NYX Fan Cast

NYX Fan Cast

My Take on a 20th Century Fox Adaptation of the Marvel Comic Book

The series features homeless teenage mutants in New York City: time-freezing Kiden, shape-shifting Tatiana, body-shifting Bobby, his mysterious brother Lil Bro, the female-Wolverine X-23 and Cameron, a woman with no powers.

Kiden Nixon [Height: 5’3”, Age: Late Teens]: Mutant with the ability to slow down time/speed up her personal time line. Also sometimes thought to have precognitive abilities because Felon's "lil bro" used his abilities of projection to manipulate her during the story.

Dakota Fanning [Height: 5’4”, Age: 17] (War of the Worlds, Man on Fire): Just a perfect choice she’s the appropriate age, has the talent and the looks to play such a character an intriguing character while getting her an appropriate Comic Book role.

Catiana (Tatiana Caban) [Height: 5’3”, Age: Late Teen’s]: Mutant with the ability to shapeshift into any animal whose blood she touches.

Kaya Scodelario [Height: 5’6”, Age: 20] (Moon, Clash of the Titans): A great choice she is a natural chameleon. She is an versatile actress who just acts with an animlaity in her movements that is what would add to Catiana.

Cameron Palmer [Height: 5’7”, Age: 20’s]: Kiden Nixon's former teacher. When she attempted suicide, Kiden saved her and roped her into the X-23 situation.

Emily Browining [Height: 5’2”, Age: 24] (Sucker Punch, Sleeping Beauty): An odd choice but I wanted to take a new spin with the character making the character a younger teacher to help her identify with the rest. Browning is what I want to see in Cameron mixed with something new and unique a great choice.

Bobby Soul - Mutant with the ability to project his consciousness into other individuals and take control of their body. A side effect is that he suffers from varying degrees of amnesia after returning to his own body. He is also known as Felon.

Donald Glover [Height: 5’10, Age: 28] (Community, Mystery Team): He was a popular choice for Peter Parker in Spider-Man but had lost it to a more appropriate actor. But this kid is not without talent, the community co-star has worked hard and has won the hearts of the series’ viewers. By far he is probably the absolute best choice for the role of Bobby Soul.

Lil' Bro - Bobby Soul's mute, autistic little brother. He is shown to have unknown psionic abilities that is somehow connected to Kiden seeing the ghost of her dead father.

Jaden Smith [Height: 5’1”, Age: 14] (Pursuit of Happieness, The Day the Earth Stood Still): An amazing young actor who is rising among Hollywood’s best actors. This kid has talent and is absolutely perfect for the role.

X-23 - Mutant with adamantium claws and regenerative healing factor. She works as a prostitute who specializes in cutting masochistic patrons. She rarely speaks and is known to engage in self-abuse (specifically, cutting).

Hailee Stienfeld [Height: 5’7”, Age: 15] (True Grit, Sons of Tucson): my number one choice, she’s a decent actress when under the right director and could really be convinced to bring something to the role and show what talent she has.

Zebra Daddy [Height: 5’9”, Age: 20’s-30’s {estimated}]: X-23's pimp. He claimed to love her more than any of his 'merchandise', but he doesn't even know her name and ultimately views her as disposable property.

Arturo Fernandez [Height: 5’8”, Age: 35{Age and Height are estimated, exact numbers could not be found}] (Burn Notice, The Cookout 2): He is just perfect an actor with the style and glamor as Zebra Daddy, a perfect actor for the character doesn’t come anywhere else but from Arturo, regardless of what he is seen as Arturo is the best choice for Zebra Daddy.

Hector Morales - Kiden's school enemy, who repeatedly attacked her - yet always failed to make an impact - and even tried to kill her but missed. He is now in prison.

Anthony Guajardo [Height: 5’8”, Age: Late Teens-Early 20’s {estimated}] {The Walking Dead, Sharkboy and Lavagirl): the kid was in an episode of the walking dead, but outside that he’s actually a well-trained actor who’s image has a haunting resemblance to the character.

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