy. He is already in the room behind her sitting in a chair. White introduces Clark to Lois Lane.

They leave the office and Lois asks him where he is from. He tells her, “Smallville, Kansas.” She pokes fun. She tells him that the two of them are to attend a charity ball that night hosted by LuthorCorp. She says that this will be more his speed. Clark cuts his eyes at her as she walks off. Jimmy comes up and meets Clark, he warns Clark of Lois’ nature.

At the hospital, John Corben is being loaded into a van. He is taken to LuthorCorp. His kidnapper tells the unconscious Corben that he will make him stronger than he ever was. We see that the man has an invite to the ball.

Clark meets Lois at the ball. He compliments her, who gives him a cold return. As the guests all settle down and find their seats, Lex Luthor takes the podium. One look around the room shows us that Emmet Vale, the kidnapper, is in attendance. He is talking to someone named Hamilton about a new metallic element. Lex begins his speech as Lois gets a phone call from Jimmy. She leaves the room and Clark listens in on the conversation. Jimmy informs her that Corben is missing. Clark then picks up on another conversation. Luthor’s bodyguard is on the phone speaking with someone else about blowing the building up and kidnapping Lex Luthor. Clark then passes Lois as he leaves the room. He tells her that he isn’t well. Clark spots a black van outside. He x-rays the van to find three men, but no explosives. He exits the building. He quickly changes in a nearby phone booth into the costume that he used in his travels around the world. He apprehends the men in the van and asks them what they want, what do they want with Lex Luthor. Afraid, they tell him that Lex is the mastermind behind the plan. Clark then asks about the explosives. They inform him that they were already placed inside at the buildings foundations. His x-ray vision confirms this.

Back inside, Lex speaks to his guard, Mercy, about the thugs being tardy. She assures him that the other three will fill in. Lois re-enters the room, grabs her coat and heads toward the door. She is stopped by a masked thug who then locks them all in the room. He threatens to blow the whole place up if they didn’t cooperate with him. He is then joined by two other masked thugs. Clark disables the bombs below and hears gunshots several floors above.

The guests fill up the thugs’ bags with money. They take Lex, and Lois follows them to the helipad on the roof. The leader grabs Lois and tosses her off of the roof.

As she freefalls downward, Clark catches her and places her on the ground. He then flies to the roof where the helicopter is just taking off. He detatches the chopper and places the rest of the copter on the roof. He subdues the thugs and tells Lex that he knows of his scheme. Lex, while amazed at the fantastic feats of this flying man, tells him that he has no proof. Beaten, Clark flies of.

Scene starts with TV screen tuned into a news channel going into a statement by Luthor saying that he is grateful that this super man was there to save him. Cut to the Daily Planet where Perry White is having a staff meeting. He is telling them to find out all that they can about “Superman”.

Corben wakes up in a LuthorCorp facility. Vale tells him that if it wasn’t for him, he would be dead. He tells him that he is stronger than he has ever been, telling Corben that he was made from a new element that he created called Metallo. He tells him that he cannot run without the energy source that is in his chest. Corben mumbles about wishing he was dead. He concludes that he would be dead if it wasn’t for Vale. Corben kills Vale. Corben then jumps through the window. As he hits a car below the scene cuts to Lex in his limo.

He is talking to a man named Manheim. He tells him that he will not be paying him a dime for the failed plan the night before. He tells Manheim that it was a perfect plan. “A flock of birds with one stone”. The Public would sympathize with him for the loss of his building and his kidnapping, and also most of his guest had been badmouthing him for years; like that meddlesome Lane.

Back at the ’Planet’ Clark is talking to Jimmy. In the background, the news reports that Corben is missing. Lois approaches Clark and asks him what happened to him the night before while she was tossed from the roof of LuthorCorp. As he starts to explain what happened, his super hearing picks up an accident with a space shuttle coming into the atmosphere. He excuses himself from Lois and takes off. Lois passes him off as being weak.

Superman shoots off into the sky to save the aircraft. With a little bit of a struggle, Superman lands the aircraft at Metropolis International Airport. As he sets the aircraft down, he asks a nearby pilot if its ok to land there, we see that the pilot’s surname is Jordan. Superman is then rushed by media reporters. Lois makes her way through the crowd. “How did you get here so fast?” ,Superman asks Lois. “So, you do remember me.”, She replies. But before he can reply to her, he is hit with many questions. He tells them that in time, their questions will be answered.

Scene zooms out from a news broadcast of Superman on television outside of Metro Square where Corben is watching, He then walks off.

Back at LexCorp. Lex enters one of his labs to find Prof. Hamilton talking to the authorities about Vale who has been found dead in his lab. They have enough evidence to think that Vale may have kidnapped Corben from Metropolis City Hospital. The officers leave and Luthor grills Hamilton for giving the police too much information. He then suspends Hamilton. Luthor then leads Mercy into his office. He cuts on the news to see Superman on the screen saving the aircraft. “Who or What the hell is he?”, Lex asks rhetorically. He tells Mercy to find out everything about this new “savior”.

Clark literally runs into Lois at the ‘Planet’. He then apologizes for his health and tries to make amends for earlier and the night before. But she brushes him off, saying that unlike him she is busy tackling big stories, front page stories. Clark watches her walk off. Lois starts writing her article about Superman, then she stops. She pulls out a pack of cigarettes and goes on the roof of The Daily Planet. As she pulls out a single, a voice speaks to her, “Lois Lane, is it?”. She jumps and drops her pack. She turns around to face Superman.

We now follow Corben walking the streets of Metropolis to the Metropolis’ monorail transportation system.

Scene cuts back to Lois and Superman on the roof. Superman tells her that He is only here to protect the citizens of Metropolis. As he says this, his super hearing picks up people on the monorail crying for help. He tells Lois that he has to go.

Superman shows up and saves the train before it crashes. We then see Corben watching from an alley below. Superman takes off into the sky.

Back at the ‘Planet’ Lois enters White’s office with her report from earlier. White tells her that Kent has already handed in a report which he’s already started printing, front page. Lane then tells Perry that hers includes an interview with Superman. He tells her that its too late but he will print the interview for tomorrows issue. Lois leaves Perry’s office disgruntled.

The next day, everyone is reading Lois Lane’s interview with Superman. We cut to Lex reading the article in the paper. He looks up from the paper, Mercy standing next to him and says, “He’s alien.” Lex gives us the details of the article with disgust.

At the Planet, Clark asks Lois how that front pager went yesterday. She tells him that it doesn’t matter because she got the interview with Superman and has the front page today. Though she does say that Clark may not be much of a hick than she thought.

We now follow Corben outside of the Commerce Bank of Metropolis. He walks inside and looks around before approaching a security guard. He throws the security guard into a vault. The remaining officers empty their clips into Corben, who is not affected.

Cut back to the ‘Planet’ where Clark is asking Lois how she got the interview. As she is telling him, he picks up Corben terrorizing the bank with his super hearing. He makes an excuse and takes off toward the bank.

Corben throws the guards around. As he approaches the last officer, Superman arrives and tells him to stop. He then asks Superman, “What took you?” Corben grabs the guard and throws him several feet away. Superman catches him, then grabs a hold of Corben. Corben then throws Superman outside of the bank.

At LuthorCorp. Lex is reading Vale’s files. He reads about Metallo and his plans for Corben. Lex then watches Corben and Superman in action on the news.

Corben kicks a police car’s hood, which pushes it backwards into another one. Superman freezes Corben with his breath. After a few seconds, Corben breaks out, He then knocks Superman backwards into a truck. Superman right hooks Corben into the ground. Corben skin is gone from half of his face to reveal metal underneath. “What are you?”, Superman asks. “I should ask you the same thing.”, Corben replies. Superman and Corben exchange blows. Corben sees more Police cars approaching. He starts to run towards them but Superman hits him square in the chest with his heat vision, knocking him into a pile of rubble. Superman approaches the pile and is weakened as Corben emerges from it. Most of his metallic body is now showing. His Chest is now bare showing a green rock lodged there. Superman continues to fight, but he is losing to Corben because of the energy from his chest. Superman takes a beating before Lex and several of his agents show up. They stop Metallo and confiscate his body as he is still “LuthorCorp property.” Lex then helps Superman up and shakes his hand. Superman then gives him a stern look before taking off.

Beautiful sequence of Superman flying.

At LexCorp, Lex tells Hamilton, who is packing to take a look at Corben’s body and figure out what made Superman weak. Hamilton replies, “I thought I was suspended.” “Just do it!”, Lex commands as he slams the lab door shut behind him.

Superman returns to his Fortress of Solitude. He scans himself to find that he has been exposed to kryptonite radiation. He then asks Jor-El what kryptonite is. Jor-El explains to him that it must be deadly to his kryptonian physiology. Superman turns the news on to see that Lex Luthor has released a statement apologizing for Vale and Corben, he also invites Superman to visit for a proposition.

Back at the ‘Planet’, Lois calls an old friend from inside LuthorCorp who has some information about Corben. She takes Jimmy to meet this person. She meets up with Hamilton at Dynasty restaurant. She asks him if he knows what made Superman weak in his battle with Corben. He tells her that off the record, it was a green meteor that was powering Corben. He pulls a shard of kryptonite out of his pocket. He tells her that it gives off low radiation. He then tells her that more importantly, Lex plans to control Superman with it.

Lois thanks Hamilton then returns to her car where Olsen is waiting. She tells him that they are going to sneak into LuthorCorp. He says that she’s crazy, LuthorCorp is like Fort Knox.

Lex paces his office and tells Mercy that Superman will have to be lured there somehow since he has ignored his invitation. As he is thinking, he is alerted that Lois Lane and Jimmy have snuck inside of their Labs. “Ask and ye shall receive?”, Lex declares.

At the fortress, Superman receives news that Lex has something of his. Something that was steered into the worng ‘Lane’. Superman immediately takes off toward Metropolis.

Lex has Lois and Jimmy bound to chairs in one of his labs. Lex leaves the lab and returns to his office to prepare for Superman’s arrival. He receives word that Superman is approaching. He then goes to the roof of LuthorCorp. Superman lands on the roof and says, “ Okay Luthor, you have my attention, what do you want?” Luthor tells him that he has a proposition for him. A partnership. Superman tells him that he isn’t interested. Lex then tells him that he has something he would be interested in. He tells him that he has Lois and Jimmy and that they will go free if he does some things for him. Superman scans the building and breaks his way into the lab where Lois and Jimmy are. He is immediately weakened when he enters. There’s a huge chunk of Kryptonite in the room.

Lex enters the room and tells Superman that it pays to look before you leap. Lex tells Superman that he will do his bidding. Superman still declines. He tells Superman that he will die then. Lex starts to beat the crap out of Superman with a smaller piece of Kryptonite. The fight moves outside of the lab.

Hamilton then sneaks into the lab and frees Lois and Jimmy. He then tells Lois that he’s found how to cancel the radiation from the Kryptonite.

After this film I'm thinking the second movie could be Bizarro, Third, Brainiac and a fourth film ending it with Darkseid.
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