My version of Wonder Woman

My version of Wonder Woman

Hopefully WB/DC Will make a Wonder Woman film after justice league and this is my version of Wonder Woman (sorry for no pics)

Plot: Wonder Woman solider and daughter of Zeus and Hippolyta is sent to earth to protect the world from the evil goddess Circe

1) Wonder Woman- jamie Alexander
I fell jamie can bring something to Wonder Woman and Diana she even looks like her from the comics she's proven she can play tough for playing sif in thor and she can act really good

2) Circe-Emma Watson
We've seen emma Watson play a witch now we can see her play a witch again but evil I've chosen her because of that and because every time I see Circe I see emma maybe because I've seen play a witch before

3) Steve Trevor- Dave franco
I really don't why I've chosen dave franco maybe because I like him as an actor when I read a Wonder Woman comic I either see him or Liam hemsworth

4) Zeus-Rossel crow
I've chosen him because for Zeus we need a powerful and wonderful actor and who's better then Russell he's already playing superman father so why not play the ladies man god who the most powerful

5) Hippolyta- marsika harigtay
Marsika already knows how to play a powerful woman so this is already good there's really no one else I want except her

6) phil Darnell- Alec Baldwin
I've chosen him because he looks like he can be part of an army or some in power can't really explain any more

Of course there's more characters for the movie but these are the six main ones I really want in the movie please leave comment if you want but be decent which other characters do want in the Wonder Woman movie please leave in the comics
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