Nova's Funhouse: Greetings Thundercats, HEY-YEAH-YEAH-YEAH-YEAH!

Nova's Funhouse: Greetings Thundercats, HEY-YEAH-YEAH-YEAH-YEAH!

When we left off in part one, the gang of toons had settled in at a house for the night. Now, something camp as hell this way comes, as Michaelangello departs and heads back to the sewers...

Mikey is coming out of the house, a slice of pizza in his hand. The silhouettes of the others engaged in a rather elaborate argument are cast against the curtains of the living room. Mikey wanders down the street a little when the street lights begin to flicker. He stops in his tracks, looking puzzled. The lights go out completely, he raises the pizza as a weapon for his defence. A blinding flash of rainbow light in the street knocks Mikey to the ground, dazed. Rubbing his eyes, a figure approaches him.

HE-MAN: Do you need help, shelled one?

MIKEY: Dude, what the heck just happened right there? You just, like, appeared from a rainbow!

HE-MAN: Yes, I sang the chorus of teleportation. HEY-YEAH-YEAH-YEAH-YEAH!

MIKEY: Dude, that's so awesome, yet wildly disturbing...

HE-MAN: Uh-oh, I just realised! Having sang the chorus here, on another plane, I will have pulled another towards my location!

The street lights flicker again as a stream of rainbow light descends from space. The duo look up as it hurtles towards them. It penetrates the ground, a figure is beshadowed within the mass of colour.

LION-O: HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO-- uh? Wh-- where am I? What foul villain has brought the son of Thundera to this world?

MIKEY: I think he's mad.

LION-O: You speak, villain? My tongue, no less. Are you one of the mutants, working for Mum-Ra?!

MIKEY: You're half right. Well... a third if you wanna get technical about it.

LION-O: I have little time for games, bandana-ed one! Tell me, where am I and who is this scantily clad... man beside you?

MIKEY: This is New York. I'm not sure who this guy is, but he ain't from around here.

HE-MAN: I am He-Man. One of the Masters of the Universe!

LION-O: I am Lion-O, leader of the Thundercats and one of the last sons of Thundera!

MIKEY: I'm Michaellangelo, I'm a genetically mutated turtle... I like pizza. I have three brothers, and I guess I'm the party dude.

LION-O: Well, how did I get here?

HE-MAN: That was my fault I'm afraid. I erm, teleported you here by accident.

A nearby trash bin emits a rustling sound a few clunks and a surly voice.

MIKEY: Oh great, a hobo. At least he won't believe what he's seein'.

The trash bin's lid opens slightly, a tiny pair of green eyes emerge for a moment before quickly vanishing back inside.

LION-O: Perhaps a spy! Let us investigate this anomaly.

MIKEY: Yeah, sure.

Lion-O and He-Man draw their blades and approach the trash can with extreme caution. Mikey simply wanders over and looks at his allies with a quizzical look on his face. He shakes his head and lifts the lid off the bin. A tiny arrow strikes off his chest.

ARCHER: Get back, or I'll shoot another one!

MIKEY: The hell is goin' on tonight, was there somethin' in that pizza?

HE-MAN: Alas, a small monster! A warrior it seems! We must do away with it at once!

LION-O: No, stay your blade, friend He-Man. I think we should reason with him, first.

MIKEY: Or you could ask me, I know he i--

HE-MAN: Of course, Lion-O, that's exactly what we should do! Great thinking!

MIKEY: Why are you saying these things, it's unnecassa--?

HE-MAN: Greetings, small brown-skinned horn headed one. I am He-Man, these are my allies, Lion-O.

LION-O: Hello there, friend.

HE-MAN: And Michaellangelo.

MIKEY: Yeah, 'sup Ar--

ARCHER: Greetings, I am Archer, emissary of the Gorgonites.

MIKEY: HA! He said it! I never thought I'd see that in real life!

HE-MAN (TO LION-O): This turtle mutant man is quite odd to me. Perhaps we should attempt to detain him.

LION-O: Agreed, He-Man, we'll jump him on my mark.

MIKEY: You guys know I heard that, right?

LION-O: Now, He-Man, spring your attack while he's unaware!

The pair move for Mikey, who casually steps out of the way, the two banging into each other. Archer sits on the edge of the trash can, quite amused with the proceedings.

HE-MAN: His reflexes are quick.

LION-O: Not as quick as mine! I'll make another pass at him now.

MIKEY: Guys, I'm on your side. Why the heck are you tryin' to attack me?

HE-MAN: Go Lion-O, while he's distracted.

Lion-O leaps through the air as Mikey steps to one side, Lion-O hits the ground with a thud.

LION-O: How are you predicting our movements.

MIKEY: Gee, maybe it's got something to do with you announcing everything out loud.

LION-O: By Thundera, you're right! He-Man, he has superhuman hearing, quickly, attack him while I call the Thundercats.

MIKEY: Screw this, I'm goin' home, even if Donnie kills me fer ruinin' his experiments.

Mikey makes for the nearest manhole and pulls the cover aside. He drops down.


LION-O: Our foe has surrendered!

HE-MAN: We make quite the team, eh, Lion-O.

LION-O: That we do, He-Man. Perhaps we should do this more often.

HE-MAN: Together we could be...

They both raise their swords and hold them high. The cat signal merging with the lightning.


They vanish in a puff of smoke. Archer stands on the edge of the trash can. He looks down into it.

ARCHER: Punchit? Zainiac? Can any of you hear me?

Zainiac emerges from the trash in a spinning whirlwind, coming to a sudden halt he looks up at Archer.

ZAINIAC: Huh-heeey, Archer, emissary o' the Gorgonites, what can I do ya for , boss?

ARCHER: Tell the others we've found them. They're going to pay for what they did to Gorgon, our home.


Zainiac descends back into the trash. Archer gazes into the stars, knowing the men who destroyed his homeland are out there somewhere, being camp as hell. And he was going to put an end to them. Once... and for all.


That's right folks, the Gorogonites are going to beat the living crap outta the Thundercats AND The Masters of The Universe. Don't miss the next Funhouse instalment, when all this pays off! Leave your thoughts below.
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