NOVA'S FUNHOUSE: Meeting of the Villains

NOVA'S FUNHOUSE: Meeting of the Villains

The first of the get together funhouses. Some of your favourite villains get together to discuss their maniacal ways and exchange notes. Madness is sure to ensue in this instalment of Nova's Funhouse!

Mr. Burns, Dr. Doom, Joker and Carnage sit around a table. The setting is a small wooden walled room. A few empty glasses sit on the table with a deck of cards.

Dr. Doom: Anybody fancy a game of shit head?

Joker: Yeah, but make su--

Dr. Doom: Yes, I'll make sure to take out the jokers.

Joker: Am I becoming that easy to predict? Have I lost my gravitas?

Carnage: OhhHh, of cOUrsE noT, yOu'Re sTilL in yoUr pRimE! I'd giVe anYthINg to bE as gOooooOoOOooOoD a vIllAin as you!

Joker: Fuck you and your sarcasm.

Burns: I apologise for the interjection, but aren't we supposed to be discussing my absolving of Oscorp?

Dr. Doom: Ha! Like that's ever going to work! We never manage to succeed in our plans, I don't see why we make them.

Joker: Yeah.

Carnage: yEaH...

Burns: I once succeeded in blocking out the sun.

The others look at Burns, with utter astonishment. Carnage's jaw hits the ground with a clunk.

Joker: You mean to tell me, you succeeded in a villainous scheme?

Burns: Of course, I'm a villain, I plan things well and get whatever the hell I want. Why? Haven't you?

Thge others ponder the question for a moment.

Carnage: OooOooOoOoOOOoOH, I knOw! I pUshEd mY nAnnY dOwn ThE stAirS!

Joker: You didn't really plan that, though, did you?

Carnage: ... nO.

A door opens opposite the table. A black caped figure enters, his breath rasping.

Vader: Sorry I'm late. Bastard child of mine decided to burn me without checking for a pulse.

Burns: I know the feeling... Have you heard from Bob?

Vader: No, he's in prison again.

Burns: Such an imbecile.

Carange: I reMemBeR whEn I wAs in pRisOn. It wAsn'T gReAt! For mY cEll mAtEs at leAsT...

Dr. Doom: You're disgusting, why do we invite you to these things?

Joker: 'Cause I need someone to have casual conversation with.

Vader: There's a party down at Ocks's bar. Grand opening, he's calling it, The Four Metallic Arms. Thought we should go.

Joker: Oh, can we, Victor? T'would be ever so nice to meet more people!

Burns: But what about the Oscorp thing?

Carnage: MaYbe hE'll be tHeRe, yOu caN Ask hIm yoUrsElF!

Dr. Doom: No, Burns is right, we should get ba--

Vader (waving his hand): We don't need to discuss the Osc--

Dr. Doom: Don't even try that with me, Vader. Sit down, we have work to do.

Vader: Killjoy...

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