My Tron 3 movie idea I want to see.

My Tron 3 movie idea I want to see.

With the news that Disney is ready for another Tron movie, I have decided to share my movie Idea on how I want Tron 3 to be.

Tron leagacy had so much potential but fell short in the end. Disney are you listening? If you need a idea for Tron 3 then here it is! This is the Tron 3 movie idea I want to see!

movie title: Tron 3

Movie Pitch: Tron(the original movie) meets the Matrix

Movie pitch: A homeless(but genuis) street wise teen gets chosen by the original Tron to become the next Tron and to defend the grid from a deadly virus ( a virus army created by Edward Dillinger).

Movie Synopsis:

2 years after the events of tron legacy, Sam Flynn has taken his place from Primary share holder of Encom International(along with Quorra by his side) to becoming Ceo. Together they both started working on Sams dads dreams(which is to create a better world from uncureable diseases etc). Mean while Edward Dillenger was in his office at Encom International and was hacking through the companies files. Edward wanted revenge on Sam for messing up his game launch two years ago.

While digging deeper into the companies files Edward found a unknown program that wasnt part of the companies files(but the program was in Sams data folder). Edward thought to himself that the files had to be something Sam was working on (Sam created a small back door link to the grid from Encom International)so Edward downloaded a deadly virus into the program which went straight into the grid. The virus came alive in the grid and the virus merged with Clues data and transformed into a deadly army. The leader of the army(who resembled Edward Dillenger) lead an all out attack on the grid. Tron fought the army as best he could(along with other programs).

Tron along with other programs tried to defeat the army but they were out numbered and Tron suffered a almost fatal blow from the leader of the army. Tron along with a couple of other programs were able to escape. But now the army had control of the grid. Meanwhile Sam reopened his dads arcade)ayear ago) to the public and a young street wise but homeless and very smart 20 year old teen(Andy) had a crowd around him as he broke the highscore for the last arcade game at Flynns Arcade.
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