My take on a GREEN LANTERN trilogy!

My take on a <i>GREEN LANTERN</i> trilogy!

Haven't posted in a while, but here is a brief outline, plus fancast for my Green Lantern trilogy!

I haven't posted anything in a while, so I thought I would start up again with how I wanted the Green Lantern trilogy to play out. Despite Warner Bros. "best" efforts, the last movie was, ah... less than satisfying, and I think a lot of that can be blamed on the script.

Here is my fan cast for my Green Lantern trilogy!


Reason for Casting: I am a huge fan of the show Grimm, which David Giuntoli stars in. He's a brilliant actor who appears in mostly television shows, such as Nip/Tuck, Grey's Anatomy, and Eli Stone.
I think he has what it takes to bring Green Lantern to life. I'm not saying Ryan Reynolds was bad, but I think Giuntoli will have a fresher take on it.

Character in the Film: Hal Jordan is a cocky test pilot who is irresponsible. He is given the Green Lantern ring by the dying alien, Abin Sur, who was killed by the tracking alien Legion. After training, Hal Jordan becomes an officer in the Green Lantern Corps. and Earth's hero.

Reason for Casting: Odette Yustman is a solid actress if she can get the right script. She is known for her roles in House, Cloverfield, and The Double.

Character in the Film: Carol Ferris is Hal's childhood friend, and her father, Carl Ferris, owns Ferris Aircraft. In Hal's absence during his training, she becomes the CEO of Ferris Aircraft.

Reason for Casting: I know a lot of people have cast him as Sinestro before, but man, there is a reason for that! His roles in the Harry Potter franchise, Peter Pan, and The Patriot convince me he would be as perfect as Mark Strong for Sinestro.

Character in the Film: Sinestro would be Hal's mentor, but it is revealed he made a deal with Legion - if Sinestro gave Legion Abin Sur's ring's energy trail, he would give Sinestro yellow energy needed to make yellow rings. Sinestro would believe that the only way to keep a safe universe is by totalitarian methods.

Reason for Casting: Colm Feore is a brilliant actor, and does well with action sequences, as seen in Thor. Despite being somewhat a minor role, he would no doubt be mind blowing as Abin Sur.

Character in the Film: Abin Sur is old protector of 2814, and is killed after Legion tracks him down. He crash lands on Earth and gives his ring and lantern to Hal Jordan.

Reason for Casting: While I loved Michael Clarke Duncan's voice role as Kilowog, I think Ron Perlman would give it the same gruff, sarcasm that he brought to Hellboy.

Character in the Film: Kilowog would be a training officer who soon becomes Hal's friend. He helps out in the final fight with Sinestro.

Reason for Casting: To me, David Tennant is the ideal person for Tomar Re. He was brilliant as the Doctor in Doctor Who, and really good in Fright Night. I think he would excel as Tomar Re.

Character in the Film: Same as Kilowog, Tomar Re is a training officer who befriends Hal Jordan.

Reason for Casting: Tom Wilkinson is a fantastic actor, notable in Batman Begins, Rocknrolla, and Michael Clayton. I think he would bring the powerhouse needed for Legion.

Character in the Film: Legion is a tracking alien who wants Green Lantern energy to become more powerful. Sinestro gives him the location of Abin Sur and when Legion kills Abin Sur, the ring is passed to Hal.

Reason for Casting: I loved JKL in Heroes and I think he would be wonderful as Hal's best friend.

Character in the Film: Thomas Kalmaku is Hal's best friend, and one of the first few people he confides in after becoming Green Lantern. Like Carol, Tom is there to tether Hal onto Earth and help him believe in himself.

Reason for Casting: Yes, I know he was Parallax in Green Lantern, but with his range of voice acting, I think he could pull off most of the Guardians.

Character in the Film: Rulers of the peacekeeping entity known as the Green Lantern Corps, they use the Lanterns as their servants in policing the universe.

Reason for Casting: I think Brendan Gleeson, best known as Mad-Eye Moody in Harry Potter would be perfect as the voice of the emotional Guardian.

Character in the Film: Since Ganthet is the most emotional of all the emotionless Guardians, he and Hal would have a connection, something in common, and a friendship of sorts would form.

Reason for Casting: As seen in The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, Rooney Mara is a phenomenal actress. Despite this being a relatively smaller role, I still think she would own as Sinestro's successor.

Character in the Film: Katma Tui is leading a revolt against Sinestro and his totalitarian government. After Sinestro kills the rebel group, he leaves her alive in order to live with it being her fault. At the end of the film she is given the role of Green Lantern and protector of Korugar.


Two years after becoming the Green Lantern and arresting Sinestro, Hal Jordan has enjoyed life as Earth's protector. He and Carol are dating, and he plans to propose to her. However, the Guardians of the Universe declare Hal has spent too much time on Earth and is exiled to other planets until he learns he must protect an entire Sector, not just Earth.

While he is away, the fear entity known as Parallax returns to destroy Oa, and reclaim it as its own planet. Hal Jordan battles Parallax and his minions, however, while he is away, Parallax destroys Coast City, obliterating everything there. Hal tries to recreate the city using his ring, but it is unsuccessful. He goes mad with grief and begins killing Green Lanterns, on a mission to Oa to use the Main Power Battery's power to recreate Coast City. When that fails, Hal destroys Oa, using the power battery. The only survivor is Ganthet. Hal lets Parallax overtake him and he gives the ring to Ganthet. Ganthet heads toward Earth in search of a replacement.

Now onto the new characters added!

Reason for Casting: Robert Redford, to me, is the ideal Alan Scott. He would bring such a sense of intensity to the role and he would be able to convey the "first" Lantern quite well!

Character in the Film: Alan Scott is a businessman who owns a television station in Gotham. His company, which is also in business with more successful plane companies, wants to buy out Ferris Aircraft to absorb into his company. He also has an alternative purpose for being there: he was the first Green Lantern, and knows Hal is the new Green Lantern. Scott found the ring and was stripped of it by the Guardians of the Universe.

Reason for Casting: Ralph Fiennes is one of the best actors in Hollywood today. His roles in Red Dragon, Harry Potter, and Schindler's List show what a great villain he can be. His voice in Harry Potter is also what convinced me to cast him.

Character in the Film: Parallax is a fear entity, an alien that thrives off of fear. He wishes to destroy the Guardians of the Universe. He picks out the host of Hal Jordan, and destroys Coast City. Hal goes mad with grief and destroys Oa, leaving only Ganthet alive. It is revealed that Parallax has taken Hal as a host.


Ganthet, after watching Oa be destroyed by Hal Jordan, sets off toward Earth to find a replacement. He crash lands in New York City and finds Kyle Rayner, a struggling art student. He gives Kyle the ring and helps train him, in order to defeat Hal. Hal has been traveling to other worlds to find an energy source to bring back Coast City, obliterating the planet when they don't have a suitable source. Upon finding out that Kyle Rayner has been chosen, Hal travels back to Earth to challenge the newest hero.
Kyle is able to defeat Hal, and kill Parallax, who has caused the sun to rapidly turn supernova. Hal, after seeing what he's done, sacrifices himself to recharge the sun. Kyle returns to Earth to become Sector 2814's protector, while Ganthet begins to rebuild Oa. It is revealed at the end that Hal has become an other-worldly spirit, the Spectre.

New characters added to the film:

Reason for Casting: Drew Roy is a solid actor, with most of my experience with him coming from the television show Falling Skies.

Character in the Film: Kyle Rayner is a struggling art student who really has no direction in life. He is given the ring by Ganthet and sets out to stop Hal Jordan from destroying the universe. He is shown as irresponsible with the ring at first, much like Hal Jordan. However, by the end he accepts his responsibility.

Reason for Casting: Michelle Trachetenberg is a pretty good actress, as seen in her roles in the films Take Me Home Tonight and Eurotrip, as well as her television role in Weeds.

Character in the Film: The daughter of Alan Scott, she is introduced when Ganthet and Scott meet Kyle Rayner. There will be a subplot involving them falling in love.

Well, that's a pretty brief summary of how I want my Green Lantern trilogy to go. Thanks for reading! And as always comments, questions, and criticisms are welcome!
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