Nova's Funhouse: Luke's Christmas Party

Nova's Funhouse: Luke's Christmas Party

Luke Cage is holding a festive party in his home for some of the more street level heroes. Any super-hero gathering tends to get a bit weird when under the Funhouse banner, and this will be no different.

The scene is the living room of Luke's house. Typical furniture laying about the place. Luke and Jessica sit on a couch, with T'Challa on a recliner in front of them. Peter Parker, Danny Rand and Matt Murdock stand beside the Christmas tree in a huddle.

Danny: So I asked him, "You were planning the "all ears" joke weren't you?".

Matt: And I told I'd been planning it for hours.

Peter: Man, that's freakin' hilarious. You should go pro comedian, Matt.

Matt: I doubt I'd be any good. You're the jokester, Parker.

Danny So, we're not discussing how Matt screwed with my emotions? Oh, okay then.

We cut across to the conversation between Luke, Jessica and T'Challa.

T'Challa: Ororoe sends her apologies for not being here.

Luke: Don't worry about it, at least you're here. Plus, if I didn't have a kid, I'd probably be at the Tower right now.

Jessica: Oh really? You'd rather spend Christmas with a bunch of super powered whackjobs?

Luke: How is that any different to what we're doin' now?

T'Challa: I concur, Luke's point is credible and much more valid.

Peter: Hey, Luke, any chance of this not being a total sausage fest? No offence, Jess, but you are married and it would just be wrong.

Luke: I invited Carol and Natasha, so they should be here soon.

Matt: Oh shit! Why'd he have to invite Natasha?

Danny: Uhh, you two haven't gone out for years. Why are you so worried?

Matt: You have no idea how clingy she is, Dan. It's like having the world's sexiest leech stuck on you.

Peter: See, you'd think I'd be the one to find animal metaphors attractive, but no, that's just disgusting.

Peter's phone vibrates in his pocket. He reaches into the pocket and reads the text message he has received.

Matt: Who is it?

Peter: It's Logan, he says turn on CNN.

Luke grabs the T.V. remote and turns on CNN.

James Earl Jones This, is CNN.

Deadpool's Christmas speech is all over the news. Footage shows him being reprimanded by English police and making call me gestures whenever a camera got near him.

Peter: It's a pity they don't have the death sentence over there.

Matt: Even if they did, it'd be pointless against Deadpool.

Luke Who's up for a game of charades?!

The gathering of vigilantes begin their festive fun and games and continue long into the night. Natasha and Carol arrive and, as Matt predicted, Natasha attempted to rekindle their relationship.


I found this in my search for a teaser image. Got me laughing.

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