NightAvenger4 casts the Movie monsters!

NightAvenger4 casts the Movie monsters!

This is my cast for the Universal movie monsters!

I wanted to make an original cast. Not Marvel,not DC. That is exactly what i did. NightAvenger4 presents....The terrifying Movie Monsters!

Ralph Fiennes as Count Dracula

What can i say,This guy is perfect! He not only look the part,he can also act it. You've seen him in the Harry Potter movies as Lord Voldemort,Which is creepy in its self. Ralph Fiennes is perfect for Dracula!

Benicio Del Toro as Lawrence Talbot/The Wolfman

He played him in the Wolfman movie and he was perfect! I know his character died,but there is many ways too work around that.

Kevin Durand as Frankenstein

This role is mostly silent,so we need a guy that could pull off the very little emotion and the physical needs.

Doug Jones as Imhotep/The Mummy

The Mummy needs an actor who can do the motions and the creepiness of Imotep. Doug Jones is a talented man who looks similar to Boris Karloff.

Kenneth Branagh as Dr.Henry Jekyll and Andy Serkis as Mr.Hyde

-Not only is he a talented director,He is also a great actor! He would own the role of the mild mannered Dr Jekyll.
-He has to be Mr.Hyde. He's my only choice because he is very creepy and looks identical to Hyde.

Micheal Fassbender or Jeffery Dean Morgan as Van Helsing

Micheal Fassbender is a B-A actor who would kill as Van Helsing(no pun intended).Same for JDM.Plus he has experience killing monsters(Supernatural).

I know it's not much but please comment!
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